Hepatitis C Survival Secrets: With Critical Insights Your Doctor Won't Share

Hepatitis C Survival Secrets: With Critical Insights Your Doctor Won't Share

by Ralph Napolitano


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Hepatitis C Survival Secrets can be of tremendous help to anyone with chronic Hepatitis C. The book is based on decades of ongoing research, including countless communications with other Hepatitis C survivors. The goal of the book is to present you with various treatment options that show real evidence for supporting, protecting and improving liver health and function.

As a Hepatitis C survivor you need to learn about the many strategies and approaches available to manage your illness. Some people choose to take the conventional medical approach simply because it's covered by health insurance; others choose alternative medications because they believe they will be better off: and still others bury their heads in the sand and do nothing. Whatever you do, you qualify as a survivor as long as you stay alive.

As one with Hepatitis C, ask yourself this question, "isn't it better to become an educated and informed survivor, an active survivor - someone who researches and takes control of his or her own destiny - instead of just crossing fingers ahd hoping for the best outcome"? This book will help you become more informed so you can make better decisions regarding your condition.

Stories from actual survivors are scattered throughout the book to make certain points easier for you to understand and also to add a further human element to the concept of actually surviving Hepatitis C. In total, there are 55 Survival Secrets and 59 Survivor Stories included in Hepatitis C Survival

Here is what a few medical experts have to say about
Hepatitis C Survival Secrets:

"A thoughtful, intelligent and comprehensive guide to navigating the therapeutic options for overcoming chronic
Hepatitis C infection." Leo Galland, MD, author of
Power Healing

"I have known Ralph Napolitano for over eight years...This book, Hepatitis C Survival Secrets is his latest contribution to helping others with Hepatitis C. I highly recommend it." Dan Wen, MD

"If you or a loved one has Hepatitis C, you simply MUST read this book." Dean Shrock, PhD, bestselling author of
Why Love Heals

"This book gets my highest recommendation." Vikki Shaw,
, Hepatitis C survivor

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ISBN-13: 9780615166285
Publisher: HTX Enterprises
Publication date: 11/03/2010
Pages: 210
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.44(d)

About the Author

Ralph Napolitano has been a licensed health-care provider in New York State for more than 25 years, although his study of health and healing predates that by many years.

He is also a Hepatitis C survivor,
medical researcher and patient advocate.

As an avid runner for 14 years, Ralph learned a great deal about how to enhance his overall health.
Ralph worked in a health-food store back in 1975 (when they were still quite rare). It was there he began to learn about natural foods and supplements.

Ralph was also a fitness trainer at one of the premier health clubs in the country.

Studying to become a licensed healthcare provider in New York gave him a deep grounding in anatomy and physiology (he even studied cellular biology and biochemistry). During the 1980's Ralph hosted a popular cable television program where he interviewed many recognized experts in the health field.

In 1996, Ralph co-founded a leading healthcare institute and published numerous courses for healthcare professionals. These courses have been studied by thousands of practitioners worldwide. In 1999,
he started a website to help other Hepatitis C patients gain affordable access to the most powerful and helpful liver protection formulas on the market. Then in 2002, Ralph took the helm of another major
Hepatitis C website. He did this in order to ensure that thousands of pages of valuable online information remained available for patients.

As the main point of contact at these websites, Ralph has communicated with thousands of Hep C patients. He has learned what the prevailing questions and concerns of survivors are. By focusing on this disease for nearly twenty years, Ralph knows what information is still sorely needed by the
Hepatitis C community. This is why he wrote Hepatitis C Survival Secrets.
If you or a loved one has chronic Hepatitis C, Ralph wrote this book for you.

There is new information about Hepatitis C frequently becoming available.
New, more effective, medical treatments are moving quickly toward approval.
Ralph constantly keeps up with this information. If YOU are interested in staying up to date (and getting Ralph's commentary to put the news in perspective), go to
HepCSurvival.com and sign up for regular email updates (AND get access to a FREE video eCourse that touches on some of the key information in the book).

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