Her Northern Warlord: Book Three of the Norman Lords Series

Her Northern Warlord: Book Three of the Norman Lords Series

by Hannah West


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Cesare is the new Duke of Norfolk and he is feeling to pressure of his position close in on him as his king and cousin, William, demands he wed and does it soon.

Evelyn is the daughter of the last Duke of Norfolk, a cruel man who murdered her mother and sent her away to the abbey to live the life of a nun within the abbey's convent.

After running away from the convent in a fit of anger Evelyn finds herself injured at the mercy of a man she had never seen before and fears what he will do to her. Cesare takes her back to his castle in an attempt to heal the injury he has caused and to find out who the beauty of the woods truly was. Events take a turn when the abbey will not have her back and she is turned over as a ward of King William, a man she has never known.

As they spend time together the two become friends and soon each finds themselves over come with desire for the other, but as much as they wish it, it is not to be. They took a step over the edge and to save themselves from more hurt they try and fail to stay away from each other. King William was to hold a tournament where Evelyn was a bride prize and Cesare must win a wife among Evelyn and the King's goddaughters.

Who would end up wed to who and was Evelyn truly alone or had someone from her past return for her? Would Cesare give up his pride in order to follow the yearning of his heart?

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