Helping Women Recover, Community Package: A Program for Treating Addiction

Helping Women Recover, Community Package: A Program for Treating Addiction

by Stephanie S. Covington

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ISBN-13: 9780787945800
Publisher: Wiley
Publication date: 01/28/1999
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About the Author

STEPHANIE S. COVINGTON, Ph.D., L.C.S.W. is a nationally recognized clinician, author, and organizational consultant noted for her pioneering work on women's issues. As consultant to the Betty Ford Treatment Center, her work included the creation of a progressive and innovative program for women. She has trained mental health professionals in the United States, Mexico, Europe, Africa, and New Zealand. She is a board certified Diplomate of the National Association of Social Workers and a member of the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy.

Table of Contents

Introduction to Addiction Treatment for Women.

Historical Background: Why a Woman's Treatment Program?

Theoretical Perspectives: How Addiction Works and How Women Recover.

Facilitating the Program.

How the Program Is Organized.

Principles of an Effective Treatment Program.

Module A. Self.

Session 1 Defining Self.

Session 2 Sense of Self.



Session 4 Sexism, Racism, and Stigma.

Module B. Relationships.

Session 5 Family of Origin.

Session 6 Mothers.

Session 7 Mother Myths.

Session 8 Interpersonal Violence.

Session 9 Creating Healthy Relationships and Support Systems.

Module C. Sexuality.

Session 10 Sexuality and Addiction.

Session 11 Body Image.

Session 12 Sexual Identity.

Session 13 Sexual Abuse.

Session 14 Fear of Sex While Clean and Sober.

Module D. Spirituality.

Session 15 What Is Spirituality?

Session 16 Prayer and Meditation.

Session 17 Creating a Vision.

Appendix: Additional Recovery Resources.

I Five Primary Practices of the Oxford Group.

II The Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous.

III A.A. Slogans.

IV A Letter from Carl Jung to Bill Wilson.

V The Serenity Prayer.

VI The Synanon Prayer.

VII The Sixteen Steps for Discovery and Empowerment (Charlotte Kasl).

VIII A New Version of the Twelve Steps (David Berenson)IX Thirteen Statements of Affirmation or Acceptance (Women for Sobriety)

X Save Our Selves/(SOS)/ Secular Organization for Sobriety.

XI Rational Recovery.

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