Her and Me and You

Her and Me and You

by Lauren Strasnick


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ISBN-13: 9781416982678
Publisher: Simon Pulse
Publication date: 08/23/2011
Edition description: Reprint
Pages: 208
Product dimensions: 5.60(w) x 8.30(h) x 0.50(d)
Age Range: 14 Years

About the Author

Lauren Strasnick grew up in Greenwich, Connecticut, now lives in Los Angeles, California, and is a graduate of Emerson College and the California Institute of the Arts MFA Writing Program. She wrote her first short story, “Yours Truly, The Girls from Bunk Six,” in a cloth-bound 5x4 journal, in the fifth grade. She is the author of Then You Were Gone, Nothing Like You, and Her and Me and You. Find out more at LaurenStrasnick.com, and follow her on Twitter at @LaurenStrasnick.

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Her and Me and You 3.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 13 reviews.
Jonice Jackson More than 1 year ago
The title is very interesting; however the book isn't. By the end of the book you are left wanting more because there is no climax.
Nikkayme More than 1 year ago
I'm not quite sure how I feel about Her and Me and You. I enjoyed the overall storyline and the characters were intriguing, but, by the end, the book still felt incomplete. After Alex's dad has an affair and breaks her family apart, she moves with her mess of a mother to her deceased grandma's house a few hours away. Without her best friend Evie and her favorite parent, Alex feels isolated and alone. Strasnick's characterization of a lonely, angry, and understandably frustrated girl are spot on. Alex is easy to relate to off the bat, but I found her to also be quite the pushover, which may or may not have been intended. Alex seems to let people walk all over her and let her down again and again with little to no protest. There are moments where she explodes and all her anger come out, but I wanted to see more of that. As for the twins with the abnormal relationship, they were.different. I like Fred. He seems like an okay guy and he was developed well, as was Adina, but the hot and cold from both of them grated on me a bit. Their close relationship is viewed as more than a little strange to the outside world and when Alex gets thrown into the middle of it, she understands why. I really enjoyed the ambiguity of Alex's sexual orientation and her reaction to both of the twins. She's young and not really sure who she is, so it worked really well. Strasnick's writing is also gripping and pulled me in. The chapters are short and the story moves quickly, so it's easy to get caught up in it. I finished the book in about an hour or so, not wanting to put it down. I have to say that I really wasn't satisfied with the ending. Towards the end, things began to escalate and get more and more chaotic and I loved that, but then it just ends. And here I am, left wanting more. Opening line: I met Fred first. ~ pg. 1 Favorite line(s): Three. Three used to fell right. Me, Mom, Dad - the perfect unit. Now three felt lopsided and odd. Me, Evie, Ben. Me, Adina, Fred. Someone was always, always getting pushed to the side. ~ pg. 123 *This is an ARC and lines, page numbers, etc. are subject to change
amwo on LibraryThing 10 months ago
Lauren Strasnick definitely had me captivated within the first 40 pages or so. Her and Me and You is definitely a lot different from the predictable, however cute, YA romance novels that I usually read. It was quite refreshing (however ironic it may seem) to dive into a world of extremely complex characters that actually have some depth.The romance in the novel was nice, as it was totally real and a lot more similar to the average girl's love life than your usual YA romance novel. But while Fred and Alex's romance was cute, it was their relationship with Adina that gave the story depth.I can't say that I've ever read about a character quite like Adina before. Which is both good and bad. On the one hand, I most definitely hated Adina. But I also sympathized with her at points during the book. While Adina may do sick and manipulating things to try to keep Fred and Alex apart, what was sad was how legitimate her reasons for doing so were. Adina and Fred have this incredible relationship throughout the novel, and it's very interesting seeing how Alex ties into that relationship. What's so scary about the whole thing is Adina's fragility that makes you underestimate her. While Adina clings to Fred and uses him as a crutch, she can also be very powerful and manipulative.I don't think I can put into words how I feel about this book. It touches on some issues that are very real, although the scale of the issues in the book is much larger. Her and Me and You is a short but gripping read filled with complex characters and great emotional depth. I can't wait to read more from Lauren Strasnick!
thehidingspot on LibraryThing 10 months ago
An intense, fast-paced read, Lauren Strasnick pulled me into the twisted, passionate world of Alex, Fred, and Adina. I finished the novel in just over an hour, but the story continued to ricochet through my mind even after the last page was turned. Alex is the main character, but it's Adina and Fred, and their interesting relationship, that steal the spotlight. Fred is immediately likeable and it wasn't difficult to imagine why Alex would fall him, even as she's being warned against him... and his sister. It's Adina, however, that gave the novel an almost sinister feel. Right from the beginning, the reader can tell there's something not right with Adina. She's possessive of Fred, manipulative of everyone, and her fragility makes her easy to underestimate. As I read, I couldn't help but be a bit impressed by her deft manipulation of Alex and Fred. The lengths she was willing to go to achieve her goal was terrifying, but I found it hard to look away.The novel is comprised of more than just Adina and her games. Alex and Fred's relationship unfolds slowly, tenderly. The two are comfortable, yet hesitant and I found myself hoping they'd break free of Adina's control, despite how interesting I found her intrusions and designs.Strasnick has succeeded in writing a gripping novel populated with compelling characters that will leave you wondering where the last two hours have gone.
AnnaKay21 on LibraryThing 10 months ago
It only gets three stars because of the fact that the ending was pretty much non-existent. And it REALLY pissed me off!!! Because other than that I really liked this book! :)
ylin.0621 on LibraryThing 10 months ago
Alex moves to a new town with her mother when her father gets a new girlfriend. Her family life isn¿t so great now, but at least she still has her best friend. But she¿s slowly leaving Alex behind when she gets a boyfriend. At the town and her new school, Alex befriends Fred. Fred has a twin sister, Adina, who is an enigmatic as Fred. Alex isn¿t sure what to make of this pair of siblings who keep to themselves.One thing is for sure though: two¿s a company and three¿s a crowd. Alex is slowly feeling like the permanent third wheel. Her and Me and You is a fast-paced novel because of its stylistic of narration. It is told in first person and short, clipped sentences. Despite this face-level of an easy-breezy read, Her and Me and You is so much more. Fred¿s and Adina¿s past is a haunting one and the reader constantly wonders the psychological effects that it dealt to these young children. It lingers on the mind throughout the book especially when Adina does odd thing or anything. Adina in particularly is one slippery character: she has her quirts and her niceties. One thing frustrating about the first person narrative is the lack of knowledge on the other characters.Adina is so very fascinating. She is part anorexia and part bipolar and all insane. But the reader does not if this is true. All we know is what Alex perceives. Adina could be in fact a sane girl who is manipulative and conniving and staged everything to keep Fred. I want to read more of Adina.Alex¿s close friend from her old town (God help me, I can¿t recall her name) is one that many readers have probably read elsewhere. The girl who has had history with the main character, but changes and develops over time into someone who is different than the childhood friend. And not for the better. She (oh gosh, what¿s her name!) is not as memorable as Adina (as you can tell by the lack of name) but she does play an important role by connecting Alex to her past.Alex¿s old town where her father and current girlfriend still lives is just another form of her life constantly changing. Here, her father, is a man of the past that will forever be a part of her. There, her soon to-be stepmother, is a woman of the future that will become part of her. These two characters are no more snobby than you or I. They are concerned on what Alex thinks, what Alex feels, and tries to open their home as still her old home. And for that I cannot hate them. Instead I believe that it portrays society perfectly.As you can tell, Her and Me and You is such a short novel (around 200 pages) but it packs so much between the lines. Her and Me and You is a haunting novel that will stick to the reader. But there were so many lingering questions that I feel leaves Her and Me and You hollow.
jaidahsmommy on LibraryThing 10 months ago
I had high hopes for this book when I ordered it, but was pretty disappointed. I didn't know it was YA, it wasn't listed as such when I bought it. So, when it came and I saw it only had 171 pages, I was pretty bummed. Not only that, but the type is big, spaced out, and every other page is only half a page full. It only took maybe two hours to read it, tops. I thought the plot was interesting at first, but it really went nowhere. Then it just stops. The whole point of this story is the crazy twin sister, but we don't even learn anything as why she is like that. Just that "she wants attention". I really feel like I wasted my time and money on this book.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Great book till end has a bad ending great start
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
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