Hidden Depths

Hidden Depths

by L.M. Brown

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Lost beneath the ocean, Atlantis has become a myth. When it rises from the deep everything will change for Kyle, Finn and the merpeople.

Jake Seabrook, a human descendant of Medina, the Atlantean Goddess of Love, never asked for magical powers. Unfortunately, not only does he have them, but they are also growing stronger as more of the Atlantean gods wake from their long slumber.

When Jake develops the power to hear the thoughts of anyone thinking about love, lust or sex, it is strange and embarrassing, but also reveals cracks in his relationship with his mermen lovers, Kyle and Finn. If they are going to continue to live as a ménage, they will have to learn to be honest with each other.

With Jake's powers out of control and their relationship on shaky ground, the last thing any of them need is a crisis in the sunken city.

The Atlantean gods want to regain the powers they lost when the Atlantean people were banished from the city, but the solution will leave the mer who live in the city no choice but to evacuate and search for a new home or risk exposing the existence of the mer to the whole world.

Kyle and Finn return to Atlantis to help with the evacuation and insure the safety of their families, but time is not on their side. When Atlantis rises, the consequences could tear apart their ménage forever.

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ISBN-13: 9781786516930
Publisher: Totally Entwined Group
Publication date: 10/30/2018
Series: Mermen & Magic , #5
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 238
File size: 1 MB

About the Author

L.M. Brown is an English writer of gay romances. She believes mermen live in the undiscovered areas of the ocean. She believes life exists on other planets. She believes in fairy tales, magic, and dreams. Most of all, she believes in love.When L.M. Brown isn’t bribing her fur babies for control of the laptop, she can usually be found with her nose in a book.

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Copyright © L.M. Brown 2018. All Rights Reserved, Totally Entwined Group Limited, T/A Pride Publishing.

Caspian drummed his fingers on the table as he waited for Andaman to begin the meeting.

Andaman didn’t appear to be in any hurry to do so and kept glancing at the newly awoken Tempest, Goddess of the Storm.

“What?” Tempest asked. “Is there something on my nose?”

Andaman coughed and lowered his gaze. “I thought you might like to chair the meeting, being that you’re the most powerful immortal among us.”

Caspian cringed as Medina, Goddess of Love, glared down the table at Andaman. When she had awoken from her slumber, Andaman had not offered her the same courtesy.

Tempest waved her hand in a dismissive gesture. “Let’s get on with things. I’ve far too much to do to be wasting time here.”

Andaman coughed again and shuffled the scrolls in front of him.

Caspian’s sister, Cari, nudged him in the arm. She grinned wickedly and nodded between the fumbling God of the Forge and the irritable Tempest. He forced a smile to his lips. Yes, he had noticed the obvious infatuation Andaman had for Tempest. It seemed his affections had only grown stronger in the centuries while Tempest had slept, along with so many other Atlantean immortals.

The table they sat around was quite crowded compared to a few years before.

“Caspian, Cari, pay attention!”

Caspian startled at the reprimand from his mother. Odessa was another newly awoken goddess—and didn’t he know it. He certainly hadn’t missed her scolding over the centuries. For the first time, he wished his father, the God of War, would hurry up and wake from his stasis. At least then his mother’s attention would be focused elsewhere.

“Well, Caspian?”

While his mind had been wandering, it seemed the meeting had begun and Caspian had no idea what they were talking about.

“Really, Caspian.” Odessa sighed loudly. “Aren’t you listening at all?”

“Apparently not,” Caspian snapped. “What was the question again?”

Andaman growled in annoyance. “I asked which of our brethren you believe will wake next. Which stirred when you visited their temples during the recent battle?”

Caspian straightened in his seat. At least he knew the answer to the question. “My father was the nearest to rising, though several others also appeared briefly. I think we can expect the God of War to be with us in the next few months and the Goddess of the Sea may follow within the year. Despite the quakes caused by the stirring of the gods, the God of the Earth is very much in stasis.”

Andaman scribbled notes as Caspian spoke. “Then you believe Cynbel is the only one likely to wake soon enough to assist us when Mariana returns?”


Tempest frowned as she looked up and down the table. “Do you fools intend to wage all-out war on the Goddess of Sea Creatures?”

“She has declared war on us,” Cari said. “I see her returning to Atlantis within the year. We need to be ready for her. We only defeated her last time thanks to the element of surprise.”

“Who defeated her?” Tempest asked. “When I arrived, I rather got the impression you were losing until my intervention.”

Cari sank low in her seat.

“You’re quite right,” Andaman hurried to assure her. “We are most grateful for your timely assistance in ridding Atlantis of the goddess who would do such harm to the city and its inhabitants.”

Tempest glared down the table. “The mer mean nothing to me. Make no mistake about that.”

“What have the mer ever done to you?” Medina asked. “They are a peaceful, loving race, who have opened their hearts to us.”

“They’re animals,” Tempest replied. “Humans keep pets, which show them equal affection. It doesn’t mean I want them in my home.”

“The mer are half human,” Cari pointed out.

“And half fish,” Tempest retorted.

Caspian placed his hand on his sister’s arm, silently urging her not to lose her temper. There were more important issues to be discussed than the physiology of the merpeople.

“I think perhaps we should move on to the main problem we have right now,” Caspian said.

“I thought Mariana was the problem,” Andaman replied. “Hence, why she was not invited to this meeting.”

“She’s a problem but not the only one,” Caspian said. “Unfortunately, the departure of the goddess, along with her sea dragons, has resulted in the city of Atlantis becoming visible to all those who happen to be in the area. Shark attacks on the mer have increased tenfold since the sea dragons were freed, and there are humans navigating the nearby waters who could stumble across the city and the mer within weeks.”

“Or even days,” Cari added. “My visions tell me those who are most persistent in searching for Atlantis are descendants of the banished Atlanteans. They won’t give up their search, because the city beckons them. It’s merely a matter of time before the location of Atlantis is revealed to the world—and with it, the mer.”

Medina smiled brightly. “But isn’t that a good thing? If humans discover Atlantis, people will believe in us again and our powers will be increased.”

“Good for us isn’t necessarily good for the mer,” Caspian said. “Humans today are not as understanding of other beings as they once were.”

“Jake seems to accept the mer well enough.”

“He does,” Caspian agreed. “As do the few others who have been privileged enough to know them, but there are far more who would see them captured and studied in scientific laboratories—or worse, killed. I don’t believe the risk is justified. The mer must remain hidden, and right now that means we need to find a way to hide Atlantis.”

“None of us has the power to make the entire city invisible,” Andaman reminded them. “Our own individual temples, perhaps, but nothing more. Even Mariana didn’t have that power, only her sea dragons did. I think we have to resign ourselves to the fact that the mer may have to relocate if they wish to remain hidden from the world.”

“And where do you suggest they go?” Caspian snapped. “There’s nowhere left in the oceans where such a large community can not only hide but also survive.”

No one around the table offered any suggestions.

“Atlantis will be discovered,” Cari said. “I’ve seen it for myself.”

“How long do we have?” Andaman asked.

“I don’t know, but certainly within the lifetimes of my current Oracles.”

Caspian had no idea what to suggest. His vow to protect the mer had become a full-time occupation. He hoped he was up to the job.

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