Her One True Love

Her One True Love

by Rachel Brimble
3.9 8


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Her One True Love 3.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 8 reviews.
gaele More than 1 year ago
3.5 rounded I’ve read a couple of titles from Rachel Brimble, and decided to take a chance on this new historic romance from her. The story focuses on Jane, the daughter of a solidly middle-class family and her friendship and later feelings for the son of the town’s Squire, Matthew. These two were friends as children, but Jane secretly harbored romantic feelings for Matthew, so his marriage to a woman of his station was heartbreaking. Following the death of her father, and her inheriting property, Jane has decided to strike out on her own and follow her own conscience in working for women’s rights and with children in crisis. Knowing that Matthew’s marriage has dissolved with the abandonment of his wife, caught in affair with another man. But he too, harbors secret feelings for Jane, the girl he can’t forget. A bit more than a few instances of back and forth: Jane was caring and solidly determined, except with Matthew. I can’t stand the ‘Byronic’ males: ego driven, vacillating emo boys that just make me want to scream. I can never see the attraction of this version of the bad boy. But, Jane can, at least she dives back repeatedly while he simply wallows in his own version of self-pity. There are some sweet moments that attempt to take this story into a true romance, but I was more interested in what Jane was doing than who she loved. Matthew was a weak hero for me, with his lack of ability to make a decision, or even looking forward to the future. There was a serious connection between the two, but it always felt to me as if Jane was working far harder to convince herself that her feelings were real for Matthew, when the contrast with her self-assurance and heart were so evident working with the orphaned children. A bit of a mixed bag, although Jane’s journey is well worth the time invested to read. I received an eArc copy of the title from the publisher via NetGalley for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Biddestone England - 1899 Miss Jane Charlotte Davis lives in Marksville House with her sister, Monica and her husband, Thomas. She has been in love with Squire Matthew Cleaves since she was a child. Matthew married another woman who ended up leaving him to be with her lover. Even with his pain, he tries to carry on with life. The prosperity of the town of Biddestone depends upon him. Things between Jane and Matthew have been strained. Jane is also angry that Matthew has been so devastated by his wife’s infidelity and she would like to see him stop brooding and get a grip on his life again. Jane was the caregiver for her mother for many years. The woman was hateful and difficult and unthankful to Jane. Now that her mother has passed away, Jane has decided that she wants to move to Bath to live in the home that was left to her by her father. She plans on working there and will take her maid, Jeannie, with her to be her companion. Once in Bath, Jane find a boarding house for children where she wants to volunteer her help. The children she sees there don’t seem happy and that upsets her. When Matthew and Jane meet up in Bath, he is happy to do what he can to help Jane get a job providing what help she can to the children in the boarding house. Their togetherness sparks an attraction that has always simmered between them. This realization is what makes Matthew decide that he must finally take action and divorce his wife. Jane is a very independent young woman and while she loves Matthew, she knows she will not be content to just be a wife. She needs to be involved with helping people. Will there be a future for their relationship? This is a clever and clean story which I enjoyed. I’m sure other readers will as well. Copy provided by the publisher via NetGalley
caitlinallycesmum More than 1 year ago
If you like a strong woman who decides to throw precaution to the wind and look after herself with out a man then you would enjoy this book. Jane Danes comes from a middle class family and has been friends with Matthew Cleaves since they where young. Jane is hopelessly in love with him, but Matthew - the local squire has a duty to his family and position to marry correctly and does so leaving Jane heartbroken. When Matthews wife runs off with her lover, Matthew is disheartened until he hears that Jane is leaving to pursue her own fortune and career and live without a man in her life and he knows that after the kick in the chest he got to find out she was leaving, that Jane is His TRUE LOVE and he had to win her back. This story goes onto show you how Jane goes about getting herself a job that she wants to do even though women back then were still not allowed to do certain things and how Matthew tries to show her how he feels through his actions. I loved this book and Rachel has certainly given us great characters and a fantastic story line that keeps you hoping that everything will turn out right.
MTSmith More than 1 year ago
Matthew and Jane have known each other a long time but only one has loved the other as more than a friend for too many years to count. Or so it seemed, to me at least. I admire Jane for, finally, wanting to pursue her dreams. The man she loves is not the man he could be. His wife's infidelity has left him angry, cold, and distracted. The tenants under his care have suffered because of it, and so has Jane. So it's time to leave, head for greener pastures and do good in the world, care and love for children who have been cast aside for whatever reason. Her willingness, determination, and, most importantly, her heart shine like strong beacons through the uncertainty of whatever the future holds for her. Which wasn't supposed to be Matthew except he was determined to be a part of it regardless of what she said. Matthew was complicated. Aside from the bitterness he felt over his wife's actions, there was the very slow realization that what he felt for Jane wasn't as sudden as it appeared to be. He married his wife because it was what his father wished. But before, during, and even after his marriage Jane was a constant in his life. Before he married, she was his closest friend, his confidant, the one he could just be himself with without his social status standing between them. It took losing his wife, following Jane to Bath, seeing how excited and passionate and adamant Jane was about living this new life without him that he realized it was her all along. A woman like Jane was worth her weight in gold. Accepting who and what she was, always had been and always would be, to him gave Matthew the resolve to find and end things with his wife. Losing Jane wasn't an option. Yes, he had obligations at home. Yes, she had dreams in a different city. He was willing to figure out how all of that would work so long as she figured it out with him. The things that laid between Matthew and Jane in their story were explored and resolved. Dreams were realized and made reality. Compromises were made at the same time promises were. This wasn't just a love story. It was a new beginning story as well, one I think many others will enjoy like I did.
TeatimeandBooksReviews More than 1 year ago
Her One True Love by Rachel Brimble is such a powerful and deeply passionate romance. A story of heartache and love lost but yet love finds the two birds again in a most unusual way. We are first met by Jane and her sister taking a walk through the woods of their small village town. They run into Matthew Cleaves whom Jane has secretly loved for some time. However, Matthew gave his heart to another and married two years ago leaving Jane heartbroken and hopeless. Now, Matthew is the heartbroken one, having been left by his wife who cheated on him and he walks through the town in such a somber state. Jane still hopes he'll confess his love for her but alas, he does not on that day in the woods. On that day, Jane finally makes up her mind to head to Bath and start her life anew without Matthew Cleaves and move on in hopes of finding her one true love just as her sister had. So off to Bath she goes into a whole new life... but will her heart find another one true love? Or will the dashingly beautiful Matthew Cleaves regain his place in society and realize who he's truly loved all along? This is my first book to read from author Rachel Brimble and I must say I'm very impressed. Her writing style is beautiful and has a poetic flow to it. In Her One True Love, she weaves a tale of deep woe and sorrow yet romance and an undying love captures her characters and the story takes on a whole new meaning. I highly recommend this book for any romantic at heart!
Lost-N-Love-N-Hopeless More than 1 year ago
Simple, sweet, and clean romance with rich and alluring characters . . . A historical read that was sweet, simplistic, clean, involving. Jane and Matthew have much to get through. Maybe it is best that it is done apart from one another. Jane can no longer sit on the sidelines. Matthew being a man does not want to let her go. Looking for a clean romance that give you a full body story. Characters that are rich and alluring. Then you have come to the right place. Pick your copy up of Her One True Love. **This ARC was provided via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.**
WhisperingStories More than 1 year ago
‘Her One True Love’ is a beautifully-written love story set in Victorian England. Jane Danes is a young woman, living in the small, rural village of Biddlestone. For many years, Jane has been in love with the town’s Squire, Matthew Cleaves. However Matthew has never known of Jane’s love for him, marrying another woman, and leaving Jane heartbroken. After both her parents die, Jane decides to move out of the village and into the family home, located in the city of Bath. She wants to make something of herself, and help others in the process. She feels that the time is right to move on, knowing that the one person that she has loved forever, can never be hers. Matthew is a decent, hard-working man, who married his wife Elizabeth without actually being in love with her. When Elizabeth leaves him for another man, Matthew is humiliated, more than upset. He doesn’t want other peoples’ pity, and certainly not Jane’s. This is a story of two people being so very much in love, that they are to blind to see how the other one feels. I loved Jane’s character. She is a very headstrong young woman, with a fire in her belly, and a determination to change her life from the path that she is destined for. The book is set in an era of change for women. An era of suffragettes, and women realising that they can be independent, and that they don’t have to just become wives and mothers. Rachel has broken all norms that you associate with Victorian England. You don’t associate that era with women leaving their husbands for other men, for young women to go off on their own, with no chaperone, and you certainly don’t think about the family maid becoming a loyal friend. This is what I liked about the book. It took the historical past and shook it up, yet still making it very believable. I also loved the conflict that Rachel has created between the two main characters, as they battled between their morals and their hearts. The book is beautifully written and will have you glued to the pages. It is a feel-good, heart-warming romance story, that will take you back in time and absorb you in to a world very different from the present. Reviewed by Stacey at Whispering Stories Book Blog
Lashea677 More than 1 year ago
She gave him her heart and he broke it. In Jane's eyes Matthew has always been her match. When Matthew chooses duty over love, she decides to leave the past behind and get on with her life. However moving on is not as easy as she thought especially when Matthew reappears wanting another chance. I received an ARC of Her One True Love by Rachel Grimble in exchange for an honest review. I wanted to like this book but it just was not in me. Matthew made the choice to throw away his so called great love but when his marriage fell apart, he wanted to pick up where he left off with Jane. I don't think so. I was done with this after that.