Hidden Fate: A Novella of Romantic Suspense

Hidden Fate: A Novella of Romantic Suspense

by Tara Thomas

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ISBN-13: 9781250138033
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
Publication date: 02/13/2018
Series: Sons of Broad
Sold by: Macmillan
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 80
Sales rank: 183,332
File size: 1 MB

About the Author

Tara Thomas’s love of books and writing started as a child and though she wanted to be an author, she decided a degree in science was more practical. After fifteen years in the pharmaceutical industry, she returned to her first love and hasn’t looked back since.

She writes erotic romance as Tara Sue Me. Her Submissive Series novels have been on both the New York Timesand USA Today Bestseller lists. Her novel The Master earned a starred review from Publishers Weekly and was awarded Best Romance of 2016 from Best Book Awards.

Tara Thomas’s love of books and writing started as a child and though she wanted to be an author, she decided a degree in science was more practical. After fifteen years in the pharmaceutical industry, she returned to her first love and hasn’t looked back since.

She writes erotic romance as Tara Sue Me. Her Submissive Series novels have been on both the New York Times and USA Today Bestseller lists. Her novel The Master earned a starred review from Publishers Weekly and was awarded Best Romance of 2016 from Best Book Awards.

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Brent Taylor considered himself an easygoing man. However, he knew that if he could get his hands on whoever sent his girlfriend roses, he'd rip them from limb to limb. It wasn't that he was overly possessive. Though the thought of anybody other than himself sending Janie Roberts flowers would upset him, it was the note attached to the flowers currently sitting on her dining room table that had the potential to send him into a murderous rage. The note that indicated her life was in danger.

"I should call this in." Janie looked at him, her face was pale, but there was a firm resolve in her voice. Her gaze shifted to the note she'd put on the table.

Rose are red.
"Is this in relation to the case you were working?" Brent's half-sister, Bea Jacobs, asked.

Janie had asked Brent to bring Bea to dinner. This was the first time both women were meeting.

"I can't imagine it not being about the case I was working," Janie said. "But why now? I've been fired."

She'd been fired because she had been dating him. The unsolved mystery of kidnapped women had escalated into a murder a few weeks ago. Janie had been working as an undercover bartender at the club where several of the women had worked. That's where Brent had met her.

He'd been considered a suspect at the time and her boss had put her on administrative leave after finding out they were involved. Brent had actually been cleared by then, thanks to DNA evidence. Skin scrapings from underneath the fingernails of the victim were believed to be from the killer and had not matched to Brent. But Janie, being Janie, had not been able to leave the case alone and was fired when her boss caught her investigating in the club.

"It could be several reasons." Brent walked over and sat beside her, putting his arm around her as he answered her question. "He may think that you're more vulnerable now. Or he may think you know something."

"How could I know something?" She was trembling, which only made him more upset. "Alyssa and I don't even talk about the case anymore."

Alyssa Adams was her best friend and work colleague. According to Janie, she had recently been placed on the case.

"I don't know. And whoever is doing this isn't going to know what you and Alyssa talk about." Brent said. "Either way, I was just thinking out loud."

Janie nodded. "I'm going to call Alyssa."

* * *

Janie walked to the far end of the room. If Brent had to guess, she was working hard to get her anger under control. Bea raised an eyebrow.

"Not quite what we had in mind for dinner." Brent scratched his head. "I suppose they'll have to fingerprint us. We all touched the box."

"A small price to pay to find who's doing this." Bea was watching Janie with careful eyes. His sister was a lawyer, and she didn't miss much. "You're not going to let her stay here by yourself, are you?"

No, he didn't want to. He wanted her to come back to his house and stay with him. But he knew Janie was very hardheaded, and as a cop, she often felt herself above protection. Yep, she would argue with him.

He looked up as she walked over to them.

"They're on their way. She's off duty and was having dinner with Mac. He's coming, too."

Brent had met Alyssa before, but he'd never met her boyfriend. According to Janie, Mac was a good guy, and had proposed to Alyssa repeatedly. Janie had joked that Alyssa had an aversion to wedding gowns, and that's why she wasn't accepting his proposal. Alyssa just told her she wasn't ready yet, but Janie was starting to think more and more that there was something with Mac. But then as soon as she thought that, she'd change her mind. She had no proof and had never witnessed anything strange about him.

"Janie," Brent said. "Want to pack a bag and stay with me tonight?" She didn't say anything, but he could see the struggle on her face. The tough cop who wanted to prove she was fine and the scared woman who'd just had her life threatened and only wanted to be held.

He put his hands on her shoulders. "I'll admit I'm being a bit selfish. I don't like the thought of you being here alone. Call it testosterone. Call it being a bullish male, but I'd sleep so much better with you in my arms."

Tears filled her eyes, but didn't fall. He wasn't sure if she thought he was just giving her a way to agree to stay with him without her having to admit she wanted to do, but he'd spoken the truth. He didn't want her here alone. Hell, she didn't even have a security system. "Okay," she finally whispered.

He pulled her into his arms and kissed her forehead. "Thank you."

She relaxed against him and he swore he could feel her strength and resolve returning. He dipped his head and smelled her hair. Lavender.

She pulled back and looked to Bea. "Sorry."

Bea waved her apology away. "Don't even think about it."

"I wonder if Alyssa and Mac were able to eat." Janie stepped out of his embrace and headed to the kitchen. "I probably have enough for all five of us."

"All five," Bea said. "So tonight I'm not just the third wheel, I'm also the fifth."

Though Bea was rarely alone, she never appeared to find anyone she wanted to see beyond the second date. Her tone was light; Brent hoped she was joking.

"Don't worry, sis," he said. "Mr. Right is out there somewhere. You'll find him."

He meant for it to be a lighthearted remark, but she didn't smile. Her cheeks actually flushed and suddenly she was looking anywhere except at him.

"Bea?" he asked, and then it hit him and he smiled. "You've found someone, haven't you?" She opened her mouth to reply, but right at that moment there was a knock on the door. Janie sprinted into the living room.

"I'll get it," she said.

"Make sure ...," he started, but then stopped when she gave him the I'm a cop and I know what I'm doing look. "Sorry."

She checked the peephole and opened the door. Alyssa came inside, followed by a tall and lanky man whom Brent assumed was Mac.

"Oh my God," Alyssa said, pulling her friend into a hug. "Are you okay? Where are the flowers? Let me see."

"Over here." Janie led her to the table.

"Hey, Brent," Alyssa said in passing. "That's Mac."

"Mac." Brent nodded at the guy who looked the slightest bit uncomfortable. Brent couldn't blame him. This wasn't how Mac had planned to spend his evening. But then again, that's what happened when you dated a cop.

"I'm Bea," his sister said, holding out her hand to Mac. "Brent's sister."

"Nice to meet you." But Mac's attention wasn't on Bea. He was watching Alyssa.

"We can look for prints on the letter," she was saying. "But I wouldn't hold out much hope. I'm off duty now — Mac and I were on our way to dinner — so I'll do the preliminaries and finish it up later. Her voice dropped to a whisper. "So sorry I brought him on official business. I knew it'd be quicker this way."

"That's what I was thinking." Janie nodded. "And the box is probably a waste of time. Most of us touched it. And please, don't apologize. I understand."

"You'll find my prints on the letter," Brent said. "I took it from her after she read it."

"Not a problem, we have DNA." Alyssa said, and then turned and sighed. "Seriously, Mac? Please don't mess with that."

"How did you get DNA?" Mac asked, putting the box back on the table.

Alyssa sighed. "I really can't say."

"But you haven't linked it to a person yet." Mac spoke it as a statement. Not a question.

"Obviously," Alyssa snapped. "We haven't made an arrest yet, have we?"

Mac held up his hands. "Just curious."

"It's not a good time."

An uncomfortable silence fell over the room. At least, Brent thought, Janie no longer looked scared. She stood with her arms crossed, watching Alyssa.

Alyssa sighed and ran her fingers through her hair. "Look, I'm sorry, guys. I'm just under a lot of stress. This case ..." She shook her head, then took an evidence bag and put the letter in it. "I'm going to go on and take this by the lab. Come on, Mac. Since you touched the box, I need to get you printed for elimination purposes."

Mac's lips tightened into a thin line, but he looked back at Janie and he smiled. "See you later. Be safe."

"Thanks. Take care of my girl." Janie smiled and took the few steps over to him to give him a quick hug.

Brent lifted his head when he heard Janie ask, "What type of cologne do you wear, Mac?" Something about her voice sounded off.

"My cologne?" Mac smiled and lifted his shirt for a sniff. "I don't even know. It's new. Alyssa's partner wears it and gave me a sample. Do you like it?"

"It's unique," Janie replied in a tight voice.

Mac snorted. "I'll take that as a 'no.'" Alyssa coughed from her position by the door.

"Got to go. See you guys later," Mac said. "Nice to meet you, Brent ... Bea."

Janie locked the door behind them. "Wow, that was odd. I've never seen her like that."

"Probably just stress," Bea said. "It can do things to a person. That Mac guy was nice enough, though."

"Yeah," Janie said, but she didn't sound convinced. "I guess that's possible, but she's been in stressful situations before and I've never seen her like this. It makes me wonder if it might be Mac. Maybe there's something to the fact that she keeps turning down his proposal."

Brent tilted his head. He'd never heard Janie say anything but positive comments about Alyssa's long-term boyfriend and there was nothing he'd said or done tonight that seemed out of line to Brent. He frowned. Except for that weird argument about the DNA.

"Everything okay?" he asked, coming up behind her and putting his arms around her.

She leaned back into his embrace and he swore he could feel the tension leave her body. "Yes, it's probably nothing."

"Want to talk about it?"

She thought for a second and then replied, "No. No, I don't think I do. What I want to do is pack up dinner and get a bag together and go to your house. What I do not want to do is spend another second here tonight that I don't have to."

He tightened his arms around her, wishing more than anything he could snap his fingers and make this whole thing go away. "Sounds like a great idea. Why don't you go pack, and I'll set out dinner here for us all? Then we can leave."

* * *

"I hope you won't let the events at my house keep you from coming back," Janie said, throwing a smile in Bea's direction. They had finished eating and Brent was cleaning the kitchen. "It's usually quite dull around here."

"Don't worry about it. I can only imagine how stressful this is."

"Yes." She waved to the couch for Bea to sit down. "What do you think about Brent going to Washington?"

Bea leaned back into the couch. "Part of me is shocked. He's such the quintessential Southern gentleman, you know?"

Janie couldn't help laughing. "True."

"But he said he's not going to sell his house." Bea shook her head. "Thank goodness. I'd have to kick his ass if he did that. You have no idea what I went through decorating that place."

Janie smiled. "He told me. It's beautiful, by the way." She wondered where Bea lived and if she had a home filled with antiques.

"It's a hobby of mine. I'm living in a much smaller apartment at the moment and don't have near the amount of furniture Brent does. He inherited most of it from his father."

Janie knew from past conversations with Brent that the two half siblings had different fathers. Brent's had passed away, but Bea's was a prominent minister in the Charleston area. From what she'd heard about him, he was all hellfire and brimstone. Which was odd since Bea seemed the exact opposite.

Brent had been offered a position on a federal committee working with several executives on measures that would lead to reducing preservatives and toxins from food, and Janie knew he was thrilled with the opportunity to make an impact. Plus, he'd be excellent at it. If only it wasn't in DC. But then again, she no longer had a job. She wasn't tied to Charleston.

Actually, if she thought about it, she rented her place and Brent owned his. He had more ties to the South than she did. Of course, she told herself, it helped that due to everyone's schedules, he'd only be Washington for six months at a time.

"I guess you don't worry you'll never see him much?" Janie asked. After all, that was her fear. But she'd never been in a long-distance relationship, so maybe it wasn't outright fear. Perhaps it was fear of the unknown.

"A little, but I'm hoping it wouldn't be for long. I'm planning to run for Congress term after next."

Janie hadn't heard that. "Really? That's great."

"It's horribly ambitious and it's taking up so much of my time, even now."

"I say go for it."

"Thanks." Bea flushed a bit and her mouth opened, like she was going to speak, but then she must have changed her mind because she closed it without saying anything.

"What does your dad think of your running for office?" Janie asked. She could only assume, based on things she'd heard about the man, that he would hate it.

"He's less than thrilled," she said with a grin and an eye roll. "But what else is new?"

"He doesn't want you to run?"

"He didn't want me to go to law school." Bea waved her hand. "He's completely stuck in the 1950s. He thinks I should be married with two kids and another on the way."

"Oh, wow."

"Right? I mean if that's what you want," she said with a shrug, "but I'm not at that point yet."

"I hear you. I'm not ready for kids yet, either."

Footsteps sounded as Brent made his way from the kitchen to the living room. "I made some coffee if anyone would like a cup. Decaf."

He flashed Janie a smile and raised his eyebrow. She nodded. She'd been a little apprehensive about meeting his sister, but she was great. Not that she should have been worried; after all, Bea shared half of Brent's DNA.

He stood in the doorway grinning and though Janie knew he was worried and it probably took a lot of effort to smile, she appreciated his doing so.

"It's rare that I get to have a free night with my two most favorite women," he teased as he came over to the couch where they were sitting.

Bea playfully batted his hand away when he tried to take it. "It could have happened a lot sooner than now if you hadn't been hiding Janie from me."

"I was afraid you'd scare her off."

"No way. If you hadn't scared her off, nothing I would have done could."

Janie wouldn't have believed it five minutes ago, but she actually felt relaxed and lighthearted as they made their way to her kitchen for coffee.

* * *

Later that night Brent and Janie lay in his bed, not really sleepy and just talking. Brent still felt on the edge but Janie seemed so peaceful the last few hours.

"I'm so glad you decided to stay over tonight," he started out by saying. "I feel so much better with you here."

She twisted in his arms and propped up on her elbow beside him. "I might actually sleep tonight, and that wouldn't have happened if I stayed at home."

He sucked in a breath as she started running her fingers on his chest. "I have a proposition for you," he said.

She laughed. "Aren't you supposed to proposition me before I get into bed?"

"It's not that kind proposition," he said with a smile.


"Two things actually." He decided to bring up the one she was most likely to agree with first. "Come with me to DC this weekend." This coming weekend he would have to find a place to live if he wanted to start the position on time.

"Are you looking for apartments ?" she asked.

"Yes, and I really need to put an offer on something this weekend. I would love your input." He wasn't sure what they would do when he started the new position. He wasn't overly thrilled by the thoughts of a long-distance relationship, but he'd do whatever it would take to still have Janie in his life.

He remembered the night they'd met. She'd been working undercover at a local club and he saw her. All he knew right away was that she was beautiful. But it was when she quoted Aristophanes that he felt he had to get to know her. She was refreshing. Strong, self-assured, and smart, she neither seemed impressed by his money nor did she seem to want him for his wealth.

"You would?" she asked.

"Yes. I know I won't get you out of the South permanently, but I do hope you agree to visit me in Washington. A lot."

"Yes, of course I will."

"Well, in that case, I definitely need your opinion on where I'll be living."

She leaned over and kissed him briefly. "Okay, I'll go. When do we leave?"


Excerpted from "Hidden Fate"
by .
Copyright © 2018 Tara Thomas.
Excerpted by permission of St. Martin's Press.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Hidden Fate: A Novella of Romantic Suspense 3.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 19 reviews.
Yearwood More than 1 year ago
Hidden Fate an intriguing and appealing tale of cat and mouse. Hidden Fate book 2 in the Sons of Broad series. A novella of romantic suspense written by Tara Thomas and penned under the St. Martin Paperbacks brand (February 13, 2018). When Janie received a package in the mail it was a surprise that she didn’t want, and she only has fourteen days to determine who sent it. Hidden Fate isn’t a stand-alone read. Though the author tried in a few pages of the first chapter, to catch the readers up to speed. Since I never read Shattered Fears, I couldn’t really get a handle on Bret and Janie relationship. This story was fast paced that before you know it the story was over, and the mystery villain was unveiled. The villain of the piece was obvious from the start. With the biggest mystery of who really wants Janie dead and why was left unsolved. The book ended on a cliffhanger. The good thing is the author doesn’t have you wait long to see what happens next. Twisted End by Tara Thomas coming February 20, 2018.
LynnB888 More than 1 year ago
Picks up directly after the first prequel novella SHATTERED FEAR in Tara Thomas's upcoming Sons of Broad series. While the first novella laid the groundwork for the story, this one didn't feel beneficial to me. It didn't have the air of suspense I was hoping for, and in fact it pretty much gives away the identity of one of the bad guys right from the start. I feel like it was more filler than anything and think it could have been left out of the lead-up.
Robin_B_Reads More than 1 year ago
Such a great suspense novella. I can’t wait to read the next one to see what is going to happen.
Rainn2978 More than 1 year ago
Now that I understand that this is part of a 3 part serial to get the Sons of Broad series started I actually understand it much more. This one is part 2. You most definitely have to read the first part in order to understand what is happening in this book. Otherwise you will be completely lost! That being said, in this second part Janie is still dating Brent and trying to figure out what she wants to do with her life now that she is no longer a police officer. Brent of course wants her to move with him and to begin a life together as he truly loves her. But her enemy from part 1 is not ready to give up and let them be. I truly liked this one! Now that I know there is going to be closure for this couple and I won't be left hanging, I could actually read and enjoy it! I really like Janie and Brent together and I like how he isn't afraid to tell her how he feels or that he is afraid for her. I am biting my nails waiting for the next though with the way this one ended!! It was my OMG moment and I definitely wasn't expecting it!!
CrystalsBookWorld More than 1 year ago
Wow! I love a good suspense read! Hidden Fate hit the spot for me when it comes to mystery and drama. Janie is a great heroine! She is strong and brave. What I loved about her character is that she knows when she can lean on Brent. These two definitely love each other and are ready to start their lives together. But the danger lurking in the shadows has a hold on Janie. But now she is ready to end the terror once and for all. The ending was surprising and had me on the edge. One minute there was pure bliss, and then a second later my heart was racing. I was hoping Brent would save the day, but other plans intervened. What will happen next? Hidden Fate ends with a cliff hanger, but it is the perfect ending. You will be itching to know what happens next! I love how Tara incorporated the romance with the suspense. I love Brent and Janie being together. I just hope they will have their HEA.
Lorizen More than 1 year ago
This book follows Shattered Fear and continues the story of Janie and Brent. As the threats increase toward Janie, it's obvious someone wants her dead. We have a mystery man who is taking orders from a second mystery man. Brent is ever vigilant and protective of Janie and Janie is still trying to piece together pieces of the puzzle. Some things start to click into place ever so slowly and Tara really weaves this one on a long thread. Think you know? Yeah, but you don't. Janie's co worker Alyssa has been helping Janie while still filling her role as a cop as well but somethings off with her also. As the threats get closer and closer, Janie is still trying hard to figure this out. She's so invested in this and obviously now since she's a target but for what reason? She and Brent make a couple of life decisions and they prepare to move forward. As the screws get tightened my the man behind the curtain, it puts more pressure on the our second sick puppy. Quite an interesting combination. And yes, a total cliffhanger at the end of this one. Now we sit on our hands and wait. I think Sons of Broad looks like it will be a good series to read. This is another short read that moved along and kept me turning my pages. **arc from NetGalley and Publisher in exchange for an honest review**
PennieM More than 1 year ago
This is the second of this trilogy prequel and things have really moved along. The killer has Janie in his sites and now we know who the killer is and yes, I had it right. Not sure what made me think it was him in the first book but that feeling is proven. There are some broken threads of the story but overall it works and I'm enjoying this story. Make sure you read Shattered Fear before this one or you will be lost. **Received this ARC for review from the publisher via NetGalley**
Pinky1979 Reviews More than 1 year ago
The second novella in Tara Thomas' "Sons of Broad" series, "Hidden Fate" takes off from where "Shattered Fear" ended. Yes, the stalker who has been terrorising Janie is still after her. His methods are getting more and more gruesome. And with being fired from her job, Janie has no choice but to try to find answers on her own. Brent is still by her side and is determined to protect her and help her to track this psychopath down. Brent is also at a crossroads in his life. With his impending career change and move, will his relationship with Janie survive? As the attacks come one after the other, so does the clues as to who may be behind them. Another short and exciting novella by Tara Thomas. Can't wait to find out how this series will end! Thank you Netgalley and St. Martin's Press for providing this ARC in exchange for an honest review.
nelriv More than 1 year ago
Received an ARC at no cost to author. (netgalley) This is the second installment to this series. The author brings you up to date with what was happening. While these scenarios were a little unbelievable I still had to read because I wanted to know if I guessed correctly. Even though Brent kept thinking that Janie was so smart and brave, I really have no clue how he got to that conclusion, but what the hell it is a book and I kept reading..On the the next one
KaliMcQuillen More than 1 year ago
*3.5* After reading Shattered Fear I knew I needed to read this one. So many questions that the author still has me guessing on. Who is pulling the strings? What does she know that she doesn't realize? Who is carrying out the orders of the Gentleman? When Janie and Brent went to the city they thought they left it all behind for a few days. They find out how mistaken they are. When they come back home everything starts escalating and they're looking at everyone from a different view point. Cannot wait to read the last book in this series. Would have liked to be able to read them as one book though.
Brigittehf More than 1 year ago
The first part ended on a cliffhanger and this one picks up right where it left off. Janie and Brent are happy with each other, but the lurking danger is unsettling and the motive remains a mystery. Somehow, this situation brings them even closer together and Brent becomes more protective and would do anything to protect her. Janie puts on a brave face and with each threat she becomes more unsettled. Then she starts to take it upon herself to try and put the pieces together. The Police Department isn't getting anywhere, and the problem is that the murderer is always a step ahead. Is it someone they know? They attend an event against Brent's better judgement and just when Janie thinks that she might know the culprit, everything blows up. Literally! Here comes another cliffhanger! This second installment is just as fast paced. Danger lurks in every corner. It's also romantic and sexual. The suspense makes for a real page turner and I can't wait to see what the next installment brings. Nail biting stuff! I was kindly issued with an eARC and the views expressed are my personal opinion.
WendyLeGrand More than 1 year ago
The suspense is building! Hidden Fate is the second novella in the Sons of Broad series and picks up right where Shattered Fear left us. Whoever has been snatching and killing the girls has ramped up their efforts in stalking Janie. Much of this book is Brent and Janie wracking their brains trying to figure out who it could be. Now that Janie has been released from the police force, her and Brent are left to their own devices of trying to figure out what clues they may be missing. Her friend Alyssa has been assigned to the case and she and her boyfriend, Mac do what they can to provide info to Janie without getting Alyssa in trouble. Janie feels like she's missing something, but can't quite put her finger on it. Brent has been struggling with a job offer he's been offered in Washington D.C. but now that Janie doesn't work for the force anymore, what is left to keep her in Charleston? Can he talk her into going with him? The feelings he has for Janie are unlike any he's ever experienced with a woman before, and he knows this is the real deal. Does she feel the same way? We get a few little glimpses of the mysterious Gentleman, who is putting the pressure on the stalker to get things handled, otherwise he's going to demand the stalker's own girlfriend for his "collection" Hmmm I can't wait to find out exactly what this collection is. Again the suspense builds to a crescendo at the end, and just when Janie comes to the realization she knows who her stalker is, we end on another little cliffhanger! I like how Tara is building this story up and leading us to the dramatic conclusion. At least, I hope that's where we're heading! I don't know how much more suspense I can take! On to Twisted End to see what happens! NetGalley and St. Martin's Press provided me an advance copy of the book in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.
AmberHughes1 More than 1 year ago
**3.5 stars** Hidden Fate is the second of three prequel novellas in Tara Thomas’s new Sons of Broad series. The story picks up right where the first novella (Shattered Fear) left off. **spoilers ahead if you have not read the first novella in the series** Janie Roberts (a cop) has received flowers and a note threatening her life from the man who has been kidnapping and murdering women from a local “Gentleman’s Club” in Charleston. She’s recently been fired from her job since getting involved with wealthy businessman Brent Taylor, who at one time was a possible suspect in her case. Luckily, she has her friend and former co-worker Alyssa working on the case. Janie and Brent’s relationship is growing stronger and Brent will do anything to keep her safe. He wants her to move in with him, not just because of what’s happening, but because his feelings have grown very strong for Janie. He’s also possibly taking a job in Washington, DC. What does that mean for their relationship? Will they have a long-distance relationship? Would Janie move with him to DC? As things escalate with the threats to her life, Janie and Brent are even more determined to find out who the serial kidnapper/killer is. But as they put together all they know about him and figure out it might be someone they know; will they be able to catch the killer before Janie herself is another victim? NOTE: This novella ends on another cliff-hanger, but I’m looking forward to reading the last novella to see how the story ends. The 3 novellas release a week apart from each other (2/6-Shattered Fear, 2/13-Hidden Fate, Twisted End-2/20) and the first full length book Darkest Night (different characters) releases February 27th! **I received an ARC from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review**
Sandy-thereadingcafe More than 1 year ago
3.5 stars: part 2 of 3: quick read, suspenseful build up 3.5 stars--HIDDEN FATE is the second of three parts in the introductory story line of Tara Thomas’ (aka Tara Sue Me) SONS OF BROAD romantic, suspense series. This is police officer /investigator Janie Roberts, and wealthy playboy philanthropist Brent Taylor’s continuing story line. HIDDEN FATE should not be read as a stand alone as it picks up immediately following the events of part one Shattered Fear. NOTE: If you have not read part one Shattered Fear, there may be some spoilers in my review. Told from several third person points of view including Janie and Brent HIDDEN FAT is part two of a three-part serial that focuses on a potential serial killer, and a number of missing and murdered young women in the Charleston area. Former police officer Janie Roberts has been targeted by a potential serial killer-a killer that seems all to familiar to our story line heroine. From Charleston to Washington DC, Janie and her new beau Brent Taylor will find themselves the victim of a stalker who knows a little too much about their whereabouts, and their daily destinations. What ensues are the on-going threats against Janie Roberts, and the fall out when Janie becomes the captive of a once-friendly face. HIDDEN FATE is another quick read; a suspenseful build up that follows a madman as he is forced to make good on a promise to ‘The Gentleman’ in charge. The premise is intriguing and engaging; the romance continues to develop towards a happily ever after. HIDDEN FATE ends on a cliff hanger-you have been warned. I will add, that in all honesty, I am not a fan of serialized novels, and my rating would have been higher if I did not have to review a little at a time. It is difficult to comment for any serialized story line, when there is little to no difference between each progressive instalment on the author’s writing style, world building etc. A serialized novel is ONE book that has been divided into several instalments with each successive instalment furthering the story-thusly-writing a myriad of reviews for a partial story tends to focus on the events and not on any particular changes to writing skill, structure and sound.
AmyBosica More than 1 year ago
I should start off by saying that I have not read any of the previous books in this series. That being said, I was easily able to jump right into Janie and Brent’s story. Hidden Fate is a fast paced and thrilling novel. It hits the ground running and will have you captivated the entire time. I loved the game of cat and mouse. I enjoyed trying to figure out who was after Janie and who the “gentleman” was. I loved the multiple points of view. I think it really added to the thrill and mystery of the story. The suspense kept me on the edge of my seat and the ending left me begging for more! I can’t wait to get my hands on the next novella and see how their story is going to play out.
Bette313 More than 1 year ago
I read this novella without reading the prior book Shattered Fear - Big Mistake!! This series of novellas should absolutely be read in order. Now after reading the first book I can appreciate this book so much more. The characters are intriguing and the mystery and suspense elements of the story are fantastic. The writing at times wasn't clear to me but overall the point got across. Can't wait to see how this story wraps up in the next novella. I would recommend this one with the caveat that you need to read each of these in order.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Hidden Fate written by Tara Thomas 5 Stars Hidden Fate is part of the Sons of Broad series. I love how it picked up from Shattered Fears cliffhanger. The beginning of Hidden Fate does recap a bit so you aren’t lost, but if you remember the storyline and are anxiously awaiting the rest of the story (like myself) you won’t feel it’s too repetitive. “For the next little while, they allowed their bodies to communicate for them.” This book also kept me at the edge of my seat, guessing along with the characters of who could be the stalker. My heart was pounding yet I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough. This book has it all...chemistry, mystery, fear, suspense, love and another cliffhanger! “Make no mistake about it. There will be funeral flowers needed fourteen days from now. The question is, who will they be needed for?”
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Hidden Fate written by Tara Thomas 5 Stars Hidden Fate is part of the Sons of Broad series. I love how it picked up from Shattered Fears cliffhanger. The beginning of Hidden Fate does recap a bit so you aren’t lost, but if you remember the storyline and are anxiously awaiting the rest of the story (like myself) you won’t feel it’s too repetitive. “For the next little while, they allowed their bodies to communicate for them.” This book also kept me at the edge of my seat, guessing along with the characters of who could be the stalker. My heart was pounding yet I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough. This book has it all...chemistry, mystery, fear, suspense, love and another cliffhanger! “Make no mistake about it. There will be funeral flowers needed fourteen days from now. The question is, who will they be needed for?”
BooksAndSpoons More than 1 year ago
This novella picks off right where the Shattered Fear Ended and continues the story of Janie and Brent. Janie is no longer employed as a police officer. She got fired for interfering with the investigation after being put on an administrative leave because of unprofessional conduct. That has not stopped the killer from targeting her and tormenting her with threating messages. Brent is doing everything he can to help to keep Janie safe. The relationship between Janie and Brent is developing to the next level, the feelings between them are getting deeper, and the commitment they have for each other is something to be taken seriously. I enjoy Brent and Janie's story, their characters are likable without many complications. The suspense is intense, and I am invested to see who the culprits are, even though I do have my suspicions. With the first novella, I was under the impression that it was just a little prologue to whet the appetite towards the upcoming series. Now that this has turned into a serial novel of three parts before the first full-length novel in the series, I am apprehensive. Serial novels are a big turn-off for me, and I easily lose interest with them. I liked this story, all right, but I am ready for it to move on and get to the real action, depth, and intensity of a full-length novel. A likable and intriguing continuation to the story of Janie and Brent that again ended with a cliffhanger. ~ Three Spoons