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Her Rodeo Cowboy

Her Rodeo Cowboy

4.8 10
by Debra Clopton

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Finding Her Way To Love

Everything accountant Montana Brown thought she knew about love and marriage goes topsy-turvy when her parents split up. Shaken, she heads to Mule Hollow, Texas, to stay with family and take a chance on an old dream: being a cowgirl. With all her might, she tries to resist the charms of a too-handsome cowboy. Luke Holden


Finding Her Way To Love

Everything accountant Montana Brown thought she knew about love and marriage goes topsy-turvy when her parents split up. Shaken, she heads to Mule Hollow, Texas, to stay with family and take a chance on an old dream: being a cowgirl. With all her might, she tries to resist the charms of a too-handsome cowboy. Luke Holden is going after his own dream of expanding his ranch. A wife isn't on his wish list. But the Mule Hollow matchmakers are fixin' to lasso Luke and Montana together—with a little faith and love.

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Mule Hollow Homecoming
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Her timing was going to stink. Montana Brown wasn't one bit happy about it as she and her horse, Mur–dock, rounded the last barrel in the arena. They were too far away from the barrel, and it was all her fault. Poor Murdock was giving it his all and she wasn't. Her mind—her focus simply wasn't where it was supposed to be…

It wasn't on the barrels they were running, despite the awesome opportunity she'd been given to train here in this beautiful huge covered arena that belonged to her cousin Lacy Brown Matlock and her husband, Clint Matlock. It was a wonderful place on the outskirts of Mule Hollow—which just happened to be the cutest little Texas town Montana had ever seen. Honestly, she couldn't ask for anything more perfect. But even with all these perfect conditions, instead of concentrating on barrel racing, her mind kept going where she did not want it to go…her dad.

"Focus, Montana," she muttered, feeling her horse's muscles bunch and gather beneath her as the powerful animal cleared the barrel. Digging her heels, knowing they needed all the speed they could gain, she urged Murdock to give it one last shot of speed as they raced toward the timer.

Forgiveness. The word snapped into her thoughts like the pounding of Murdock's hooves. She'd been thinking about this place since she'd gotten up that morning, and her riding showed it. How do I forgive him—

"Stop," she commanded through clenched teeth. "Focus!" Shoving all thoughts away, she tried to concentrate on moving with Murdock. No doubt about it, yes, sir, her timing was going to be as rank as a skunk on a windy day!

Crossing the time line, she pulled on the reins and leaned back with Murdock as the gray dug his hooves into the dirt and slowed. Cringing, she forced herself to look at the digital reading and her heart sank at the number, despite already knowing it wasn't going to be good.

Some might be satisfied with the time; she wasn't some. If she wanted to win, her time had to be better than good.

And Montana Brown was here to win.

This was her shot, and she didn't plan on wasting it. She just had to get her head back in the game.

These last few weeks, so much of her life had been turned inside out.

When Montana quit her job and walked out of her dad's accounting firm, she hadn't known what she was going to do.

Uncertain and confused, she'd called her cousin, Lacy Matlock. Lacy had insisted Montana come stay with her and her husband Clint. The small town of Mule Hollow where she lived was holding a huge homecoming rodeo in a month, and Lacy wanted Montana competing in it. She'd even insisted Montana could help take care of their new baby boy, Tate, if she was worried about a job.

Montana had needed a job, but she'd been so angry when she'd quit that she hadn't really given it much thought and taking care of a sweet baby would be wonderful while she took a chance on reviving her old dream of becoming a professional barrel racer. Believing this was the answer to prayer, Montana'd packed her bags, stored her things and headed to Mule Hollow.

She was glad to be here. Glad to have family who cared. She could practice all she wanted, and by the time the rodeo started up in three weeks she knew she could be in the running for the win. She needed that. Montana knew as well as Lacy did, that her parents' breakup had affected her deeply.

"Stop thinking about it," she muttered. Leaning forward, she patted Murdock's neck. "Don't you worry, fella, we're going to practice hard so you won't be embarrassed."

As if relieved, he nodded his head and pranced a few feet. Despite their bad score, Montana chuckled. "You are the vainest horse I know and I love you."

And she did. Poor horse had been put out to pasture the last few years as she'd gotten sidetracked with her career. Sidetracked with pleasing her dad and doing what was expected of her. But that was done now. It wasn't an issue anymore. Forgiveness was.

"Okay, this is ridiculous. Let's go again, Murdock. And this time I'll give it my all, just like you are giving it yours."

Looking up at the huge, covered arena, she closed her eyes and imagined the stands full of spectators here to watch a competitive rodeo. There was no way she was going to come out here and embarrass herself or Murdock by doing a poor job. No way! Breathing in the quietness of the place, she tried to settle her thoughts and focus. "Please, God, help me do this," she whispered. Closing her eyes once more, she let the silence of the huge space fill her senses.

Opening her eyes, she set her lips in a firm line and her sights on the barrels.

She was going around those barrels again; but this time she was going at them like the cowgirl she used to be.

The cowgirl that she'd come back to Mule Hollow to find.

And to do that, she'd better get her head on straight, concentrate and stop letting this forgiveness issue wage war on her.

Because forgiveness just wasn't in her heart right now.

"The cowgirl can ride." Luke Holden propped a boot on the bottom rung of the arena fence, as he watched the horse and rider practically fly at the speed of light from one barrel to the next. The horse and rider seemed to move as one. The woman, who looked to be in her mid–twenties, was pretty in a girl–next–door sort of way. She had dark hair the color of a bay horse's mane that glistened in the overhead lights of the arena, and it hung in a short braid from beneath her straw cowboy hat. She was focused and intent as she urged her horse on.

"Yes, she can. That's Lacy's cousin, Montana Brown," Clint Matlock said without looking up from the clipboard. He was studying the list of livestock Luke would be providing for the upcoming Mule Hollow Rodeo. "She's staying with us for a while and plans on competing in the barrels at the rodeo. Lacy says she hasn't been riding for a few years, but ever since she got here a week ago, she's spent hours on her horse."

"It shows. She's good."

"Evidently, she was well on her way to the national level when she quit to concentrate on college a few years back. She could still be great."

Watching her as she crossed the time line, Luke saw her frown at the digital reading—which he couldn't see from his vantage, but knew had to be good. "No doubt about that. I'd never have known she hasn't been riding." He shot a grin at Clint. "The other competitors better be on their game."

"No kidding," Clint agreed, glancing up, then back to the list.

Luke decided it'd be a good thing to get his mind back on business and not the cowgirl. "Do you think that'll do it?"

"It looks great." Clint handed the clipboard back to him. "You have first–rate stock. These rodeos are going to be a big draw to everyone around. Including bringing back some hometown folks. It'll be good for everyone, including helping you build a solid reputation with your rodeo stock."

It was true. Mule Hollow was sponsoring three different rodeos over the summer to promote the town, calling them the homecoming rodeos, and he was supplying the stock for them. "I appreciate you putting in a good word for me, so I could get the contracts on all three events. I owe you."

Clint shot him a frank look. "You don't owe me anything. I'm glad to do it. Even after all the years you worked on the ranch with me, I'm doing this because you deserve it."

"I learned from the best."

Clint nodded, looking thoughtful. "Yeah, my dad knew his stuff."

Luke had learned much from Mac Matlock, but he'd learned a lot from Clint, too. Though Clint was only a few years older than Luke, the guy had been working beside his dad since he was barely old enough to ride. He had a relationship with his dad that Luke envied. "Don't sell yourself short. You know a few things yourself. That's why this ranch is what it is today. Mac taught you well."

The Matlock Ranch was one of the biggest, most successful ranches in the region. It was his legacy, something he would pass on to his son someday. Luke was aiming at building something similar, if all went as planned. These rodeos were going to help his finances and his reputation grow.

"It's going to be a busy summer, with all of the town involved in these homecoming rodeos."

Clint gave him a don't–I–know–it look. "The gals are gonna drive us all crazy."

"No doubt about that. I saw Esther Mae yesterday, and she was buzzing at a hummingbird's pace with her plans." Esther Mae was in her sixties and fairly excitable when it came to.well, pretty much everything.

"Lacy's pretty excited, too. But you know her, she loves to plan all these festivals. And I have never been able to keep up with the woman."

Luke agreed. Mule Hollow had been hosting all manner of festivals, dinner theaters—you name it, they had it. The place had been alive with activity ever since Esther Mae and her two friends came up with a plan to save their beloved town from dying. A few years ago, they'd advertised for ladies to come to town and marry all the lonesome cowboys. Lacy had arrived and supercharged their idea with her own kind of energy— falling in love with Clint in the process. To the men's surprise, the ladies' idea had worked above and beyond what any of them had anticipated, totally astounding all the men in town.

These rodeos were their latest idea. But this was a little different. These three rodeos, one a month stretching out across the summer, were geared to bringing home "the runaways" as Clint called them.

The good folks of Mule Hollow wanted family and friends who had moved away to come home and see how much the town had changed. They wanted some familiar faces to move back to town and, like Esther Mae, everyone seemed extra excited about the summer events. Esther Mae, Norma Sue and Adela, known as the matchmaking posse, had zeroed in on anybody they could "help out" where love was concerned. They'd tinkered with him a time or two, but probably decided he was a lost cause. Luke just wasn't ready to look for love, and no one could change his mind about that until he was good and ready.

He wondered if Montana Brown was here looking for love. Looking to find a lonesome cowboy and make the posse's matchmaking dreams come true. If she wasn't, she'd sure better watch out.

"Speaking of all of this, Luke, you've been around from the beginning and you're still single. What's up with that?" Clint asked.

"Determination, that's what." Luke laughed.

"Maybe so," Clint said, grinning. "Hey, I've got to get to Ranger and a bull show at the stock barn. Thanks for coming by with this. We'll talk more, but in the meantime, you set up in here however you think is right. And…" He'd started to head out but paused, grinning again. "I'm wondering how much longer that determination of yours is going to hold out. The way I see it, you and those brothers of yours have been holdouts way too long. Your time is running out, my friend. Love's a beautiful thing, you might want to try it someday."

Luke looked over to watch Montana make another run. He had to admit that just driving into town did tend to lift his spirits. But make him want to jump on the bandwagon and find a wife?

No way.

He had a new ranch to build and grow, and a new livestock business to get up and running. He was driven to make something out of himself, and wasn't slowing down until he did it. He'd scrimped and saved like many of his friends, and on a cowboy's pay, that wasn't easy. A wife and family…maybe later. And maybe not.

Right now, he had a good life. He dated some when he felt like it, but it was never ever serious.

He was focused, happy and determined to be better than his dad expected him to be. And nobody, not even the matchmaking posse, could change that.

Watching Montana round the last barrel again, he saw grit and determination in her expression. He found himself curious about what motivated her. What put that fire in her eyes that flashed as she leaned in low and thundered toward her mark?

"Great run."

The Texas drawl startled Montana as she walked around the corner of the arena's fence, heading toward the stall with Murdock in tow. She recognized the cowboy as one she'd seen watching her from the stock pen. She'd ignored him up till now. He'd been talking with Clint earlier, but hadn't left when Clint did. Too bad. She'd been determined not to let him break her concentration. She'd had a horrible morning run, but then she'd found her focus and made some decent runs.

"Thanks," she said, slowing so she wouldn't be rude. He grinned from beneath his straw Stetson, a flash of white teeth standing out against his darkly tanned skin. He had a lean face, prominent cheekbones and a jawline that seemed chiseled from stone. He looked like a man who knew his own mind. The laugh lines around his eyes told her he knew how to smile, even if he looked like a fairly serious dude.

"You're welcome. You sure can fly on that horse." He tipped the brim of his hat, as intriguing brown eyes studied her with interest. "I'm Luke. Luke Holden. I'm a friend of Clint and Lacy's."

He held out his hand and Montana shook it briefly. "I'm Montana Brown. It's nice to meet you." His handshake was strong and his hand callused. From the look of him, she figured he did some kind of cowboy work. Not that she was interested. Even if he was about as cute as they came. Even if she had to admit that God hadn't held back when he'd put Luke Holden together. The solid–as–a–redwood cowboy was impressive.

"Clint said you were Lacy's cousin, and you're here to compete in the upcoming rodeo."

He had been asking about her. The idea sent an unwanted thrill through Montana. She frowned at the feeling. "I plan to. I've got a long way to go, though."

He grinned. "You'll win, if that's the case."

Her stomach did a little electric slide at the way his smile lit his face up. "I'll give it my best shot," she said, trying hard to ignore the attraction sparking between them. She patted Murdock's neck. "I can't let Murdock down," she said with a wink, that just sort of slipped out on its own. "He's working way too hard for that. Isn't that right, ole boy?" As if understanding exactly what she was saying, the big gray nodded his head and snorted.

Meet the Author

A sixth generation Texan, award winning author Debra Clopton and her husband, Chuck, live on a ranch in Texas. She loves to travel and spend time with her family and watch NASCAR whenever time allows. She is surrounded by cows, dogs and even renegade donkey herds that keep her writing authentic and often find their way into her stories. She loves helping people smile with her fun, fast paced stories. 


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Her Rodeo Cowboy 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 10 reviews.
Jutzie More than 1 year ago
Debra Clopton has done it once again. Her Mule Hollow books are hits every time. If you have not read any I suggest finding her bibliography and start with book one and read them all. All three series are all connected. In each book you are bound to have a visit from people you met in the previous books. The three series are: Mule Hollow Matchmakers - 19 books The Men of Mule Hollow - 4 books & now this series Mule Hollow Homecoming. Montana Brown gave up her dream to please her father. Instead of a barrel racing rodeo cowgirl she was an accountant, until her dad let her down. Her parents divorce shattered her life. Cousin Lacy Brown Matlock has opened their ranch to Montana and her horse, Murdock. She practices her barrel racing daily and helps take care of their adorable six month old son, Tate. Montana knows she has to let go of her anger and forgive her father, she's just not ready. She is ready to live her life and her dreams. Her goals did not include a man in her life, especially not Luke Holden. Luke Holden and his brothers, Jess & Colt, are building a ranch to hand be part of their families legacy. Their parents bad marriage has left the three of them shying away from marriage though. Luke goes on a date now and them and clearly lets them know it is only a date. With Montana he can't even get that one date. The Mule Hollow Matchmakers have decided the two of them belong together and they use all their wiles to prove it. Samantha the donkey (who acts like a human) makes her appearance in this book along with our friends from the diner, the matchmakers and a few others you would have met in previous books. Always fun and mischief in Mule Hollow, Texas. This book will be released 9/20/11 This book received through NetGalley for Review
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Loved it!!! Best nook book ive read all summer! :) i love Luke! The cover really got my attention! Im a sucker or cute cowboys! This was a very good book!
debbie67 More than 1 year ago
The cover of this book caught my attention and, of course, what I found inside was just as appealing. I'm a huge Debra Clopton fan because she is a wonderful writer. This book is wonderful, too.
TammyK1 More than 1 year ago
I recommend this book to anyone looking for a great romance.It's really fantastic.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
ConstantlyReading More than 1 year ago
Love the characters of this series ~ have read all the books in it, and recommend it to anyone who enjoys a nice light-hearted, romance. Thanks for the great reads Debra!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
jarose93 More than 1 year ago
Debra Clopton has done it again! If you love the Mule Hollow series and all the wonderful character who make the town special, you are not going to want to miss this book. The ladies are still trying to put unlikely couples together. Stanley, App and Sam are just as bad as the match makers. A book sure to put a smile on your face.
BookNerdJac More than 1 year ago
I requested Her Rodeo Cowboy from NetGalley awhile back, the Harlequin books of the month are my secret obsession. (This may be the first time I'm actually admitting this!) It doesn't matter what line it is, I love them all. However, I don't have much experience with the Love Inspired lines. Also, I believe this was my first experience reading one of Debra Cloptons books! I was looking forward to curling up in my reading chair, with a cup of tea and spending an afternoon with this book. I definitely wasn't disappointed. This was a sweet story about Montana and Luke, Montana has aspirations of being a champion barrel racer, after quitting her job as an accountant. Luke is building a successful ranch with his brothers, and neither are looking for love after watching their parents relationships crumble. But of course, fate (or God, since this is a Love Inspired book) has different plans for the two! What I Loved about this book: *The women from the county playing matchmaker! I always love small town life books, and these characters made it all the more fun! *That Montana was the one chasing her goals. So many times in these books, the man is the one chasing rodeo dreams, not the woman. So I LOVED this aspect What I didn't care for about this book: *The cheesy accents of Stanley, App and Sam. The fact that no one else had even the slightest accent, this really annoyed me. *That Luke on the cover looks NOTHING like how I picture Luke! All in all? If you're looking for a good quick read, a chance to escape for an afternoon? Her Rodeo Cowboy by Debra Clopton is an endearing story that will leave you waiting for another installment in the Mule Hollow series!