Herder Warfare in East Africa: A Social and Spatial History

Herder Warfare in East Africa: A Social and Spatial History

by Gufu Oba


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ISBN-13: 9781874267966
Publisher: White Horse Press, The
Publication date: 05/15/2017
Pages: 368
Sales rank: 798,440

Table of Contents

Warfare ecology. An introduction

PART I. Regional comparative analysis of herder warfare

Chapter 1. Institutions of warfare: a comparative perspective

Chapter 2. Frontiers of warfare: a regional analysis, c. 1340–1893

PART II. Migration, Conquests and Enslavement

Chapter 3. Warfare footprints in coastal hinterland of East Africa, c. 1500–1800

Chapter 4. Hegemony, clients and trade control in coastal hinterland, c. 1640–1870

Chapter 5. Invasions and Conquest: the wars of Wama, c. 1830–1870

Chapter 6. Political ecology of a collapse: the southern Oromo, c. 1860–1890

Chapter 7. Enslavement of the Warda Oromo: slave family life histories, 1840–1890

PART III. Colonial resistance, Containment and Slave Emancipation

Chapter 8. Contesting pastoralists’ military power: resistance to colonial rule, 1885–1918

Chapter 9. Colonial resource capture: responses to trans-frontier migrations, 1909–1925

Chapter 10. The containment policy: administration of grazing lines, 1909–1955

Chapter 11. Crossing the river: the Warda emancipation, 1890–1963

Conclusion, References, Index

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