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Herbal Magick 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This book was full of surprises. It is so wonderfully written that I am going to let some quotes from the book do the telling. It is very unusual to find a book that presents tons of useful information that doesn¿t read like an encyclopedia the author¿s wonderful use of the English language instead makes it read more like poetry! Here¿s a typical paragraph: 'We find that the entire Corpus Hermeticum is late anitquity's densely saturated, intellectually sophisticated, and magically erudite Neoplatonic stew. As it happens, this savor and complex broth was, at the outset, a 'stone soup', to which many profound and recondite thinkers added a turnip here, an onion there, a handful of parsley, simmer 600 years or so and bing!¿ Nothing more to add, except Thank You Judith Hawkins-Tillerson.
Guest More than 1 year ago
When I first picked up my copy of The Weiser Concise Guide to Herbal Magick, I thought it would be a fast read at 125 pages. Fast read? No. Fascinating, info-packed, charming and witty? Material that sets the mind off in interesting directions? Yes, indeed! Judith Hawkins-Tillirson has packed this little gem with both method and information. Her use of Crowley's 777 as a basis surely appeals to the Qabalist her practical but researched 'applied magick' reaches the hedge/kitchen witch. JH-T cites sources both ancient and modern, some I already knew and trusted, others I have yet to explore, but plan to. Having been manager/owner of an occult/metaphysical supply store for twenty years, I can only wish this book had been around in my day to recommend to folks in all magickal traditions. Herbal Magick supplies not only the whats but also the whys. You can't find a particular ingredient? You can probably find a suitable substitute here and understand why you're using it -- so important to a real understanding of spellcraft.