Hey Parent...Real Talk!

Hey Parent...Real Talk!

by Ina Perkins


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ISBN-13: 9781491702031
Publisher: iUniverse, Incorporated
Publication date: 08/07/2013
Pages: 166
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.38(d)

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Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Age: Young. <p> Rank: Leader. <p> Clan: Jazzclan. <p> Look: Light Blue with blue eyes. <p> Personality: Happy. Smart. Musical. Fun and funloving. Loves kits. Respectful. More just get to know her.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
[ZenClan, SoulClan, RebelClan, JazzClan, CoreClan and DangerClan. <br> DESCRPTIONS: ZENCLAN; <br> ZenClan is simple-nuetral. They only kill if prevoked and are very honest. They respect the warrior code very well. <br> SOULCLAN; <br> SoulClan is smart and charsmatic. They pay attention to the warrior code, but not too much. They are chaotic-nuetral. <br> REBELCLAN; <br> RebelClan is generous, but they pay little attention to the warrior code. They are chaotic-good. <br> JAZZCLAN; <br> JazzClan loves having fun. They follow the warrior code greatly, and dont kill unless they are allowed to. They are simple-good. <br> CORECLAN; <br> CoreClan has a furious temper. They will kill. They respect the warrior code, but not too much. They are chaotic-evil. <br> DANGERCLAN; <br> DangerClan will destroy a clan and kill you at any chance they get. They are devilishly-evil. They pay no attention to the warrior code.] <br> <br> [TERRITORIES: Zenclan's; <br> ZenClan lives around a peaceful cherry-orchard. There is tons of rats there, making it an ideal hunting place. <br> SoulClan's; <br> SoulClan lives in a dead forest infested with rats, they are in the middle of a swamp. It reeks of death there, but they get used to it and they are well protected from ennemy attacks. <br> RebelClan's; <br> RebelClan is on the left side of two-leg place. The thunder-path slips through the middle of two-leg place, separating JazzClan from RebelClan. <br> JazzClan's; <br> JazzClan is on the right side of two-leg place. They love the music, but moreso the rats that hang out around the music places. Plump, slow rats! A perfect place for a clan to thrive. <br> CoreClan's; <br> CoreClan is around Moon-lake. Moon-lake is the gathering place. It is a giant lake that glows, steam drifts of it when they is a full moon. White stones go to the center of it, where a large, flat, glowing white stone sits. The moon-stone. All the clans gather here on the moon-stone for the meeting. In the center a giant tree-stump sits. CoreClan lives in a thriving territory of mice, birds, and squirrels! They are called CoreClan because they are at the center. <br> DangerClan's; <br> DangerClan lives in the same forest as SoulClan. A black, oozing river of stinky two-leg-sludge and dead fish separates them, no one dares touch that river. Their camp is so close to the sludge, you can smell it. A beaver damm allows cats to get to moon-lake, and keeps moon-lake from turning into shadow-lake. Good beavers!] K. Just post a bio here. If you want to be leader of a clan, just post it in your bio that you are leader! Unless somebody has already done that. Leader chooses deputy and med cat. Please post what clan you are in, you dont have to ask to join. This is bios for every clan. Ok. My bio: <br> <br> <br> Blossomstar. Her fur is white with a pinkish tint. Her eyes are rosy pink. She has a dark red paw (front right). She is the leader of ZenClan, which needs a deputy and med cat. She is also looking for a mate. She hopes for her clan to thrive and prosper. She is 32 moons. She has eight lives left. How she died is none of your beeswax.