Herbal Medicine Collection: 60 DIY Herbal Remedies for Health & Healing

Herbal Medicine Collection: 60 DIY Herbal Remedies for Health & Healing

by Harriet Bradford


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Herbal Medicine Collection: 60 DIY Herbal Remedies for Health & Healing

In this book, you are going to discover about how to survive in the absence of medical aid. You will learn everything about specific herbs and plants that are useful in the preparation of herbal medicine. Herbs and plants are safe for your health and you can use them in the wilderness. It is essential to learn about safe herbs and plants to survive the end of the world. This book is designed for your assistance so that you can learn about various plants, their uses, and properties. Images are available for your convenience so that you can identify them easily instead of selecting a wrong plant. Read recipes given in this book and understand the precautions for these medicines as well.

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Pharmacies around the world have worked hard to come up with synthetic compounds and substitutes for elements that are already commonly found in nature. But when it comes to our health we don't need another imitation. Instead, let's take our search for health and wellness directly from the source. This book is for anyone that is looking for a natural solution to overcome everyday problems.

Medicinal herbs have been with us for a long time, and whatever t is that you are facing, there is bound to be an herbal alternative for your needs. You do not have to turn to pharmaceuticals for every ache and pain; natures supply will not let you down! It has been shown time and time again that some of the best medicine is the stuff that has been all around us. So instead of chopping up pills in some laboratory, why not get back down to the basics and take from the environment everything that you need! This book will teach you how like never before!

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