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Hidden Food Allergies: How to Find and Overcome Them Successfully

Hidden Food Allergies: How to Find and Overcome Them Successfully

by Stephen Astor

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Although not seminal, this is a lucid, straightforward antidote to the reams of nonsense that have been written on the subject of food allergies. Although Astor, a physician, lists the many symptoms that may result from a hidden food allergy, he points out that numerous nonallergy-related conditions can cause the same manifestations. Step one of his treatment for food allergies, therefore, is a symptom inventory and a three-week general-elimination diet to discover whether the withdrawal of certain foods has any effect on the troubling physical symptoms. Only when a food link has been established does Astor advise searching for the specific culprit. The process is long and troublesome, he concedes, and he even goes so far as to say that those who can live with their disorders may opt to leave well enough alone without undertaking the rigors of testing and dietary restriction. Astor performs a great service as well by explaining why blood tests are useless in uncovering the food allergies that typically cause the most day-to-day bother. Helpful appendixes include diet plans, recipes and the addresses of major U.S. food manufacturers, whom Astor recommends contacting for information about specific ingredients of particular food products. (April)

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