Her Hot Number

Her Hot Number

by Talia Hunter

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ISBN-13: 9781633751293
Publisher: Entangled Publishing, LLC
Publication date: 10/20/2014
Series: Entangled Indulgence
Sold by: Macmillan
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 185
Sales rank: 203,981
File size: 1 MB

About the Author

Talia Hunter writes about smart, funny women, and the men who set their hearts on fire. Her motto is, If you aren't laughing, you aren't doing it right.

A former city dweller, she's recently moved to the country. She's put in a vege garden, learned how to make bread, and is now the proud owner of a pair of gumboots. As well as writing, she spends time Googling important questions like how to cope with a runaway zucchini crop (make fritters), and narrowing down exactly what kind of giant hairy spider might be eyeballing her from the washing

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Her Hot Number

By Talia Hunter, Alycia Torneta

Entangled Publishing, LLC

Copyright © 2014 Talia Hunter
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-63375-129-3


"At last." Caylee checked the time as the taxi pulled up to the Samson Resort. She had to blink to get her sore, exhausted eyes to focus on her watch. It was one o'clock in the morning. She'd been traveling for twenty-three long hours, when she'd calculated the journey would take just sixteen.

"Been a long trip?" asked the taxi driver sympathetically, taking the Australian dollars she held out to him.

"Like being dragged through an endless hell," she agreed.

He frowned. "I noticed you've no luggage?"

"The airline lost it."

"Well, I sure hope everything gets better for you from now on."

"Thank you."

As she slid out of the air-conditioned taxi, the heat slammed into Caylee's body, instantly tugging perspiration from every pore. She'd dressed so she'd be warm enough for the plane, and her arrival outfit was in the front compartment of her missing suitcase: a light dress neatly folded between sheets of tissue paper to stop it from creasing. She could picture it in her luggage, circling the conveyor belt at some other airport. Timbuktu, perhaps.

Caylee strode into the resort lobby, gasping with relief as another cold blast of air conditioning hit her. At this late hour, the only sound was water trickling over rocks from the water feature in the corner. As weary and fed up as she was, she took a moment to smooth down her shirt while she glanced around.

There were some small stores off the lobby selling souvenirs and tourist basics, and even a hair salon. Unfortunately none of them were open or she could have picked up some things she needed. Like toothpaste. Knowing she'd last cleaned her teeth three meals ago made her feel dirty, let alone when she ran her tongue across them and felt that horrible stale furriness.

At least she'd be able to finally get some sleep. Every aching muscle in her body was begging to lie down and stretch out, and being so exhausted made her thoughts fuzzy and far too emotional.

Tomorrow she'd get on the phone and make sure she got her suitcase back, especially the papers she was presenting at the conference. Those papers were all that really mattered, as her presentation had to be flawless. Her research funding was under review and the man in charge of deciding whether to continue her funding would be assessing her. If she didn't impress him, he could cut off her main source of income.

A single clerk was on duty behind the massive reception desk. "Welcome to Sunset Island."

She glanced at his name tag. "Hello, Ivan. I'm Caylee Reynolds, and I have a room booked for three nights."

He looked down at his screen, his fingers moving over the keyboard. Then his face dropped. "Oh, Miss Reynolds, I'm so sorry. We thought you weren't coming."

Caylee froze, her stomach clenching. She couldn't deal with any more bad news. Not now, after all she'd been through. "Please tell me you have a room waiting for me." Her voice was almost a whisper.

"You were supposed to arrive on this afternoon's ferry. We waited until midnight." He looked stricken. "We had to give your room away. This week we have a big wedding scheduled as well as your conference, and I've got a waiting list of people wanting accommodation."

"But my plane to Cairns was delayed and they lost my bag. I missed the connecting flight to Airlie Beach and then the ferry, so I had to arrange for another boat to bring me across, and then a taxi from the wharf ..."

"I'm very sorry, miss. If only you'd called, we'd have held a room for you."

Caylee took a deep breath. Her cell phone was in her lost luggage. The strap of her handbag had broken at the airport and spilled its contents onto the floor, so she'd put most of the things she usually carried with her into her suitcase instead. Now the only things she had were her ereader and her passport. Her credit cards were in the suitcase with her phone. It was lucky she'd tucked the Australian dollars from the currency change booth into her one small pocket, or she wouldn't have gotten here at all.

She fought to keep her voice calm. Tears pricked at the backs of her eyes, but she forced them away. Becoming emotional never helped. "I didn't call because I didn't have access to a telephone. Now, I'm very sorry to trouble you, but could you please look again to see if there's a room available? Any room, I don't care if it hasn't been cleaned, or if I have to move out of it in the morning."

Ivan looked down at his computer screen, tapping with his fingers for a long couple of minutes. She could already tell it was bad news before he spoke again.

"I'm sorry."

"But where am I going to sleep?"

He shook his head helplessly. "I'm afraid there's nowhere else on the island. But I could call a hotel on the mainland and arrange a room for you there. A water taxi could take you back."

"Another hour of traveling?" In spite of her resolve, her voice quivered. "It's been thirty hours since I last slept. I'm so exhausted I feel sick from it, and please, I just need a bed. Any bed." The tears forced themselves out against her will, hot and spurting, and she lost all remnants of control. "I don't even care if I have to share the bed. Please, I'll do anything. Just find me a place to lie down."

"Now that does sound tempting." A low male voice came from behind her. Caylee jerked around.

The man who'd spoken was rough-looking with messy, uncombed hair and old clothes. He stood with an arrogant confidence that made it seem like he took up more space than he had any right to. He had a deep tan and sun-lightened brown hair, and the edge of a tattoo peeked out from under the sleeve of his faded T-shirt.

He stared at her, studying her intently. His face was both strikingly handsome and carelessly unshaven. She looked away so as not to encourage his attention. Who did he think he was, examining her so boldly? Wasn't it bad enough she'd started weeping in public without him staring? She sniffed, wiping at the tears, struggling to get herself together.

"Caylee Reynolds?" the man asked in an amazed tone. "Is that you?"

What? Her gaze jerked back. She looked past the messy too-long hair and the stubble and felt a terrible jolt of recognition. Though his eyes were the soft blue of faded denim, they seemed to probe right into hers. A smile played around his full lips, and suddenly she knew exactly how mocking and teasing that smile could get. No,it couldn't be him. Caylee's gaze dropped to his legs. He was wearing shorts, and his long, muscular legs were so tanned that she almost couldn't see if he had a ... There. Yes, that was it all right. A line across the front of his shin, a scar so faint she wouldn't have noticed it if she didn't know it was there. A scar she'd given him. A parting gift before he walked out of her life forever.

"Blake Samson." Caylee's voice came out sounding flat and cold as she straightened her back and wiped her eyes one last time. Great. She never lost control like that, and now she'd done it in front of Blake Samson — the boy who'd taken her virginity, then ransacked her room and stolen everything else that had mattered to her. Blake Samson was a cold-hearted thief. "What are you doing here?" she demanded.

He motioned to the hotel name printed on the wall behind the reception desk. Samson Resort. "Welcome to my place, Caylee."

Blake owned the resort? He'd done better than she'd ever have expected. Although maybe she shouldn't be so surprised — he'd proven himself ruthless enough to take what he wanted, and that was probably an advantage when it came to getting ahead in business. But it was rotten luck that of all the gin joints, in all the towns, in all the world, she had to walk into his. Seemed her traveling really had brought her right into the center of hell. Who'd have guessed the devil had blue eyes and a wide, white smile?


Caylee Reynolds. Damn, he could hardly believe it was her. Blake had thought about her often after he'd left town to go and live with his uncle, and now here she was, standing in his lobby, looking at him like she'd stuck a fork in her salad and found a slug. Guess he couldn't blame her. But really, all he'd done was what any normal teenage boy did when he secretly had the hots for the girl next door — he'd made her life miserable. That was, until the one incredible night when they'd made love.

But that was a lifetime ago and he'd never have believed he'd bump into Caylee Reynolds in Australia, the other side of the world. She'd been pretty then and she was goddamn beautiful now. She was still small, with long black hair and dark eyes that could fire out bullets and didn't blink nearly often enough, but man, had she aged well or what? She still dressed like a total geek, though, like she'd stepped straight from the pages of Nerdy College Looks Magazine. From her tight braid — not a hair out of place — to her buttoned-up shirt and her sensible shoes below neat, plain trousers. Some things didn't change.

"Did I hear you say you need a room, Caylee? No problem. You can share mine."

"Share your room?"

She said it like he'd suggested they rip off their clothes and go at it in the lobby. Dammit, was that really what she thought he meant? He hadn't seen her in — what was it — twelve years? Yet here she was acting like he was the same messed-up kid who'd tried so hard to get her attention — albeit in all the wrong ways. Things had changed since then. He'd changed. He'd done well for himself, with four other beach resorts as well as this one. Women were usually all too eager to share his room, and they sure as hell didn't jump down his throat when he tried to help them.

"I have two bedrooms. You're welcome to one of them." A prickle of pride made him add, "Or you can have the whole suite. I've got friends on the island, so I can find somewhere else to go for the night."

She hesitated, giving him an up-and-down look that made his fingers itch to reach up and smooth his wind-tangled hair. Wasn't she sobbing a minute ago because she wanted a bed so badly? So what was her problem? That he looked a little ragged? Sure, he should have showered and changed after being out on the Jet Ski, but when he got back he'd been dragged straight into a Skype meeting to try to unravel the mess the site manager was making of his new development, and being covered with salt from his day on the water hadn't seemed a problem. Until now.

His jaw tightened. So this is how it was going to be? Instantly branded a thug? Hell, he'd had enough judgment to last him a lifetime, he didn't need any more from Miss Perfect. If she couldn't see he was a different man now, that was her problem. He didn't need to prove himself.

She shook her head. "No, I don't want to put you out."

"Fine. Go back to the mainland, and good luck getting a water taxi this time of night. You'll be waiting a long time."

She glanced at Ivan for confirmation and he made a rueful face of agreement. As she turned back to Blake, her upright posture slumped. "All right."

Don't bust a gut with gratitude. He almost regretted having made the offer at all. "Come on, I'll show you where it is." He looked around but couldn't see any bags. "Where's your luggage?"

"Timbuktu, most likely."

"You don't have anything?"

She lifted the electronic tablet. "Just a couple of travel guides, I'm afraid. Although, for this trip, a survival guide might have been more useful."

Huh. He'd forgotten about her sense of humor. She could be pretty funny when she wasn't busy being so damn judgmental.

Blake turned to Ivan, who was watching them like he would a fascinating TV show. Ivan's mouth was even hanging open. His eyes were fixed on Caylee, and when Blake followed his gaze, he knew exactly what had the desk clerk so transfixed. At first glance that prissy white shirt with its firmly done-up buttons hid her body about as well as if she were wearing a burka. But she'd moved back and the light shining out from the water feature was illuminating her body, somehow making the fabric transparent so the outline of her white bra was clearly visible.

His eyes drank in the swell of her breasts, feasting on the beautiful shape, the perfect curves swelling out from her tiny ribcage. He could even make out her nipples through the sheer fabric of her bra, two soft points that he remembered too well from the night he'd teased them with his tongue. They'd gone so deliciously tight and hard when he'd run his —

Whoa! Where the hell did his mind go just then? He wasn't eighteen anymore, and there was no way he was still attracted to Caylee Reynolds, no matter how kissable her breasts might be. She wasn't his type — far from it. And she'd already made it clear how little she thought of him.

"Ivan," growled Blake.

The desk clerk's eyes snapped to Blake, his Adam's apple bobbing as he swallowed hard. "Yessir?"

"Miss Reynolds is going to use my suite. There'll be no charge for her. She gets whatever she wants."

"Yessir. Absolutely, sir."

"Blake, I'd prefer to pay my own — "

"This one's on me." Blake stepped forward, blocking the beam of light from the water feature with his own body, and put his hand on the curve of Caylee's back. It was a protective gesture, as though he was claiming her for his own in front of Ivan. He wasn't, of course, but he'd be damned if he'd let that pimply little upstart of a desk clerk ogle her. "Come on, Caylee."

He led her to the elevator, and they rode to the top. His suite was on the eighteenth floor, the penthouse. When he took her inside, she stared with open admiration, and for a moment it was as though he was also seeing it for the first time.

It was large, with bedrooms leading off a big living area and kitchen. His work desk was in a study off the living area, and there was a separate dining room with an ornate table. But the interior, nice as it was, barely seemed to matter in front of the double-height, floor-to-ceiling windows and glass skylights that made it seem as though there were no walls at all. It felt as if they were outside on top of a mountain, drinking in a clear night sky which stretched endlessly in front of them.

This was the seaward side of the building, so during the day the blue of sea and sky filled the room. At night, the stars filled it by the millions, bright enough to see by and almost close enough to touch. On the other side of the building the lights of the Queensland coast were a long twinkling line, but on this side there were no lights to dim the beauty of the night sky.

"Look at the moon," she gasped.

He dragged in his breath when he saw it. So full and heavy it seemed like it could fall out of the sky at any moment, he thought he'd never seen anything so beautiful. Then he looked at her face, lifted up to it, bathed in moonlight and filled with wonder, and the moon was suddenly a dim, second-best beauty. He wanted to tell her how stunning she was in the moonlight ... only she'd already made it pretty clear she thought he was a jerk. He glanced away. Caylee obviously hated him. He should leave her be.

"This is incredible." She was turning slowly around, still staring up at the sky.

Blake crossed quickly to his bedroom to check it. Good, it had been serviced while he was out, so it was neat and tidy, even if he wasn't. "My stuff is in this room." Then he pointed to the far side of the living room. "The other room hasn't been touched. The linen is clean and the wardrobe is empty." He nodded at her nearly empty hands. "Not that you'll need the wardrobe yet."

"Thank you." For the first time she smiled, an incredible, wide smile that made her whole face glow as though lit from inside. Blake could spend hours staring at a smile like that. When it was gone, as quickly as it had come, the night seemed darker and colder.

Blake cleared his throat. "Right, I'll be going. Call down to reception if you need anything."

"Wait. You're not going to sleep here?"

"I said I'd give you the place to yourself."

"Don't be silly." She shook her head. "I won't throw you out, that doesn't make sense. Two rooms. Two people. It wouldn't be logical otherwise."

"Do you always do the logical thing?"

A pink flush stained her cheeks. "Obsessively," she admitted.


Excerpted from Her Hot Number by Talia Hunter, Alycia Torneta. Copyright © 2014 Talia Hunter. Excerpted by permission of Entangled Publishing, LLC.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Her Hot Number 4.1 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 19 reviews.
Jasmyn9 More than 1 year ago
This book just about had it all. The hot bad boy with a heart of gold, a smart woman that knows what she wants, and a tropical paradise. With a history that goes back years for our main characters - one that's filled with untruths and assumptions that have haunted them both for years. So much goodness I couldn't believe it. So Caylee is pretty damn smart. She's a mathematician working on some pretty heavy concepts, but may be losing her funding if she doesn't impress the new director. So off she goes to a conference at an island resort run by - or course - her crush from long ago - the one that loved her and left and she's still pissed at how she thinks he did it. Blake is an amazing bad boy turned billionaire. He comes from a rough past and it never truly leaves him, but he's made the best of all the lessons he's learned and come out on top - and then some. He now owns the resort and jumps at the chance to help Caylee when her travel plays go awry. He also jumps at the chance to show her what he's made of himself. He feels the need to prove to this beautiful and smart woman that he's not the loser he seems to think she thinks he is. Now, I mentioned they have a history - but it isn't didn't fall out the way either of them though it did. I'm not normally a huge fan of misunderstandings driving emotions in romances, but this one was written in a way that I could actually see it happening. Their assumptions were logical based on the way events played out and they never had reasons to doubt them - until now. Now the both need to be honest and own up to what they did and didn't do if they want to find out if they'll ever work. *This book was received in exchange for an honest review*
Blsfan68 More than 1 year ago
This is my first novel by Talia Hunter and I was hooked from the start. I wanted to know if Caylee's string of bad luck was going to end and if Blake was really as bad as Caylee made him seem.  Misunderstandings and assumptions play a large part to make things interesting.  This is a story that will leave you feeling good.  ARC received from Entangled Publishing in return for an honest review.
2_PMVH More than 1 year ago
Add a math geek heroine, a yummy mega bucks hero, a Jet Ski, a itsy bitsy bikini & a shared past history & that equals NUCLEAR MELTDOWN! Caylee Reynolds is a totally math geek at heart, understands & loves them & numbers have never let her down, but she has an itsy bitsy inner BAD GIRL inside her. She has only set it free once, had a night of complete ecstasy, lost her virginity & less then 24 hours later, she had her room destroyed, her savings stolen, her dairy gone & the BAD BOY from next door ripped her heart out & skip town! So Caylee keeps her BAD GIRL under lock & key & hides it under her number filled world! To keep her little safe world of numbers she needs funding, so she has to go to a conference on an Australian island resort & dazzle! When she steps into the airport, her world goes down the illogical rabbit hole of HADES! Blake Sampson came from nothing & now he is Mr. Boocoo Bucks, works hard creating beauty from nothing, owns many island resorts & nights filled with sexy women, but he will always be that little boy CRAVING love! He had only 1 glorious night of pure love, when he was 18 & finally got the precious SMART GIRL next door, as she rocked his world & changed his life forever. Caylee was the only LIGHT in his violent & abusive world of his parents, he spent every free minute in her room to irritating her or trying to ruffle her feathers with his beer, cigarettes & writing dirty jokes in her all so important school books as he soaked up all her sunshine inside. That glorious night she made him realize he was WORTHY of more, so he called his uncle for help, but he had to leave his old life behind & he could never find Caylee to say goodbye! Caylee is in traveling HELL, it started with her purse strap snapping, repacking her cell, wallet & her speech flashdrive into her luggage & it has finally landed into the a$$ bottom of HELL with no luggage, missed ferry ride & lost hotel room because she didn't call ahead! HELLO LOST luggage! As she feels the tears falling, begging for a room, a jerk behind her offers his room, she turns to give him a piece of her very intelligent mind & stares into he intense blue eyes of the scum sucking BAD BOY of her past! Blake is at his Australia resort for the wedding of his BF & has been in conference HELL with his worthless Indonesian resort manager, as the sea water, sand & salt dries him into a salt encrusted beach bum & standing behind an upset winkled buttoned up math geek, who is crying & begs for a room, so he offers his, she spins around & he is staring into the eyes of the only woman who always held his heart! Not a good start, but Caylee is desperate enough to accept the 2nd bedroom of his resort suite & Blake is hoping to show how he has changed! Blake is determined, so he begins with a bag of goodies for the night, you know the essentials, a toothbrush, some toothpaste & itsy bitsy bikini, then turns it up the next day with a speed boat ride, his kind of shopping spree, including the girlie heaven of shoes & lingerie, "what every girl needs" hairdresser & dinner on a sunset beach! Caylee is just an illogical ball of fury & she has to know WHY he stole from her, so there is a heart to SCREAMING match, but a good whiskey, warm milk, some amazing tats & lack of undies ENGULFS them into desire filled flames! Caylee knows it's a mistake, but her inner BAY GIRL is UNLOCKED, DEMANDS, TAKES what she CRAVES & carries him to his CARNAL paradise! When the sun rises will it begin Caylee heaven or hell? How will their past bite them in the bootie? Will Blake be able to prove to her that he has changed? Can it work with her in California & him in Indonesia? Does she get her funding or is she getting sacked? Will Blake's married friends, John & Jenna, have their own story? This is my 1st romance from Ms. Hunter & in the first chapter she snagged my hair, twisted it hard, pulled me thru my Kindle into her story & DANG I am hooked & slightly bald! I will always be a DIE HARD FAN of historical romances & when a contemporary author dashes their tale with a few historical spices like wallflowerNESS, a woman with brains & a wealth duke getting SERVED, it makes me stand on my tipping toes & take notice! Ms. Hunter does that with her math geek Caylee who hides herself in her logical & predictable numbers world, but she does have a little devil inside her, the evil, "but so GOOD" inner BAD GIRL! Her sexy & yummy Blake is a duke of old with mega bucks & plenty of women, but he is still that little boy starving for love! Ms. Hunter created a h/h that were not 100% complete without their ONE & she gave them a hard long journey of potholes, speed bumps, ditches & rough ravines! Her path made them take the honest inward look into themselves & that is always messy & ugly, but so worth it to an adventurous reader, like myself! Ms. Hunter uses cruel words like human hand grenade, twisted wire & tough scar tissue, but she makes them remarkably beautiful & she made me cry UGLY, now I need more Wolverine tissues! I also love how she showed that tats are so misunderstood & in most cases represent the IMPORTANT! Like all my romance peeps know, I love UNDIES SCORCHING scenes & Ms. Hunter only gave her h/h less than 12 hours, but she packed it full of marrow melting moves, delicious licking, semi to hard to granite moments & a panties missing fest of tantalizing YUMMINESS! Ms. Hunter stated her motto at the end & it says it all about her hilariousness style & I wanted to share with my peeps, "If you aren't laughing, you aren't doing it right." It's impossible for me to give Ms. Hunter's romance anything less than my top score of 5 fingers up & 10 toes for her flawed & loveable h/h, making them take the hard road, a rediscovery of the live-giving light called LOVE & don't get me starting on her "no AA batteries needed" satisfaction! Just a little advise to Ms. Hunter from big old me to her, WRITE FASTER! NetGalley ARC given for my honest review.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Good book. Fun short read
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Cute story. Believable. Blake and Caylee have a relationship based on misunderstanding. They were likeable characters with real life issues. I loved getting to know them. Hoping to get more of their story!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
MTSmith More than 1 year ago
Blake and Caylee were as different as night and day when they were younger. Those differences haven't changed. Fortune has been kind to Blake, and his talent for building has made him an extremely wealthy man. The only thing he doesn't have is the love of a good woman. The only woman he felt anything for was his neighbor mathematician from years ago. One night of passion as young adults was all they had, but it was so much more than that for him. It was more than that for Caylee as well, but she never had the chance to tell Blake because he was gone when she woke up. And he hadn't just taken her virginity and her heart when he left; he took her diary and her grandmother's wedding ring. She resolved to forget him, and was doing a fine job of it until she walked into him in the lobby of his hotel. The attraction between them was insane. Years apart hadn't dampened the fire they'd shared in their youth; lack of trust did. It took time for Blake and Caylee to work through their problems. It took just as long for past events to be completely revealed. The friendship they enjoyed in their youth was strengthened by the end. The love they felt was solid. A second chance between a reformed bad boy and a hot mathematician makes for one terrific romance. ***Received from Entangled Publishing for an honest review***
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Sweet love story with a little spice Love it when a plan comes together
IreneC More than 1 year ago
3 stars Her Hot Number was a fun and enjoyable read. Both Caylee and Blake are likable characters, they have great chemistry and I enjoyed reading their love story.
Cheryl-S More than 1 year ago
Caylee and Blake knew each other when they were teenagers.  He was kind of mean to her but for some reason they still hung out in her bedroom a lot.  She eventually developed a crush on him and gave him her virginity.  She was devastated to find him gone forever the next day.  Now, twelve years later, she arrives at the resort for the math conference and finds out her reservations have been cancelled.  She's ready to fall apart but instead she looks up and sees the owner of the resort and it's none other than Blake.  Twelve years have done nothing to ease the pain of seeing the man that broke her heart, ransacked her room and stole precious items from her.  Will she believe his story of why he left all those years ago and that he did not steal from her? Caylee and Blake are in a vicious circle of misunderstandings.  They are both haunted by his past.  I think they are great together.  She's the smart, beautiful mathematician and he's the gorgeous, sexy billionaire.  This is a fun, refreshing and sexy story.  Perfect reading for a cool Fall afternoon! Received a copy in exchange for an honest review.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anlenhart1 More than 1 year ago
Caylee is  have a really bad day. Her luggage is lost, wallet stolen, and she has lost her room reservation at the only hotel available on the island. She is under the gun as a mathematician to save her funding and her career. Out of the blue enters Blake, her first love to save the day and offer a room in his suite, clothing and food. They work out their history and live happily ever after.  Overall this was a fun, but cliche book. The hero and heroine have a big misunderstanding and this leads to a lot of the tension in the book. It was and enjoyable read for anyone who like international happy afters. 
gigiluvsbooks More than 1 year ago
One bad boy billionaire plus one sexy geek equals one hot fling. It's a travel nightmare for mathematician Caylee Reynolds. It's bad enough that her luggage was lost en route to her conference, but when she arrives at the Australian resort and learns that she's also lost her reservation, Caylee’s ready to break down. Then things get even worse. The resort is owned by Blake Sampson¿the bad boy who once took everything from her... Blake thought he’d left his troubled past far behind him. Then the sexy-but-proper math guru he’s never been able to forget walks into his lobby. Hoping to show Caylee he’s changed, he offers to share his suite. Except the attraction between them only grows in such close quarters¿exponentially.  Even though Blake’s incredibly successful—and hot—Caylee’s not sure she can risk her heart again. Not after the way he destroyed her trust when he disappeared years ago. But if she's wrong in her calculations, she could lose everything... Review: Wonderful story of a boy and girl who meet again after years apart.  The story had me engaged from the first page where we meet Caylee, who has a terrible trip to a conference and ends up at the resort of the boy she gave her virginity too years ago and then disappeared.  Thinking she had been used all those years ago Caylee is not happy to see Blake, but he comes to her rescue when her room is given away and her luggage is missing.  Blake thinks Caylee purposely never contacted him after their night together.  These two are star-crossed lovers who get another chance at a happy ending.  Loved that Caylee is a geeky girl, thought she is smart and caring.  Blake is a hot ex-bad boy with a gooey center. The story is well-written and kept me engrossed in the story of these two. A very sexy, romantic story! 4Stars
Maria-Rose More than 1 year ago
This reunited lovers romance is the story of Caylee and Blake. Friends who shared a night together in high school, Blake's sudden disappearance the day after coincided with a devastating break-in of Caylee's room and she was left with the shattering conclusion that he had never cared for her at all. When they meet again year's later, the sexual attraction between them is still strong, but so are the memories, both good and bad. Can they open up to each and repair the past in order to create a new future together? I had some challenges with the character's in this story. I liked the idea of Caylee being a mathematician and her enthusiasm for her research. However I felt that she was a bit of a pushover and I would have liked to see her stand up for herself more. Blake's character came across as a playboy with an overall dominant side but the occasional tender glimpse. I found his character to be a bit heavy handed when dealing with Caylee but his desire to help her and take care of her was sweet. I definitely felt some frustration in the conflict set up between them and wished they had cleared the air about what happened in the past earlier in the story instead of it constantly becoming a hot/cold issue between them. On the plus side, I thought the sexual tension between them was well written and the love scenes were steamy and believable. I also really liked the tropical setting and the luxury hotel. I give this story a solid 3 stars.
Splashesintobooks1 More than 1 year ago
What a nightmare start to a holiday the heroine of this story has – her handbag strap breaks, so she puts most things in her luggage, then the airline lose her luggage, missed connections and, after almost a day of travelling, she arrives at the resort to discover they’ve let someone else have her room and there are no more rooms available in the resort or on the island! Then, to top it all, she is offered the use of a bedroom in the owner of the hotel’s suite – and he’s the bad boy who deserted her after taking her virginity many years ago. That’s really when the story starts, I haven’t revealed any of the twists and turns that occur as they fight their mutual attraction for very different reasons. This is another story with a strong female mathematician and a billionaire ex-boyfriend but they are so well portrayed in the story that it is an enjoyable read and the obstacles in the way of true love keep blocking their path to mutual happiness. A lovely light read, brilliant for getting lost in. I’ll be looking out for more by this author, especially on cold winter evenings when I’d like to be somewhere warmer, this author will take me there! Many thanks for letting me read an ARC of this book.
ToryMichaels More than 1 year ago
I thought this was an okay story. I felt it was a little TOO contrived. If the two would just TALK to each other, it would have worked out much better for all involved I think. I just felt like the troupe was used too much. What I did like was the setting AND in particular Caylee's profession as a mathematician. Cool to see a girl geek. It was also a very lovely grovel scene when Blake tracks Caylee down at the end. The writing itself and the editing were top notch as I've come to expect from Entangled. The story just left me a little cooler than I'm used to. Book provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
Bette313 More than 1 year ago
Overall a good story but at times more details and greater development of the story would have made it better. Blake and Caylee are great characters and their unexpected reunion is intriguing but the fact that they refuse to deal with the past takes away from the believability for me.