Herod: The Church & Nigeria

Herod: The Church & Nigeria

by Abigail Gabriels, Ebenezer Gabriels




As the Nigerian Church transitions from the 2019 election into a new phase; the Lord God YHWH is bringing the Nigerian Church into the Herod Era. An era where the President of Nigeria will be used by the Lord to discipline the Church, and leaders who have compromised on the truth. This book Herod, the Church & Nigeria is a continuation of the prophetic sequence described in our pre-election book, The Scroll & The Seal . This book describes post-elections events about to unfold in the Nigerian Church history, the Nigerian Political Sphere; and the continent of Africa as revealed by the Lord Jesus, through the Holy Spirit. The Church, being the foundation of the nation is polluted and the Lord is set to do the great works of deep cleansing. In this season, the spirit of Herod will stretch out his hand upon some Church leaders for discipline. Many opponents of the Church will praise Herod; then will the Church wake up from its slumber, abandon the feasting tables and entertainment gatherings to cry out to Yahweh in holiness and humility.After the great persecution, the sleeping Church will repent and lead Nigerians on their knees in prayers and humility. Only true humility with pure worship resurrect dead altars and gain God's mercies. Authority once lost will be restored to the Church. There will be a great awakening; revival will spread around Africa, and to the rest of world. Nigeria will be known for humility and true worship; and Nigeria will lead the world in the many spheres especially technology. Africa will come on the center stage of the world.But you have a part to play! Your part begins now as you read this book.

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ISBN-13: 9780999749593
Publisher: Ebenezer Gabriels Publishing
Publication date: 04/05/2019
Pages: 64
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