Hidden Gates

Hidden Gates

by D. T. Dyllin


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The first volume of the P. J Stone Gates trilogy, this paranormal story follows the eponymous P. J Stone, a seer who must choose a suitable mate to continue the seer bloodline. When she finds herself wanting someone who is considered off-limits, P. J. is forced to question everything she believes. And if navigating her love life isn’t complicated enough, she finally receives a vision—of a threat to her world that only she can perceive. But no one will believe a fledgling seer’s warnings. With nowhere else to turn, she has to decide whether or not to trust a stranger with her life, her world, and maybe even her heart.

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ISBN-13: 9780985023058
Publisher: Dragonfairy Press
Publication date: 02/28/2013
Series: P.J. Stone Gates Trilogy Series
Pages: 299
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 8.40(h) x 0.80(d)

About the Author

D. T. Dyllin is the author of the Death Trilogy and the P. J. Stone Gates Trilogy. She lives in Nashville.

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Hidden Gates 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 10 reviews.
KathywithaK27 More than 1 year ago
Aliens and Dragons and Gatekeepers....OH MY! I feel like I got my fairy tales stuck in my sci-fi and they had a baby that is named Hidden Gates. This story had every awesome element of both genres and really turned it up a notch with some really steamy romance and a whole lot of scheming. P.J. Stone is a seer, a member of a whole slew of races that protect Earth from being invaded by aliens. The problem is she has never actually had a vision....and she loves her best friend. Now the second doesn't seem like a problem, except her best friend Bryn is a guardian and they are not allowed to be together to the point that when her parent's find out about them Bryn is actually physically removed from the situation and sent to school somewhere unknown. She doesn't just have to deal with heart break, however, because she also has to deal with an alien invasion that only she seems to know about. We pick up several characters along the way that definetly make P.J.'s life a whole lot more complicated. When I mean complicated, I'm dead serious. Take all those young adult books that have a love triangle and through it out the window because Hidden Gates has square going on. 3 different men that are all hard headed and swear to vie for her attention make P.J.'s head spin and for good reason! The moment's with Bryn were both romantic and touching but at the same time hot and steamy but at the same time you have Kohl, the sexy dragon lord, that make the pages burn up with lusty segments that both confused P.J. but even had me as a reader debating who's team I was on! Then you have Jeremy, who I felt never really got a chance at showing who he really was and what he could bring to the table. I loved all the characters in the book from these four to Jenna, P.J.'s best friend, and the other minor characters we meet along the way. They made this book shine from just a save the world story to another level. That being said, we did go to some dark places in this book. Places like suicide and coercion that I didn't expect to have to deal with. As much as the rest of the book was a really interesting and fun ride, these scenes were sometimes hard to get through. I understand the idea of self sacrifice in the name of the better good is a common theme in most fantasy stories, but I don't think I have ever had a character do what P.J. did in Hidden Gates. I'll let you find out what happened in the book yourself but I felt the need to say something about some of the more serious things that occurred. I liked the fact that the story wasn't all strawberries and roses, it made a grittier more fascinating story, but it was none the less darker than most at times. We didn't get a whole lot accomplished on the alien front in this book, but I was alright with that because there was so much character development and back story to cover before we can get to some alien ass-kicking. I'm sure we will get there in the next book but for now I was satisfied with how it flowed and where we are going. The romance was sexy enough to balance the whole fantasy world going on around it and there were some really original things going on as well with dragons and powers and what not. What I enjoyed the most about Hidden Gates was the elements of fantasy and sci-fi mixing well with a current time piece and that is not an easy thing to do. Picture the Avengers movie, dropping aliens in the middle of NYC and you get a glimpse of what this book is all about and where it can take you.
RutyRB More than 1 year ago
Hidden Gates is a sexy-full of romance- paranormal story of a fantastic character named PJ. A world where Seers, Guardians, Gatekeepers and Dragons are real is the perfect scenario for one of the most amazing stories. Her main concerns were the same as any other girl, boys and love, but after her birthday things will change. Finally she is coming into her powers but the visions she is having are not good at all. And from night to morning, three sexy and electrifying boys-men are drawn to her. A crazy party that involves a hard and dangerous incident will be the turning point. Secrets will be put out in the open and P.J's life will not be the same. A story that moves with a fast rhythm, page after page a new twist appears. Every conflict brings more tension and more adrenaline to the book. A story that never loses its strength and only keeps getting better and better. The boys—men in the story are Bryn, Khol and Jeremy. Bryn has been P.J best friend forever, the person that knows her best, who was always there for her and her future Guardian. But what happens when the limits are blurring, when being a friend is not enough? Well, things get messy and feelings are tested. Khol is HOT to say the least. He is a man willing to do anything for P.J, with a believable and likeable personality. He brings the maturity and knowledge that the story needs and also helps the tension around the fight for P.J attention. And then we have Jeremy, he and Jenna carry the young and fun element. Hidden Gates is a very intense and sexy story, with some hot and powerful scenes. Passionate and exciting moments that will blow your mind, moments that might seem shocking or extreme but they made the story even better. There are actions that only make sense in this story, if you try to compare them with real life they may seem like strange behavior but in this world are understandable and perfect. I loved the story even before reading Hidden Gates because I was already a fan of P.J and also of D.T. Dyllin work. I read the previous edition and have to say that the little changes and the new cover made the story even better. A book that all paranormal lovers should and must read. It’s true that its sexiness and intensity make it a new adult story that might not be suitable for younger readers. **** I received an ecopy from the author in exchange of an honest review. ***
beanieboo78 More than 1 year ago
Just recently I have been having trouble reading, I started a book a few days ago and I had gotten a few chapters in and still wasn’t really interested so I put it down and tried this one instead. From the very first page this book had my attention. I’ll be honest, the whole seer, guardian, gatekeeper and speaker part were sort of glossed over in the beginning and I started to think they had been included just so the book could claim to be something other than a romance novel. slowly we get more and more information, though never really a full explanation. I instantly loved the connection between Pj and Bryn and from just the first few pages I KNEW Bryn’s feelings for Pj were more than platonic. She quickly realises that her feelings for him are not platonic and soon things heat up. It’s here that then story really begins, with then trying to keep their relationship a secret from everyone since it is forbidden, she is supposed to marry another seer or a gatekeeper so that she will have seer children, when they are discovered Bryn is sent away and Pj is distraught. I won’t say anymore on the plot you are going to have to read it yourself to find out. I loved how easy this was to read, there are a few moments when we are given a lot of information in a short space of time, but this is generally when pj is learning something new and it is not difficult to get through. I received an ARC of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.
kherbrand More than 1 year ago
 I started out really thinking that I was going to love this book and just devour it.  I liked P.J. and the tension between her and her best (boy) friend, Bryn.  They had had a platonic relationship since they were 6 and were just turning 18.  She was destined to be a Seer, but hadn't come into her powers yet, and he was her Guardian - which meant that they would never be able to be together.  Of course when you tell two teenagers no, sometimes they end up doing the exact opposite.  And of course they did. When P.J.'s parents discover that they have been intimate they banish her from seeing Bryn and Bryn is shipped off to another school.  At this point the storyline started to turn and it sort of lost the appeal that it had held for me.  P.J. found herself the center of a scandal at her school, with everyone thinking she was a slut (when she had really only been with Bryn the one time).   Jeremy, a Gatekeeper, had been set up with P.J. by their parents and he was drawn to her powers.  He begins to pursue her despite the fact that she has given herself to a "lowly" Guardian.  He sets out to prove to P.J. that she will get over Bryn.  And finally, P.J. gets her first vision, and then a second, and then a mysterious man named Kohl shows up telling her that her power woke him up and swears that in time, she will be begging him to make her his.   There was a lot of sexual innuendos scattered throughout the book, and while they weren't implicit, I found them to be a little of an overkill.  P.J.'s visions had shown her that 'things' had crossed through one of the gates and were inhabiting humans.  So even though there were thousands of these things possessing humans, everyone was busy trying to get into P.J.'s pants. The ending was a cliffhanger, but set it up nicely for a second book.  
LynelleClark More than 1 year ago
4.5 Stars This was so sweet that I had to add it in my review, maybe it would give away some of the plot but I couldn't resist. "Remember, I'll come 4u-1yr" Bryn O'Bannon The text message our hero Bryn sends to P.J. when their parents split them up tucked on my heart. Their budding love cut short because it was simply not meant to be. But as in all stories and life there is always a BUT. Determined, strong willed and fierce the eighteen year old P.J - student and Seer - would not let go of her love for her best friend since kindergarten.  As a seer she could not marry Bryn who was below her as a Guardian but this is where the story unfolds with  much aggravation on our heroin's part keeping you wondering of that text message would be true. Hoping for a happy ending. With much twists in the story, P.J. that found she was not 100% human found herself connect with two other men as well who wants to claim her as their own. Khol the Lord of the Dragons, who pops into her mind and life at his will and Jeremy a Gatekeeper and co-student. The man her parents wants her to marry. But her will and premonitions put a stop to it all as the aliens who threatens to take over the world, coming through the gates and taking humans bodies hostage, governing the country as they see fit.  She was the only one who saw it happen and no one seems to listen since she was still very young and up until her eighteen birthday had never had a vision before.  Adding her annoying friend Jenna a Speaker who could listen in too any language with her crazed hair-do's and uncontrolling desires for men and speaking animals that made life very difficult for P.J. And you have an interesting plot with interesting characters that keeps your attention. But P.J's unwillingness to listen or obey as the norm with young adults from that age would face great danger and even great and more difficult decision because of her reluctance. But at the end her persistence kept her from getting what she want but also loosing those who were the closest to her becoming the Seer she was destined to be. Overall a great entertaining book with lots of action and romance with a well thought out plot. Leaving you with many questions at the end. A first book in the P.J Stone Gates Trilogy 
Book_Sniffers_Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I just want to start out by saying that this is a new adult/ paranormal romance, not YA. There is quite a bit of sex in this book, swearing and there is even under aged drinking. So just be prepared that even though this is a story containing an 18 year old, it isn't YA fluff. I loved the way the book begins with P.J. and her best friend Bryn at school ribbing on each other. They appear to be normal teens but in all actuality, P.J. is a Seer who has premonitions, and Bryn is a Guardian who protects Seers. They have grown up doing everything together and one day Bryn will be P.J's Guardian. Only, one night at a party P.J. realizes her feelings for Bryn are more than just that of a friend and finds out that Bryn has been in love with her for a long time. They decide to hide their relationship since it is forbidden for guardians and seer's to become involved but all good things must come to an end and they are caught red handed getting hot and heavy in the woods by none other than her father. You would think that the story would just be about forbidden love and the majority of it is. Except Bryn gets shipped away and P.J. starts having some crazy premonitions that no one seems to believe are real. Not to mention that a guy named Khol comes into the picture and drops a pretty big drama bomb on P.J. (Sorry, no spoilers) So not only does P.J. have to come to terms with her new found identity and not having Bryn but she also has to figure out how to stop these alien things from over taking the world. I loved the term "Aram Cara", which means soul mate. I must admit that I hate the term "soul-mate" and it seems that authors are way too quick to throw that in their stories. I was happy that the author came up with a term that fit PJ's world perfectly while still conveying that once bonded, there was no going back. A lot goes on in this book and with being the first in a trilogy, stuff goes unanswered. So it pretty much sets you up for the next two books and I personally cannot wait to read more. D.T. has a great way of creating a story that keeps the readers interested without losing focus. I personally loved the romance aspect since I am a big romance junkie myself. But I loved the craziness when it comes to not only the aliens but what P.J actually is, and I don't mean just a Seer. I cannot wait for book number 2 to come out.
lucieparis2011 More than 1 year ago
From the first pages, my attention was grabbed by this forbidden love, amid alien threat, with characters filled with magical powers. Everything starts kindly with Bryn and P.J Childhood friends, tehy discover their feelings for each other slowly. A romance between a high school Seer and her Guardian without real demonstration of magical powers at first. Then the things got a little more complicated...  P.J's got some nasty visions than nobody takes seriously. Worst, if other teens can smooch and have adventures, Bryn's and P.J's feelings of love are prohibited. So, our Romeo and Juliet are separated  and the cutesy side of the story takes off. When Bryn is out of the landscape, P.J becomes a magnet for hunks. Worse, she fails constantly to repel some foreign tongues that ¿¿get stuck into her throat. It is rather fun and entertaining even if it gives the heroine with a colorfull reputation!  But she continues to insist that her heart belongs to her first love. (Of course!) If her romantic and hormonal issues take up too much space, they reach an unreasonable limit with a "granted" kind of rape. To be honest, the part in the red dragon's lair is rather strange. I was perplexed: what need has the author to write a rape and attempted suicide to show the depth her heroin's love?  I try to overlook this HUGE details and surprisingly I succeed to continue my reading. (Be careful, you have to read it before saying Yuk! Because nothing is black or white.) Perhaps the explanation: "He is not human" managed to convince me or perhaps the fact that he would be doomed and unable to fall in love for eternity has moved the romantic in me.  Regardless of this strange twist, the characters are annoying but endearing. But do not run away or take to your heels. The story is really compelling and interesting. Because beyond the hormones crazyness, there's the whole part where PJ has visions and the gradual discovery of her strange heritage and her powers. In addition, as in the X-Men, Aliens have infiltrated and conspire to eradicate humans. All players will need to join forces to save the earth in the next volume. I can not wait to see how this small group will remain close while jealousy eats them all inside. An entertaining story full of adventures. Lucie newbooksonmyselves.blogspot.fr
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I really enjoyed this book. I usually read adult romances but I've been getting into New Adult books like this one more and more lately. It kind of bridges the gap between YA and adult. This story was like nothing I've read before and I can't wait to find out what happen with Bryn and Peej in the next installment of the trilogy. 
Teresa Michaels More than 1 year ago
This book is a great paranormal romance read! It's nice to get a romance with just the right balance between the paranormal world and the sexual content. 
gaele More than 1 year ago
There are good points and bad points in this story, and sadly I was slightly disappointed with the path the author chose in the story progression.  Yes, the paranormal elements were well done, and integrated well into the story.  The different caste levels of magical beings and the specific roles assigned to each group was unique. And furthering that element to better define and explain their integration into the normal society around them, while managing to protect would have made for a story that was fast paced and quite unique, making this a series that I would care to read more of.  Sadly, as the story’s heroine is just 18, and a younger sounding and appearing 18 at that, the near obsessive fascination and focus on sex, in a very immature “we did it” sort of way often managed to steer the plot into a fairly stagnant direction.  Though repeated sexual interludes were alluded to or described with fairly immature phrasing, the whole fascination without explanation rather lost me.  Closer to the last 5 chapters of the book, the story does start to pick up in both pace and interest, as we are starting to discover the meaning behind PJ’s visions, and seeing some of the ways in which the intruders from the other side are going to attempt a takeover with only PJ and her band to halt their progress.  This is most probably a story that will appeal to new adult readers, although the main characters are 18, the inclusion of the sex scenes pushes this story beyond a YA read.  Honestly, the sex could have been removed, or given lesser import in the overall story, and that would have improved the read and the audience greatly.  I’m saddened that I didn’t like the story more – the author has a beautiful writing style, smoothly conversational with inclusions of conversation and humor that feel real and showcase the potential for what this book could have been.   I received an eBook copy from the author for purpose of honest review for the Jeep Diva. I was not compensated for this review, all conclusions are my own responsibility.