Hero's Return

Hero's Return

by B. J. Daniels

Paperback(Mass Market Paperback - Original)

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The prodigal Cahill is back—and ready to confess

Tucker Cahill disappeared from Gilt Edge, Montana, hoping to escape a secret that has haunted him for nineteen years. Then, when a young woman’s remains are found in the creek near his family’s ranch, he has no choice but to face his demons. The truth that sent him running years ago could take away his freedom now.

Kate Rothschild came to town looking for vengeance—and Tucker Cahill. What she finds is a tortured and irresistible man who’s more than meets the eye. Caught up in the past, they are drawn deeper into a twisted game that’s not over yet. And the consequences could prove fatal for them both…

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ISBN-13: 9781335013309
Publisher: Harlequin
Publication date: 03/27/2018
Series: The Montana Cahills
Edition description: Original
Pages: 384
Sales rank: 275,507
Product dimensions: 4.00(w) x 6.10(h) x 1.00(d)

About the Author

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author B.J. Daniels lives in Montana with her husband, Parker, and three springer spaniels. When not writing, she quilts, boats and plays tennis. Contact her at www.bjdaniels.com or on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/pages/BJ-Daniels/127936587217837 or on twitter at bjdanielsauthor.

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Hero's Return 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
Cynthia181 More than 1 year ago
I won a copy of this book from the author, I was not required to give a favorable review. This was the 5th book in the series and just as exciting as the rest of the series. This one deals with the long lost older brother Tucker who took of 19 years before and nobody know where he has been. But the finding of human remains by the creek near their ranch brings them home. Because he knows who it is, but their is a little twist. Not everything is what it seems. Kate comes to Gilt Edge to find out more about the bones and the missing cowboy and what it all means about her brother's suicide many years before. There are the so many turns in this story that you almost can't put it down. And again Deputy Sheriff Harp is trying to prove himself again. New babies, new relationships, and family are just what make these books wonderful.
Honolulubelle More than 1 year ago
Favorite Quotes: “We’re a team, right?” She couldn’t help but smile. “That’s us, one of the great detective couples. Like Nick and Nora.” He mugged a face. “More like Bonnie and Clyde.” I swear, when it comes to women, Tucker doesn’t have the good sense of a rock. My Review: This book was 90% mystery/suspense and 10% slow building romance as the couple didn’t lock lips until 60% into the book and only indulged in one sizzling sensual encounter of knocking the boots at 80%. So my elderly mother could very well read this one if she knew where to “skip the naughty bit,” and wouldn’t require much use of her trusty sharpie to censor out much “language.” Sigh… We rarely read the same books but she would enjoy the several confounding and complicated mysteries involving several murders over nineteen years, family drama, disappearances, extortion, kidnapping, lust, betrayal, and paternity issues. I took note that the one mystery that I had assumed would be the easiest to crack was only partially resolved by the conclusion of the tale. Oh what an intricate plot this scribe has penned. While I didn’t care for the main character of Kate for the longest time as she was playing games and being manipulative, and her actions had been cruel and thoughtless, I adored the engaging Cahills and their knotty family tree of complex issues and personalities. B. J. Daniels has been a recent find and while I may be a city dweller, I do enjoy her small-town tales and well-seasoned cowboys for a chance of pace.
LindaTownsend More than 1 year ago
Gripping western romantic suspense! He’d never doubted he would return – he just hadn’t expected it to take nineteen years. No one writes western romantic suspense like B.J. Daniels. She proves it once again with Hero’s Return, the latest installment in her Montana Cahills’ series chronicling Tucker Cahill’s return home after going AWOL nineteen years ago when he was seventeen. No one has heard from or of him since - until human skeletal remains of a young woman are unearthed aside a creek near his family’s ranch. Tucker hears the news and returns home to face the music. He stops first at the Sheriff’s office to fill his brother in on what transpired almost two decades before when he last saw Madeline. Tucker believes that its Madeline’s bones which have been found. He then goes out to where the bones were discovered and finds someone else looking at the scene. She runs when she spots him. A chase ensues…. Hero’s Return is the fifth book in the series if you count the digital novella, Cowboy’s Reckoning, published earlier this year. That said, it absolutely works well as a standalone read, if that is your preference. The story primarily features two brilliantly written characters, Tucker and Kate. Kate is an investigative reporter who is also in Gilt Edge due to Madeline. I liked them both though I was torn between wishing them to uncover the truth while wanting them to stay safe and leave the sleuthing to the Sheriff. Truly, I envisioned shaking shake Kate a few times as she wouldn’t stop doggedly pursuing the truth about the old crime even as she placed them both in deadly situations. Tucker’s protectiveness was clearly evident as, despite his misgivings, he insisted on accompanying Kate in these endeavors. Please know that while readers are aware that the hero and heroine are having sex, the action is behind closed doors. The Gilt Edge, Montana setting is the perfect backdrop. Fans of the series will enjoy catching up with previous favorite characters that all make appearances. Oh my! There’s been a lot going on behind the scenes in Gilt Edge! In addition, there’s an interwoven developing secondary mystery with another lovely romance. Following please find a few of my favorite quotes from Hero’s Return: If whoever had been working with her thought they could blackmail him… He hoped they would try. He wasn’t that teenager they’d tricked all those years ago. This cowboy was more than ready for them now. --- “Anyway,” he said, his gaze lifting to hers. “We’re a team, right?” She couldn’t help but smile. “That’s us, one of the great detective couples. Like Nick and Nora.” He mugged a face. “More like Bonnie and Clyde.” “Emma Peel and John Steed.” Tucker laughed. “Shaggy and Scooby Doo.” --- He breathed in the mesmerizing scent, knowing that if he touched her, if he turned her to face him, if he looked into those bottomless green eyes, he would be lost forever. Hero’s Return is a page-turning suspenseful whodunit teeming with betrayals, twists and turns and sexual tension with a dash of humor. The intricate plot grabs you from the very first page and doesn’t loosen its grip until the last. The pacing is perfect, the writing is genius and the ending is thrilling. I can’t wait to return to Gilt Edge with B.J. as two Cahill brothers remain unattached. If you enjoy western romantic suspense, I highly recommend that you pick up Hero’s Return!
Amigagal More than 1 year ago
I loved this story! The Cahills are among my favorite fictional families! I've been waiting for Tucker's story because in the previous books in this series, he is mentioned in all of them but isn't present because he left the family & the town 19 years previous and we have no idea why! Way to whet our appetite, B.J.!!!! The first chapter drew me in immediately and I was swept away into a fantastic fictional suspense! Nobody does it better that B. J. Daniels in my opinion! She knows how to weave various story lines and various characters without it seeming to overwhelm the reader. The story was another page-turner for me....I read it in two days. I could hardly put it down! There were so many twists and turns in this one, it was hard to stop reading once I started. The romance wasn't as "front and center" this time but that was ok with me. I love a good suspense! I also enjoyed having Tucker's family pop in and out of the book. It was great seeing what they were up to. Tucker is involved with the skeletal remains that are found in town which is what brings him back after 19 years. It also brings Kate Rothschild to town and you'll just have to read the book to see what her connection is to the remains! It makes for a great story and an even greater mystery! I definitely recommend it and can't wait for the next book already! These Cahills are a wonderful family!
CathyGeha More than 1 year ago
Tucker Cahill is finally home after over 19 years away. Leaving home after high school he is final lyready to return and face whatever may happen. Bones were found in the creek and he is pretty sure he knows who’s they are. When he arrives there is a package waiting for him…and a woman. Yes, Kate Rothschild wants answers to questions related to her brother’s suicide that happened about the time Tucker left home and she believes Tucker might have them. The two have a mystery and murder to solve and they work together to find the truth. The solution is not easy, friends may not be friends after all, what happened 19 years ago is a whole lot more than Tucker and Kate realized and the end might not be pretty. This had some evil twisted characters that were more than balanced by the Cahill family and their unwavering support of one another. There was a side story that may show up later in another book – I hope – because I would like to find out just who Billie Dee’s daughter is ;) I came into this series on this book and had no trouble following the story. The Cahill brood seems a nice group so reading the other books that came before this one would prove no hardship. Thank you to NetGalley and Harlequin Romance for the ARC – This is my honest review. 3-4 Stars
JL_Coy0 More than 1 year ago
Those of us who read the first books in the Cahill Ranch Series knew that eventually Tucker Cahill would return. We didn’t know why he left, where he was or what he was doing. The title of the book sort of leads us to believe that Tucker is coming back and the prologue gives us just enough of a glimpse of his past that the book becomes one you cannot put down. Hooray for BJ Daniels’ ability to spin a perfect story with a twist and a turn every step of the way. I agree with another reviewer that the romance in this book definitely took a back seat to the plot(s). With every books she writes, BJ gives us a bit of ‘true’ history that for a reader like me –send me scurrying to the internet for more and more information. Daniels would the perfect history teacher – tossing out bread crumbs for students to follow. You know how sometimes you want to slap the hero or heroine upside the head for being so stupid? I have never had that urge with Daniels’ books and this is no exception. Kath Rothschild comes to town looking for vengeance and for Tucker Cahill. When she meets him, she now realizes that there are so many facets to the story of what drove her brother to his death. She teams up with Tucker, but never completely trusts him until the story unfolds, layer by layer like a piece of origami that started out as one thing and as it’s unfolded becomes something else. There’s enough mystery and danger to fulfill my mind’s eye of what a good story is. Toss in that little edge of romance and history with all the back stories and some twists and turns and you get an excellent read. I was given an ARC of this book in return for my review. All the opinions are mine and mine alone. I would and have suggested this book and this series to several friends looking for some good reads.