Her Dragon to Slay (Dragon Guard Series, #1)

Her Dragon to Slay (Dragon Guard Series, #1)

by Julia Mills

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Lots of sass and the patented cock of her eyebrow have gotten Kyndel through most anything life has thrown at her. But will her moxie help when her destiny falls at her feet? 

Over 100 years of honor and commitment to his ancient clan’s Guard have made Rayne the fearless leader all are proud to follow into battle. When the long foretold pull of his mate makes the calm, cool and collected Commander rush off to find the one who can complete him will he be able to save her from his enemies in time? 

The chemistry between this strong-willed curvy girl and fierce warrior makes all the difference in the world where nothing is as it seems. The existence of an ancient race of honor-clad, tradition-bound protectors might be hard to accept but now the dead are coming back to life and holding a knife to her neck. 

There are no coincidences. The Universe does not make mistakes. Can these fated mates defeat their greatest enemies and get their happily ever after? 

Warning: This book contains several love scenes and is intended for mature readers 18+.

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BN ID: 2940152719956
Publisher: Julia Mills
Publication date: 09/29/2015
Series: Dragon Guard Series , #1
Sold by: Draft2Digital
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 55,676
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Her Dragon To Slay 4.1 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 16 reviews.
booknooknuts More than 1 year ago
In this book we have Kyndel she is a strong woman made that way by her grandmother after the death of her parents. After losing her grandmother Kyndel never forgot her grandmothers words and  has lived by them. While walking home from the gym through a park one evening Kyndel knows someone is hurt she doesn’t see  anyone at first however. Then out of no where a gorgeous man with the bluest eyes she has ever seen lands on the ground. He is severely hurt and Kynel can’t walk away. Something is pulling her to this man causing her to throw all caution aside.  She takes him back to her place and puts healing herbs on his back. The tattoo on  his back is like calling to her.   The man wakes the next day and has now told her everything about him. Kyndel doesn’t know what to believe but her faith and inner self says she can trust this man.  Rayne is the leader of the Dragon Guard and he lets Kyndel know the person he fought was actually after her.   Many things transpire and someone who the Dragons thought was one of them well  lets just say it’s a shocker.  Read the book !!! This book is well written, and If you are a Dragon shifter lover like myself then you are going to love this book.  Totally recommend it !!!!
SBMorales More than 1 year ago
This was interesting story. I loved the story line and the characters. The one thing that I didn't care for was the over description. Mills descriptive writing is amazing and I didn't need the extended descriptions. The intimate scenes was just wow, so hot. The commander is something else! The action in the story was so exciting. It kept me on the edge of my seat and I can't wait to find out what happens next. 
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I sooooo wanted to enjoy this book. BUT that did not happen. The first 20ish pages there is NO dialogue, its all thoughts from the two MCs. The story was being told to us instead of shown to us. I did not/will not finish this. :(
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I enjoyed this first book by new author Julia Mills quite a bit. The reader gets an excellent visual concept of Rayne, Kyndel and the dragons from their size to the brilliant colors. I saw them flying through the sky, I saw them change. I love that Kyndel is no shrinking violet and has a lot of sass and cockiness to help her deal with all the wild things she is told. I can see her cocking one of her eyebrows and delivering a line or asking a question. I think I fell in love with Rayne as soon as he gained consciousness. To find that perfect love and have someone worship you like he does........Holy Wow! I think the Dragon Guards are here to stay
LoracCH More than 1 year ago
There are four books and all were a fun read.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Great concept, but such a let down. Waaayyy too much reading of the characters thoughts. No action. The characters thoughts repeated over and over and over. Was so painful to finish.
tigerlilly_liz More than 1 year ago
~ 3.5 Her Dragon To Slay Stars ~  Her Dragon To Slay is book one in Dragon Guards series by Julia Mills. I love dragon shifter books, so I picked this one up. I enjoyed this dragon tale, but some of the writing put me off. Kyndel, a human. I enjoyed her and the witty banter that she does with Rayne (mate) and the other Dragon Guardsman. She has some type of connection to plants and healing, which is not fully talked about, but mentioned. She's on the feminine side, but not a wilting lily or damsel in distress. Rayne, dragon shifter and commander of the Dragon Guard. I enjoyed his strong protective instincts for his mate and those he protects. He is a fearless leader. The plot moves quickly as most insta-love books tend to do. We get a cast of very hot sexy dragon shifters, that I really would like to learn more about. Each have their own unique personalities and colorful dragons. I was concerned that the Hunters and Wizards the author gave us where/are to week to kill the dragons off, but the author threw in a much better evil villein that will give the Dragon Guardsman a run for their money. The sex is hot if not sometimes a little vanilla, but still good to read. What put me off was how many times the author said “the Universe had made her, just for him”, “the Universe did not make mistakes” or that they are “1000lb dragons”. Ya I get it. I’m hoping that this is not a recurring theme throughout the books. The only other thing that distracted me was the long winded monolog's going on in the characters heads. Maybe I’ll get use to this from the author. Only time will tell. As first books go in a series Her Dragon To Slay was a descent start. We have an underlining plot that seams interesting and the Dragons are enjoyable. 
Dragongirl1978 More than 1 year ago
I did enjoy the overall story & will continue the series because I'm curious abt the other dragons & want to see them find love! The writing was good but not fantastic & there was a lot of repetition that dragged the pacing for me. The sex was on the cheesy side & the romance too rushed for me. But I honestly love the world of the dragon shifters & look forward to reading more!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Just loved this dragon found an claim his mate. Kyndel & Rayne are a perfect for each other. Can't wait to see the next in the clan guard find his mate while looking for his brother a dragon guard thought dead is crazy an blames the clan for his trouble. Looking forward to the next advanture of the guard.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
KaybeeKE More than 1 year ago
Love the characters, love the book, love the Author.  This book is so romantic but it also has mystery and intrigue and you find yourself drawn into a world of a brotherhood of men or are part dragon. Exciting and delicious!
AnyTime_ReaderSF More than 1 year ago
This is just 1 of the books from the Dragon Guard series by author Julia Mills. I enjoyed this book from start to finish and it was very hard to put it down. Kyndel Masterson works hard and sleeps she never seems to have time for anything else in her life including men. Rayne MacLendon was not sure if his mate was real or just a myth but his dragon knew she was out there somewhere and his dragon would find her. When they meet the sparks fly and they are both drawn together even though they have only known each other for 24 hours.  This story is a can't put down and I loved the characters in it. Kyndel the lead female character is kicking butt and taking names and not afraid to tell the commander, Rayne, exactly what she thinks. Even in the face of uncertainty in Raynes world she is still strong. This is a great paranormal shifter romance story and any mature reader would enjoy it in their library.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Cheryl-S More than 1 year ago
Rayne MacLendon, dragon shifter, found his mate, Kyndel Masterson, human. From the moment they meet it's an almost constant fight to keep her safe from the Hunters. A dragon shifter's mate is most precious. She holds his ability to love, his ability to reproduce, and his very sanity in her heart. While trying to keep her safe from hordes of Hunters, aided by a magician, Kyndel is injured and slips into a coma, making Rayne crazy with worry. Fantastic story! I love a good shifter series! Book one in this series is a hit. The chemistry between Rayne and Kyndel is explosive. He is the ultimate alpha man/dragon. Sexy, gorgeous, with a heart of gold, "the" Commander of the Dragon Guard, and he knows his way around a woman's body. Bring your drool rags. He is definitely worthy! I love the writing style of this fabulous new author. I look forward to reading the next two books in this series, Her Dragon's Fire and Haunted By Her Dragon. I received a copy in exchange for an honest review.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
An Awesome Read! What would you do if you had an gorgeous injured stranger in front of you that insisted you take him home instead of the hospital? That's what Kyndel was faced with when she was walking home one night. Groans and shadows played tricks on her mind causing to quicken her pace home while cursing a friend for taking her car. Of course trying to jog in heels is not the best and before her face hit the ground a pair of strong arms held her by the waist and twisted their bodies so that she now laid on her savior. Thankful and a little shocked she quickly realized her savior was injured but instead of heading to a hospital he kept insisting for her not to. Not knowing why she went along with his plea. A plea that will lead to truths about the stranger, Kyndel and their fate. There are some steamy scenes and the fact that Kyndel is not your everyday perfect gal made this story even better. A delightful and intriguing read from Julia Mills and I can't wait for book two! *winks* Book Flirts by Jessi www.bookflirtsbyjessi.blogspot.com www.facebook.com/bookflirts