Hers to Choose (A Cinnamon Bay Romance)

Hers to Choose (A Cinnamon Bay Romance)

by Connie Davé

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She's living a secret life.
He's trying to rebuild his shattered world.
Can they find the solace they need in each other's arms?

All her life, Rani Kapoor has made it seem as if she follows her parents' wishes. But she's a master at breaking the rules and now she has a secret. By day she lets her parents pick her clothes, her friends and even her career as a lawyer, but by night, she's Kara Quinn, the wildly popular, bestselling romance writer. It's all smooth sailing until her parents spring an arranged marriage on her, and Rani rebels. Now, she's hiding out in the perfect, beachy paradise of Cinnamon Bay.

Brock Gibson, owner of Cinnamon Bay's finest restaurant, yearns for the simple life he used to have. Before cancer stole his mother and a lie concealed his true biological father. He's torn between the man who raised him and the birth father pushing to meet him. On the secluded shores of the bay, Brock encounters a glorious beauty in a red sari, and she too seems to be carrying a weight of misery upon her shoulders. 
Instant attraction blossoms, making it impossible for them to deny the depth of their emotions. But will they be able to break the ties that bind them to the past and find their happily ever after?

Delve into a new world of romance, mystery, and magic in the quirky, coastal town of Cinnamon Bay, North Carolina…one click-it today!

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BN ID: 2940156492190
Publisher: Connie Davé
Publication date: 07/30/2019
Series: A Cinnamon Bay Romance
Sold by: Draft2Digital
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 103,652
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Hers to Choose (A Cinnamon Bay Romance) 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
clarkws 10 months ago
Six different authors have written seven contemporary romances all set in a little North Carolina town called Cinnamon Bay. Each story can be read as a stand alone; however, I highly recommend at least reading the first novel “Love on the Boardwalk” in this series prior to reading “Hers To Choose”. The first book introduces a few characters who grace the pages of each book, such as: the trio of elderly ladies who prowl the streets playing Cupid to hapless singles who happen to wander across their path. I found book 7 “Hers to Choose” to be a lot of fun. I have enjoyed all of Connie Dave’s books and I wasn’t disappointed in this one. There were some laugh out loud moments with the elderly ladies of Cinnamon Bay. At the heart of the story is the heroine Rani’s confusion over her life as a Westernized Indian woman versus her family’s traditional roots. Rani’s father is demanding that she marry an Indian man in an arranged marriage. But Rani’s life is complicated when she meets Brock Gibson. Will she follow her heart or tradition? I thought Davé did an excellent job of layering her characters. Each responds to their world through the pain of their past and current stresses. Though I felt that the final resolution was a bit over simplified and anticlimactic, Davé still knocks this story out of the park.
moohnshine 10 months ago
Wow! Connie Dave` does not disappoint. She has this amazing skill of bringing a book to it's fullest potential and this book is no different. Rani and Brock are two people from different cultures that come together to show us it doesn't matter where you are from when it comes to true love. This book was a truly inspiring story. Rani is of Indian culture and their customs are not the same as most. All Rani wants is to fall in love and marry her soul mate. But according to her culture she must marry an Indian man of her parents choosing. An arranged marriage of sorts. But Rani longs to be free. Free to love who she chooses, free to live under who own rules and free to do the things she loves. One where Brock recently lost his mother. Dealing with her loss and the secret laid out on her death bed has Brock feeling lost and confused, maybe a tad bit angry. His whole life has been based on a lie and he is having a hard time adjusting. But all that changes when he runs into a raven haired beauty. Brock and Rani start their relationship as friends. Friends on a mission to beat the match makers at their own game. What they don't realize is the match makers know what they are doing. The bond between these two unlikely friends gets stronger and stronger each time they meet. But what will happen to their hearts when Rani has to marry? Rani's story of overcoming her fears to stand up to her parents and stand up for what she wants is amazing. As I said before, truly inspiring. She is such a bright and wonderful person. I would describe her personality as the ray of sunshine in the darkness. She is ambitious, strong, snarky and caring. Brock is such a handsome and sweet man. His character is strong, determined to be there for Rani even though she is actively allowing her parents to set up her marriage. Brock has his own demons to deal with, yet he is still there for others and supports those he loves and cares about. This story is amazing and an inspiration to those who love someone who is not accepted by their culture. The characters are strong and encouraging. A steady paced read that flows so smoothly. A book that will capture it's audience and have them falling in love. I cannot wait to see what Connie has in store for us with future reads.
Debbie Kolins 11 months ago
Brock is the owner of the upscale restaurant Tradewinds in Cinnamon Bay. Brock's mother made a confession telling Brock that Wayne Gibson was not his biological father. Shortly after Brock's mother passed away from cancer and he is devastated. So not only is he dealing with her death but, now he has to deal with the confession she made to him. He, Brock is torn between the man who raised him and biological father who is pushing to meet him. Brock goes to a secluded spot on shores of the bay. When he gets there, he sees sitting Rani on the rock he always sat on. Brock sees that Rani isn't happy. There seems to be an instant attraction to each other. Rani is an Indian woman and they have certain ways and one of them is her parents finding an Indian man for Rani to marry they even picked what career she should have [she is a lawyer]. In the Indian culture children expected to marry within their own culture, and where arranged marriages are a reality but, Rani wants to be able to choose who she wants to marry. Rani has become a master at breaking the rules. Rani has a secret she doesn't want her parents to know and that is that she is a bestselling romance author Kara Quinn. Rani and Brock start to see a lot of each other. Rani's parents set her up with Arun who turns out to be a very handsome and polite and he says he wants marry Rani and she trys to do everything to get him to not want to marry her. Rani told Brock that she was going to tell her parents about not wanting to marry Arun and she was going to set her parents straight for the first time in her life. To find out what happens between Brock, Wayne, Rani, Charles [Brock's biological father] and Rani's parents you really need to read this book. I truly loved this book!! Connie Dave did an excellent job on this book!!
Lashea677 12 months ago
Welcome to a place where emotion lives. Cinnamon Bay is a chance to start anew, mend a broken heart, mourn a tragic loss or take a risk on love. Entangled with the beautiful scenery is a celebration of the human spirit. Connie Dave tackles a subject anyone can relate to. Hers to Choose grapples with living your own truth or following someone else's path. Rani has a dream she refuses to give up. When the masquerade becomes all too real, can she find the courage to step away from the lies and own up to the choices she's made? Get caught in the drama that is Rani and Brock. From painful tragedies to inspirational romance and true to life heartache. The emotion is real and that's what makes the characters worth the boxes of Kleenex.