Here and Gone: A Novel

Here and Gone: A Novel

Audiobook(CD - Unabridged)

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Here and Gone: A Novel by Haylen Beck, Abby Craden

Here and Gone is a gripping, wonderfully tense suspense thriller about a mother's desperate fight to recover her stolen children from corrupt authorities.

It begins with a woman fleeing through Arizona with her kids in tow, trying to escape an abusive marriage. When she's pulled over by an unsettling local sheriff, things soon go awry and she is taken into custody. Only when she gets to the station, her kids are gone. And then the cops start saying they never saw any kids with her, that if they're gone than she must have done something with them...

Meanwhile, halfway across the country a man hears the frenzied news reports about the missing kids, which are eerily similar to events in his own past. As the clock ticks down on the search for the lost children, he too is drawn into the desperate fight for their return.

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ISBN-13: 9781524774035
Publisher: Penguin Random House Audio Publishing Group
Publication date: 06/20/2017
Edition description: Unabridged
Sales rank: 557,467
Product dimensions: 5.10(w) x 5.90(h) x 1.20(d)

About the Author

Haylen Beck is the pseudonym of an acclaimed, Edgar-nominated author whose crime fiction has won the Los Angeles Times Book Prize, and made best-of-year lists with numerous publications including The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, and The Boston Globe.

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Here and Gone: A Novel 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 14 reviews.
cloggiedownunder 20 days ago
Here and Gone is the first novel by Northern Irish crime novelist and screenwriter, Haylen Beck (aka Stuart Neville). Audra Kinney is on the run, with her ten-year-old son Sean and six-year-old daughter, Louise. En route from New York (and an abusive husband) to San Diego, she’s pulled over by a Sheriff in Arizona for a minor traffic violation. But suddenly, things go pear-shaped and she’s under arrest. Her kids are shepherded into the Deputy’s car; later, these two officers deny having seen Sean and Louise, and Audra’s nightmare begins in earnest. When Daniel Lee chances to catch the news item about the missing children and their jailed mother, the story immediately resonates for him, and he can’t resist the urge to travel to Arizona to investigate. He’s not surprised by what he encounters, but convincing the people that matter is no easy task. Beck uses multiple narrators to tell his gripping tale. This ensures that the reader is never in any doubt as to where the children are, who took them and why. What keeps the pages turning is the if and how of their fate. Few of his characters are one-dimensional: the various law enforcement officers are determined but not immune to doubt; not all the kidnappers are entirely lacking feelings of guilt; and Lee’s motives are far from pure. Audra is a character with a less than stellar background, but the strength of her maternal love is reinforced with each hurdle. Her determination is echoed in her son’s instinctive protection of his sister. His radar for danger sees him as much of a hero as his mother. This is a page-turner with several twists and turns and more than one exciting climax. A brilliant read that’s hard to put down.
Anonymous 14 days ago
Short and sweet. Buy it, read it, love it! Highly recommend!!!
Holly 4 months ago
Here And Gone is the story of a woman fighting to get her kids back even when the odds are stacked against her. Audra is on the run from an abusive marriage with her two younger kids, Sean and Louise. Everything about the trip was going good until they arrived in Sheriff Whiteside's county in Arizona. All it takes is for Whiteside to pull Audra over for everything to go horribly wrong. As Audra tries to tell her side of the story, nobody is believing her and thinks she killed the kids but someone sees the story on the news and believes her as the same thing happened to him. With the story going back and forth between present day and what happened in the past with her husband, all roads will lead to a shocking discovery and a mother who will do anything to get her kids back! This book will have you on the edge of your seat throughout the entire book until that explosive ending that will leave you thinking about this book for days after reading it. As you read what her husband and his mother were doing to Audra before she escaped with the kids and then having the events unfolded the way they did, you can't help but to feel for Audra for what she has gone through in the last few years. This book will make you think about all the human trafficking cases throughout the years and it makes you wonder if one of them didn't start out with something like the events of this story which is a very scary thought to think of. I would love to see a movie being made from this book and if done right, it would be fantastic!! Thank You to Haylen Beck for writing a great first book that made me wonder what is to come from you next!! I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book from NetGalley!
Anonymous 5 months ago
It was a good read, at times I couldn't put it down but it lacked the originality that makes me LOVE books.
EmmabBooks 6 months ago
Thriller that will keep you gripped A fast moving thriller, that kept pulling me back to read more. Audra is fleeing from her abusive husband to start a new life in California. She is arrested by the police for a minor driving infringement, and her children taken into care. Later the police denied she had her children with her, and accuse her of murdering them. The story is told, mainly, from the perspective of Audra and her son Sean. It is a very exciting and fast moving story, with plenty of surprises. There is action, psychological interest and obviously concern for the children. A 5* rating from me, because the psychological manipulation of Audra by her husband was interesting, and the story was so gripping that my life got put on hold whilst I found out what happened next.
Virginiaw 6 months ago
It would be so horrible to be pulled over by police and taken to jail even when you have done nothing and then be told you did something to your children because no one can find them. This book was so hard to put down. I could not wait to find out if they would find the children dead or alive. I loved this story and hope it would never happen to any one I know. I received a copy of this book from Firsttoread for a fair and honest opinion that I gave of my own free will.
Babybums 6 months ago
Deb-Krenzer 7 months ago
This was an intense book whereby a woman fleeing from her husband with her two kids is pulled over by a policeman. He pulled her over because her car looked overweight and he was worried about her with all the bad roads around. Then, lo and behold he finds a bag of marijuana when he has her open the trunk. So, now he has a reason to arrest her. He radios a deputy to call the tow truck driver and to come and take the kids someplace "safe". The woman is placed in the back of his squad car and together the policeman and her wait for the deputy and the tow truck. After this, they leave and she is put into jail. When she asks about her children and where they are going, the policeman says "What children?". Now, the woman, Audra, is seriously wondering what is going on here. Did these cops take her children, did her abusive ex husband set this up, what is she going to do. She wants her children. No one believes her when she says the cops took her children. She is held in jail for the marijuana, but because they can't find the children, they are not able to charge her for child endangerment. The news of the missing children get out and Audra is immediately considered guilty by the public. There are news reporters and TV crews getting the word out about what is happening. Audra maintains her innocence and realizes it is up to her to find her children because no one believes she did not hurt her children. A page turner that I definitely enjoyed. Thanks to Crown Publishing and Net Galley for providing me with a free e-galley in exchange for an honest, unbiased review.
Sandy5 7 months ago
She’s headed to California with her two young kids in the backseat, taking the backroads so she doesn’t get stopped. She’s almost there but she promised Sean a stop in the next town and like the good mother she is, she pulls in and shuts the car off even though she spots a police car nearby. Back on the road, Audra feels luck is on her side until she sees the blue and red lights flash behind her. He claims Audra’s car is overloaded, something about it being a hazard on the road. He offers to help Audra and begins to unload some of her boxes into his patrol car when he claims he found an illegal substance and now Audra’s nightmare begins. Audra claims what he found is not hers but now he must arrest her, he has to call a tow truck for her car and he needs to call someone to come take care of her children. His deputy arrives for the children. A tow truck arrives for the car. The sheriff takes Audra into the station. Audra asks countless times where her children are but she is ignored. Paperwork is completed on Audra and she is locked up, again she confronts the sheriff about her children but this time the Sheriff exclaims, “What children?” Her children! Shiver me timbers, what the heck is going on with this police department? The sheriff is acting like Audra has no children and now Audra is thinking her husband, whom she is separated from has something to do with this. Audra starts pacing in her cell and having a fit. The police call in a special unit to help find the children as they think Audra had something to do with their disappearance. It’s like a circus, if you were an individual watching from home. Audra is telling her side of the story, the Sheriff is telling his side of the story, we have the special units called in to try to get their unbiased opinion, we also have the husband/mother-in-law thoughts. The story flashes back and forth to what is actually happening to the children and the story surrounding why they were taken. The older child Sean is resourceful in this story and you know where he gets his strength. There is also a character named Danny who makes an appearance and how he plays into the story does not become apparent until all the pieces are being laid out. This is an intense, gripping story that I had a hard time putting down. With no lull, this book kept the momentum going until the very end. I liked how the author made one of the characters weak and I kept waiting for him to crack, just waiting for the moment when he would lose it and all would be lost. I thought Audra was smart and she had a lot of vigor and determination to get her children back. When Audra met up with Danny, the two of them together were dangerous. I could see how some of the pieces were coming together as I read but I enjoyed how everything came together in the end. I really enjoyed this novel and highly recommend it if you enjoy a good suspense. I received a copy of this novel from NetGalley and Crown Publishing in exchange for an honest review. (less)
Laundry_Whispers 7 months ago
Heavens to Betsy I wanted to love this book. I needed to love this book. With the description it came with, I mean it was right up my alley right? Yes...and no. I could almost hear 'Hotel California' playing softly on the radio as Audra and her children are making their way across the back roads of Arizona in the heat of a summer afternoon. A sleazy feeling sheriff, a flimsy excuse to pull someone over and a random search through the belongings just to 'help them out'? All reeked of stupidity and a touch of despair (on the part of the officer). And Audra's desperation, as well, to protect herself, her children, and get where they were headed without being tracked from what they were running from. But it all goes sideways, and makes national news, when according to law enforcement there were no children when she was pulled over. It's sketchy at best but it's what makes news. That and of course who is going to believe a former addict running from a life and potential legal issues back in New York over decorated law enforcement that also happens to be former military? Yeah, Mom is a loser here. This book hit the right notes but in the wrong key. The plot was intense, the story raced in all the right places and crept along where it should have. The descriptions pulled you in to the location, mostly. The characters, while developed and strong were just missing something. I missed a connection, a sparkle, I don't know how to describe it. I mean I loved and rooted for the right people at the right times and despised the right people at the right times and even felt ambivalent where I should have. But it just wasn't 'there' for me. It was good, engaging but somehow missed the step to amazing. That and of course some things I really wanted to know, deserved to know, where wrapped up off screen and I am left with a hole of what happens with Danny. And I'm truly sorry for that because again, I need to love this book. And I did love it. I loved the twists and turns of the story line. I loved the strength of Sean, the desperation of Audra, the sleaziness of Whiteside, and the hardened tenderness of Collins. Yes even Collins tugged at my heart a tad. The story itself, pulled me in, kept me engaged and had me rolling through every twist and turn. Through every sweat soaked, heart wrenching moment. I wanted to love this book, I needed to love this book. I liked it a whole lot but the love fell just a moment short. I'd completely read this author again. I want to read this author again. I was provided a complimentary copy of this book by Blogging for Books. I was not compensated for this review and all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own. I was not required to write a positive review.
3no7 7 months ago
“Here and Gone” by Haylen Beck is a nail-biting thriller that grabs you from the start and never lets go. Audra Kinney is a less than perfect mother to two children, Sean and Louise. She is fleeing her abusive husband, an overbearing mother-in-law, and child protective services. On a lonely highway in Arizona, she is pulled over by a small-town sheriff, and things will never be the same again. Everyone is scared, even the sheriff. Something isn’t right, even though the officers and their mother had said it would be. As they drive away in the back of the police car, even the children know. Louise reached across the seat, her small hand taking his. “Don’t cry,” she said. “Everything’s going to be all right. They told us.” But Sean knew they lied. As the police car pulls up to the station, Audra exclaims, “I’ve been cooperative. Please tell me where my children are.” “What children?” the sheriff asks. And, so it begins. The scenario is played out like a TV cop drama: the missing kids, the denying mom, the accusing cops, but this is different, very different. The truth is not forthcoming, and the results are not predictable. Everything is wrong. Whom do we believe? “You’re a former addict running from Children’s Services. How much do you think your word means against theirs?” The stress-level increases as the FBI, the media, and the family try to sort out the situation while Audra sits in jail. And then, a new participant arrives on the scene. It is not an “easy” book to read, but it does have lighter moments. When all else fails …” She’s bringing up some coffee. And cake.” Danny shrugged and sat down. “Well, if there’s cake.’” This is very different book. It is a tale of captivity, suspense, and unspeakable cruelty that leads from the city to the desert and right to the dark web. Everyone is damaged, some more than others. The body count grows, and the tension in unbelievable. It is incredibly compelling and frightening at the same time. And when it ends, it does not end well for everyone. Crown Publishing, Haylen Beck, and NetGalley gave me the opportunity to read and review this book, and I enjoyed every nail-biting minute. Thank you.
357800 7 months ago
4+ Stars. Creepy....Terrifying....Unsettling....are words that come to mind when describing the start of HERE AND GONE. With Audra on the run from her abusive, control freak husband, one nightmare turns into another when she is stopped for a traffic violation in rural Arizona and her children are abducted. (no spoiler here) Fear soon turns to anguish and crime-mystery turns thriller as lies and brutality from the sheriff begin and a helpless mother's screams fill the air. HERE AND GONE kept me hooked from page one with a fast-pace, intense, but straight forward storyline and a killer of a finish-line.
Caroles_Random_Life 8 months ago
This book was really hard to put down. I knew that this was a book that I needed to read just as soon as I read the description. I love a good mystery thriller and the fact the it sounded like the local police couldn't be trusted was a very interesting twist. Once I started reading, I was immediately hooked. When I wasn't reading, I was thinking about this story and what I would have done if I were in Audra's place. I really enjoyed the time I spent reading this book. Audra is driving across the U.S. on her way to California with her two children, Sean and Louise. She is pulled over by the police just outside a small town in Arizona called Silver Water. Before Audra even knows what is happening she is asked to step out of her car while Sheriff Whiteside starts looking through her trunk. Drugs are found and she is taken to jail. A deputy is called and her kids are taken away to what Audra is promised is a safe place. When she asks about her kids later at the jail, the Sheriff tells her that she didn't have any kids with her when she was pulled over. The book's description does tell readers the basic set up of the story and I had a pretty good idea of where the book would end up but I had no idea how it would get there. The story really did make me think about a lot of things. I don't know how you would be able to prove your innocence in a situation like this. The media was another huge part of the story since they put Audra in a very unfavorable light. I also couldn't stop thinking about how Audra could get someone to take her seriously. Even though the events in the story weren't a total shock, the journey was entertaining. I did like the characters in this book a lot and liked the fact that the book is told from different points of view. Audra really does care about her kids but is the first to admit that she has not always been a great mother. She is committed to being the best she can be at this point in her life. I thought that the part of the book that talked about her past were very well done. Part of the story is told from Sean's point of view. He is only 11 years old but has a certain maturity to him. He senses when things seem wrong and jumps into to care for his younger sister during the ordeal. There were also a few parts told from Danny and Sheriff Whiteside's point of views that added to the overall story. I would highly recommend this book to others. This book moved really fast and I was never quite sure what would happen next. I found myself having a very hard time setting this one aside because I was completely invested in the story. This is the first book by Haylen Beck that I have read but look forward to more works in the future. I received an advance reader edition of this book from Crown Publishing Group via NetGalley, Blogging for Books, and First to Read.
brf1948 8 months ago
I received a free electronic copy of this suspense novel from Netgalley, Haylen Beck, and Harvill Secker, publisher in exchange for an honest opinion. Thank you all for sharing your hard work with me. I classified this on my keepers list as a horror novel - it is every mother's nightmare. The sheriff and the almost-ex are all bad, but with bad girl Collins we see humanity peeking though at times. All of the other protagonists are well rounded characters, and though I hate to admit it, Silver Water, the small town dying with melancholy angst in the the southwestern desert, looked very familiar. I worried that there was no one to save Audra and the children until Danny was introduced fairly well into the tale. Phillips was sympathetic, but without the power - or the belief - to find her way to the solution. I really enjoyed Danny, and I loved Sean and Louise. Haylen Beck is an author I will follow.