Hemp Masters Getting Knotty: More Ancient Hippie Secrets for Knotting Hip Hemp Jewelry

Hemp Masters Getting Knotty: More Ancient Hippie Secrets for Knotting Hip Hemp Jewelry

by Max Lunger



Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780943604626
Publisher: Eagle's View Publishing
Publication date: 04/28/2003
Pages: 98
Product dimensions: 8.30(w) x 10.90(h) x 0.30(d)

Table of Contents

The Knotty Poemvi
Using Colored Hemp Twine1
Terms Used1
Hemp Facts2
Getting Knotty (poem)4
Ancient Hippie Secrets and Helpful Hints7
Buying Hemp7
Colored Hemp7
Tying Knots8
Adding Cords8
Knotters Are Too Short8
Carriers Are Too Short/Need Another Carrier8
One Knotter is Too Short9
Adding Extra Cords9
Preventing Knot Slippage9
Threading Small Beads9
Bunk Hemp9
Dirty Jewelry10
Wet Hemp10
Selling Hemp Jewelry10
Knotting Guide11
Lark's Head Mounting Knot11
Half Knot and its Variations11
Half Knots (Right and Left)11
Half Knot Sinnet13
Overhand Knot13
Square Knots (Right and Left)13
Square Knot Sinnet14
Switch Knot14
Nlternating Square Knot15
Square Knot Button17
Gathering Knot18
Butterfly or Picot Knot18
Half Hitch and its Variations19
Half Hitch19
Double Half Hitch20
Triple Half Hitch20
Diagonal Half Hitch20
Half Hitch Sinnet20
Alternating Half Hitch20
Starting and Finishing Techniques21
Finishing or Starting Wrap21
Loop Closures22
Slide Loop Clasp23
Bead Closures23
Ending Knots24
Knots for Masters25
Pretzel Knot25
Phish Bone27
Overhand Braid30
Hempen! (poem)32
Knot Abbreviations - Quick Reference List33
Getting Knotty - Projects34
Heavy Colored Switch Necklace34
Proper Purple Choker36
Hip Colored Choker38
Simple Colored Braided Necklace40
Double Bell Anklet42
Loopy Colored Bell Anklet44
Double Bell Necklace46
Good Fortune Belly Chain48
Looped Jade and Bells Necklace51
Center Bead Pretzel Anklet55
Turtle Love Pretzel Necklace57
Celtic Luck Anklet60
Lucky 13 Celtic Colors Choker62
Color and Chrome Phish Bracelet64
Choker on Phish Colors66
Colored Phish Bone Necklace with Beads and Charm70
Froggy Phish Bone Necklace73
Hempen Belt76
Spirit of America Flag80
Lacy, Red, White and Blue Bracelet84
The USA Strong Arm Band87
Proud American Mirror Charm92

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