Here is a Man . . .: Fist First for Faith

Here is a Man . . .: Fist First for Faith

by James Bvone "Pete" Miller


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Here is a Man . . .: Fist First for Faith by James Bvone "Pete" Miller

A book that honors faith, family, friends and relationships...and especially the provident hand of God.

There is no room for ongoing crippling self pity. There is no room for quitting because acquiring what one really wants often requires a man or woman with no quit in them. Winning what one really wants requires a certain passion which includes first, that sure knowledge of what one wants, secondly, a burning desire to achieve it and thirdly, a definiteness of purpose. (Definiteness of purpose means it is not enough to merely know what you want; you must know why you want it and how you are going to use it).

Mr. Mathis advocates that in the Christian context one must be aware of just two primary concerns in regard to what one really wants: First, that what one wants is in God's will and; secondly, that what one really wants comes from God's well. There are many things out there to want that don't come from God's well, and if it doesn't come from God's well, it is not in God's will.

The final and one of the most important elements according to Mr. Mathis is that once all the preceding tests are met, and one is truly sure of what he or she wants with all their heart; then, one must become a part of what he or she really wants. One must lose his or her self in the pursuit. This is where creation and creator merge to become one. This is where a great horseman and a great horse merge into one continuous flowing motion to reach one common goal. This is the jockey Red Pollard and Seabiscuit merging and moving toward victory at Santa Anita Stakes, the comeback of not one but two heroes, who were injured and down but not defeated because their SPIRIT was stronger than any force of defeat. This is the wounded healer and Christ merging for the common goal of building God's glorious Kingdom. This is what it's all about in the Christian context. In the most explicit Christian context, it is one being baptized into Christ and fully submitting himself to God's will and becoming one with Christ in the singleness of purpose of building God's Eternal Kingdom. That one is in Christ and Christ is in him moving in God's will toward the fulfillment of God's will. That one has acquired what he wants most of all because what he wants most of all and what God wants most of all are one and the same -- fully synonymous!

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ISBN-13: 9781496963598
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 08/21/2015
Pages: 242
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.55(d)

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