by Laura Zigman
2.4 10

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Her 2.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 10 reviews.
BookbearTX More than 1 year ago
A fun look at just how completely neurotic someone can become when they let irrational fears take over their life. Elise was a complete lunatic when some good old fashioned conversation and honesty would have solved the problem. But then again it wouldn't have been nearly as much fun to read. Her is a great look at what not to do in a relationship and more fun to read than a self-help book.
mandersj More than 1 year ago
What turns an ordinarily self-confident attractive woman into a suspicious, lying, sneaking stalker? For twenty-something freelance book editor Elise, it's hearing that her fiance's ex-fiance is moving to town and wants to be neighbors in "Her." To be fair, Elise's fiance Donald mention Adrienne, his ex-, the first time they met. He told her all about Adrienne. He was venting on a plane ride where they happened to be seatmates. Elise thought Donald was cute and overly tall at 6' 6", however didn't really think much more about him until they both actually showed up a week late at a coffeeshop date they had suggested during the plane ride. Hitting it off immediately, things went quickly from there. Both having recently moved from New York City to Washington, D.C., they had a lot in common. Donald is a teacher at a private school, Elise works from home editing books her best friend sends her on a freelance basis. Fortunately, when Adrienne announces she's moving to D.C., for work and wants Donald to show her around the city, Elise's work-at-home schedule allows her plenty of time to go through Donald's old pictures, his computer, his pockets, his phone, anything she can think of to get more information on Adrienne and what she really wants from Donald. Instead of planning for their wedding, Elise finds herself frequently sidetracked by stalking. Adrienne is beautiful, busty, smart, rich and well-connected. Elise can't figure out why Donald and she aren't still together, until Donald admits that it's Adrienne that broke up with him. Then, on several of Elise's stalking expeditions, she finds Donald's car in Adrienne's driveway during school hours, or sees them walking down the street together. When she asks Donald how his day was, he fails to mention his time spent with Adrienne. This kicks Elise's stalking into high gear. Certainly most women would be insecure to have their boyfriend/fiance's ex- in the picture, especially if she's as seemingly perfect as Adrienne. The hijinks that Elise gets into over this situation, however, are not always funny, mostly pathetic. She can't seem to pull herself together no matter how reassuring Donald is, to the point where she almost loses him. This is a decent chick lit story, that is relatable to a point, but after that it's just lunacy.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
The unrealistic, stalker-esque characterization of Elise left a great deal to be desired. The plot developed slowly and disappeared in the blink of an eye. Momentary visions of high school drama were evoked as I thumbed through the pages of this novel...only those recollections were real-life, believable.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This was a story that could have been told in less than half the space used. Laura Zigman fills the story with lots of meaningless mental chatter. It wouldn¿t have been so bad had I cared about these characters, but I didn¿t. They are two dimensional and as I saw the central character, Elise, make up far-fetched and incriminating explanations for things she doesn't understand, I simple didn¿t care about her mental anguish. Had I not spent $12 on this book, I would have stopped reading after the first few chapters. My only consolation is that, having read the book, I can record my disappointment in this public forum and possibly spare others from the same waste of time and money.
Guest More than 1 year ago
The main character is mean-spirited and irrational, but not in an entertaining way. I forced myself to carry on until page 127 in hope that the book might redeem itself(it didn't). Gratefully, it's a library book and not a waste of my money, but sadly my time.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I thought this book was a waste of time. The only reason I made myself finish it was because it was selected by my book club. I wanted to smack Elise for not trusting Donald (shallow as he is) or believing she deserved his love. It was a very predictable book and went on way too long.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I loved Laura Zigman's previous works, and I was hooked with this one, too. Although, Elsie's character scared me a bit! Even though I think we all have moments in our relationships where we are insecure, she takes it to an extreme. I definitely would classify her as a 'stalker girlfriend'. She is lucky that Donald was as forgiving as he was...
Guest More than 1 year ago
I found myself a little annoyed with how insecure Elise could be. Granted she is very worried about losing her fiance (Donald) to his very beautiful ex-fiance, but her actions get a little 'out of control'. This book basically puts you inside the mind of a compulsive and jealous stalker girlfriend!
Guest More than 1 year ago
When a woman at long last finds Mr. Right who among us will not admit to a tad of possessiveness and from time to time a touch of the green eyed monster upon hearing of one of his former girlfriends? Precious few (and they're probably not telling the truth). Fanatic obsession is quite another thing. That's not funny - but it is in Laura Zigman's latest. Elise has found Donald and vice versa. Thank goodness, as 38-year-old Donald and 34-year-old Elise are survivors, between the two of them there are 'nearly eight decades of failed relationships, dashed hope, aborted dreams.' Now, they are soon to be wed. Enter the obsession. It starts out innocently enough (as many obsessions do) with a surreptitious prowl through Donald's desk, a search for a photo of Adrienne, his former fiancé. Horror of horrors: she looks just like her name sounds: over the top gorgeous. Even worse, the goddess is returning to town and Donald has invited her to dinner. As he says, they have remained good friends. Who would believe this? Certainly not Elise. Nonetheless, she takes many deep breaths and offers to pick Adrienne up at the airport. For support she takes along her best friend who rather than bolstering Elise promptly falls under Adrienne's spell. Can Donald still find happiness with a manic, unhinged bride to be? Can Elise believe that Donald truly wants her when she fails so miserably in comparison to Adrienne? Read the comic but truthful 'Her' and find out.