Her Soldier

Her Soldier

by H.J. Bellus


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ISBN-13: 9781680580679
Publisher: Limitless Publishing
Publication date: 02/27/2015
Pages: 244
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.55(d)

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Her Soldier 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
ravenwolf_EPTX More than 1 year ago
Can Stand Alone. Minor cliffs. Character took a bit...   HER SOLDIER (That Girl, # 3) by H.J. Bellus March 10, 2015 Publisher: Limitless Publishing, LLC 161 pages, approximately Romance:  Contemporary ** Provided by Author in Exchange for an Honest Review. **  -- SYNOPSIS -- Sergeant Jeremiah Abbner died in the line of duty serving his country. Or at least that's what the newspapers said... The US Government handed him a new identity, and strict orders not to make contact with anyone from his past. As far as society was concerned Sergeant Jeremiah Abbner was dead, and buried six feet under. Not having contact with his ex-wife would be easy. She was a manipulator and a cheater. Not seeing his daughter on the other hand would devastate him... Beau Morgan, aka Jeremiah, settles down in a town far away from everything he's ever known. Coping with the trauma he's experienced and discovering a new life Beau finds himself the most aggressive he's ever been. His blood simmers with rage while his fists are thirsty to let it all out . In the middle of his own living hell he never expected to run into an old familiar face. And to top it off, one who recognized him as Jeremiah. He's vowed never to love again, but as circumstances land him in the arms of a woman, Jenni Lee, this time he may not have a choice, as she rarely takes no for an answer. Can Beau Morgan control his temper long enough to settle into his new life? Or will resentment taint him forever?  -- MY THOUGHTS -- First person POV (Jenni's). Long Novella: 150 - 180 pages. Beau is working as a server at a party and is sent back to the restaurant for more food when supplies run low. Upon returning. he hears an all too familiar and distasteful sound. Flesh and bone, being struck, followed by feminine, pain-filled pleas. Jenni's rescued by Beau, brought to the hospital and taken back to his place to heal in safety. He's secretive and has a temper that flips like a switch, but she's never felt safer or more at home than with him. And those blinding rages? They seem to be soothed by merely her nearness. Cover: Very appealing. Synopsis: Vague, but intriguing. Characters: I really wanted to love these characters, but instead had a lot of doubts about them. They are both seriously f-ed up individuals. He's suffering PTSD with rage issues and is a bit controlling / possessive. He has a past life he's not allowed to talk about, yet he leaves mementos of that life out in the open to remind him DAILY of what all he's had to give up on top of the hellish experiences that he often relives at night. She's nearly been beaten to death by her boyfriend, yet she trusts this big, angry stranger without a second thought AND just accepts that he can't talk about himself... she KNOWS that there are questions she just should not ask him? It has Florence Nightingale AND Stockholm Syndrome symptoms clanging in my head. It's hard to believe that such a quick-building relationship while under such stress will amount to something true, deep, and lasting. That said, the characters are well-written, I mean I obviously gained a very specific vibe from both of them and that's half the magic of telling a story. Meanwhile, the secondary characters are great. They cover the fun, good, evil, loving and supportive spectrum well. While the relationship foundation between Beau and Jenni was concerning, it did feel like they began to develop a more natural relationship as time went by. The dialogue and interaction are fitting for the portrayed characters. The plot has a vast array of diversity, dimension and dynamics while the flow is easy and smooth. Sex scenes ran from frantically desperate and aggressive to reverently slow and sweet. It's not until I hit the 75 percent mark that I felt true emotion and what horrible, heartbreaking emotion it was! The entire book was laced with conflict, most of which was resolved by the time the story concluded. Although the story wraps up solidly enough, there are a few small threads that were left dangling to be continued in a finale novella. There was very little predictability, in fact things seemed to continually go in the opposite direction than expected.  I'm wondering if I would have enjoyed Jenni as a character more if I'd met her at the beginning of the series and learned more about her first as a secondary character.  ------------------------ Heat Level: 4.25 ------------------------ Score: 4.1 Stars: 4 -----------------------
katsindiebookblog More than 1 year ago
*** Gifted by the Author for an honest review, and as part of the Release Tour on my blog*** I have been following H.J. Bellus since I promoted The My Way Series and the synopsis of the first book of the series just had me hooked to her storytelling, and I am still trying to find time to read that darn book! (sorry Ms Bellus - I am so swamped on the blog that my personal reading list gets neglected and Yep That Girlwas also on my TBR! So since I had signed up for the release blitz for the 3rd book in That Girl Series,Her SoldierI made sure I had time to read this book... and OH BOY - I knew that I was right to help promote this lady, Reading this book first I think has actually given me more of a perspective of the characters, so in a way I am glad I was swamped, and also that I was so hooked by these characters - I ignored my blog review diary and started That Girl straight after this book, as I just wasn't ready to forget these characters and their journeys to find their HEA. So what did I think to HER SOLDIER... BUY IT - its Freeking awesome, from start to finish Ms Bellus hooked me with our lovely broken soldier 'Beau Morgan' AKA Jeremiah Abbner and the glitzy Jenni whom he rescues one night. As they try to deal with their past and their obvious attraction we join them for an emotional roller coaster - and Yep the hankies were out in force a few times in this book, at one point I wanted to bash this broken soldier in the head, and maybe the Author for then twisting the knife a bit more in my heart as I read. BUT I can't be too mad with Ms Bellus, after all isn't that why we book addicts read - TO FEEL - To Go along on the ride as these fictional characters find love, loss or redemption?? Well that's why can't give up reading or watching movies & TV for that matter - I love it, and long may I continue to be a dreamer, to escape from reality whenever possible, and may all the talented people who create these escapes continue to do so! I hope from my ramblings I have given you enough without spoiling the ride, I HATE SPOILER REVIEWS! And I love that I read this book without any clue to what was going on... it made it all the more real as this pair of unlikely soul-mates healed their hearts together. I must say its not often that an author can write a series that has a set of characters that are linked but that which each book can be read in any order but honestly I think me reading book 3 then book 1 was no issue at all, and I know that I really want to know how Linc finds love in 'The Game' so i will be up till the wee hours trying to get a window where I can fit it in, and then make time for Cree and the boys, and the rest of Ms Bellus back collection!