Heterophobia: Sexual Harassment and the Future of Feminism / Edition 1

Heterophobia: Sexual Harassment and the Future of Feminism / Edition 1

by Daphne Patai
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Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc.

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Heterophobia: Sexual Harassment and the Future of Feminism / Edition 1

A scathing criticism of political and sexual correctness, this thought-provoking and powerfully argued book is sure to incite debate among all concerned with the legacy and future of woman's rights.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780847689880
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc.
Publication date: 06/28/2000
Series: American Intellectual Culture Series
Edition description: New Edition
Pages: 296
Product dimensions: 5.68(w) x 8.78(h) x 0.66(d)

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Preface Part 2 The Making of a Social Problem Chapter 3 Saving Womanhood Chapter 4 Sexual Harassment Industry Part 5 Typifying Tales Chapter 6 The Accusers Chapter 7 The Fruits of Injustice Chapter 8 Galloping Contradictions Part 9 The Feminist Turn Against Men Chapter 10 Heterophobia Chapter 11 The Authority of Expeirence Chapter 12 "There Ought to Be a Law" Chapter 13 Conclusion: Redefining the World

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Heterophobia: Sexual Harassment and the Future of Feminism 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Daphne was once a Women's Studies Professor. She actively worked with Feminists. Now she's seen the vast damage being done by Feminists and the Sexual Harassment Industry or SHI as she puts it. This book is an attempt at atoning for the help she once gave them. Near the beginning she addresses how social groups try to minimize reports of Homosexual assaults. They fear this would make Homosexuality itself seem to be a threat. Yet no effort is made to do the same for Heterosexuals. If anything SHI seems to be a deliberate effort to make Heterosexuality, and Male Heterosexuals, seem to be nothing but dangerous. Most modern Feminists don't see Heterosexuality as anything but an assault. They consider any flirtation to be harassment and any hetero-sex to be rape. To them there is no such thing as consensual sex. Even those who don't consider sex to be rape maintain the ask permission for everything policy. "May I kiss you, Can I touch you, etc." They consider Heterosexuality to be something unpleasant that females merely tolerate. That's a perfect reflection of their view of Males. They see Maleness itself as something dirty/wretched females are forced to endure. Feminists take their views to the point where they lump all unwanted attention into a single group and treat it the same. They consider an unwelcome kiss or a dirty joke to be as chargeable as a full assault. They don't teach females to be strong enough to handle the minor things. They condition girls and women to see themselves as damsels in distress, who need Feminism to protects them. Feminists dismiss anything that doesn't strengthen their political dominance. Any female who doesn't agree with them - any who doesn't hate men or doesn't see womanhood as victimized by all men - is a victim of patriarchy, tainted, a traitor or brainwashed. Indeed some Feminists call Heterosexuality a form of Stockholm Syndrome. Those women like Daphne who actively speak out against Feminism are called Mercenaries, or whenever possible conservatives. As for SHI. It's completely undefined. Even the Supreme Court can't define Sexual Harassment. The policies are so broadband that expressing any sexual interest, or doing/saying anything could be considered sexual is enough to get a man fired. Men's careers have been destroyed such charges. Due process is consider part of Patriarchy and therefore dismissed. As far as SHI is concerned Men have No Rights. Daphne covers all this and much more.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Thank *you* Daphne! This book provides an excellent critique of a hypocritical, latently mean-spirited and anti-male industry. I'm a self-proclaimed 'nice guy' with all the usual imperfections...and I gotta tell ya I've paid heartily for my own efforts to speak out about what Daphne says here. So have many male and female friends, most of whom choose to stay silent lest we be pilloried or worse as misogynists. She says it better anyhow - more power to her! A very insightful and well-crafted response that has been many years waiting.