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Hidden History of Lincoln Park

Hidden History of Lincoln Park


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Before Lincoln Park cemented its trendy reputation, plenty of odd and unruly history managed to settle into its foundation. A Viking ship, mob henchmen and ladies of the evening all took up residence in the same part of town where Dwight L. Moody went from selling soles to saving souls. Thanks to a Confederate ferryboat crewman, many of Lincoln's personal effects belong to the neighborhood named after him. Patrick Butler uncovers Lincoln Park's forgotten contributions to Chicago's heritage, from the "Pleasure Wheel" on Navy Pier to the city's cycling craze.

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ISBN-13: 9781626198449
Publisher: History Press, The
Publication date: 08/03/2015
Series: Hidden History
Pages: 128
Sales rank: 1,179,085
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 8.80(h) x 0.50(d)

About the Author

Author of two other books with The History Press, Patrick Butler is a lifelong Chicagoan who has covered the North Side for over four decades, most of them as a reporter for the Lerner newspapers. He currently writes for Inside Publications Booster, News-Star and Skyline, which cover Lincoln Park and the Near North Side.

Alderman, 43rd Ward

Table of Contents

Acknowledgements 11

Foreword Alderman Michelle Smith 13

Lincoln Park Has Been Home to Saints, Sinners, Geniuses, Agitators-and Everything in Between 15

How Local Altar Boy Johnny Weissmuller Scaled Olympian Heights to Become Lord of the Jungle 21

When Al Capone Was "Scared Enough to Send the Very Best" (with Apologies to Hallmark Cards) 25

The Old Neighborhood Always Had Stuff That Goes Bump in the Night-Maybe It Still Does! 29

After Lots of Skullduggery, Comedian Del Close Got the Last Laugh on the World After All 35

Joe E. Lewis Wasn't Playing for Laughs the Night He Stood Up to the Mob-and Lived to Talk About It 37

Brewster Apartment Building Proved Ill-Starred from the Start for Almost Everyone Involved 41

Before Tony Lincoln Park Got That Way, Indians, Escaped Slaves, Even Kashubians Found a Home 45

But Not Everyone Was Pleased When Lincoln Park Started Getting Too "Trencher Than Thou" 51

Elegant Crilly Court Was Home to Budding Society Ladies-and More Than a Few Ladies of the Evening 57

Nearly Forgotten Machinery Mover, Bookseller, Made This Local Land of Oz Gome to Life 61

Old Town-Now a State of Mind-Survived the Fire, 1960s Hippies, Changing Demographics 63

Glass Clashes Began as Soon as the First Immigrant Groups Started Settling into the "Norte Seid" 65

German "Forty-Eighters" Battled for Freedom in the Fatherland-and Beer Here on Sunday 67

Neighbors Dropped "Neutrality in Thought and Deed" Well before President Wilson Was Ready for It 71

Radicals of All Sorts Usually Found Ready Audience as Europe's Troubles Found Their Way over Here 75

Back in 1968, Everyone Got Pulled into a Faraway War That Came Home to Chicago's Front Yard 79

Neighborhood Got Name from City's Biggest Park Where Everyone, Including T.R., Came for a Walk 83

Skittish Horse Got Rough Justice after Throwing Mob Boss "Nails" Morton along Riding Path 85

Chicago's Cycling Craze Started at Least a Century before Today's Bike-Friendly City Hall 89

But Most Just Wanted to Go Ape over Bushman, Follow as Judy the Elephant Walked to Her Cage 93

New Uses Continue to Be Found for Old "Fresh Air Sanitarium," USO Site along Lakefront 97

After More Than a Century; Bodies Still Keep Turning Up in LP's Supposedly Empty Graveyard 101

Old Viking Ship Gone, but Not Forgotten, as Fans Continue Their Long Search for Its New Home 105

But a Copy of the World's First "Pleasure Wheel" Is Still Making Its Rounds Nearby at Navy Pier 109

Long before the Yuppies, Clark and Diversey Area Was Home to Union Recruits, Confederate POWs 113

How Dwight L. Moody Went from Selling Soles to Saving Souls-Some Say He's Still Doing It 115

Chicago Can Thank a One-time Confederate Ferryboat Crewman for Lincoln Treasures 119

Standing Lincoln Statue Had a Startling Start but Still Ranked among America's Best Statues 123

Was It Environnientalism or "Elitism" That Left Lincoln Park Gun Club Dead in the Water? 127

Founder of Pioneer Chicago Museum Wasn't Anyone's Typical Desk-bound Paper Shuffler 131

Goddess Worship, Witchcraft, "Flirty Fishing," Vegetarian Feasts: Pick Your Path to Nirvana 135

Elks Founder's Fight for Reinstatement. Recognition Took Decades after His Death 139

U.S.-Born Irish President, Controversial Romanian Queen Had Very Different Visits on Webster Avenue 143

1969 Murders of Activist Pastor and His Wife Remain Unsolved after All These Years 145

"Outsider" Artist Henry Darger's Talent Known to Only a Few During His Lifetime 149

For Many Hoops Fans, Ray Meyer Wasn't Just Another Basketball Coach-He Was the Coach 151

Widowed Chilean First Lady Blamed CIA Coup for Death of Her Husband, "Reign of Terror" 155

Children's Hospital Wraps Up 131 Years Here to Begin Whole New Chapter of Public Service 159

Even "Uncle Win" Never Expected to See the Old Town School Someday Get This Big 161

Cops Still Haven't Been Able to Disarm Chicago Aldermen Despite All the Talk about Gun Control 165

At Least Two Near North Political Careers Began with a Bang, Ended Because of "Woman Factor" 169

IWW Had Scant Success Promoting "One Big Union" but Claims Several Lasting Victories 173

How an "Old Red" Found New Sense of Purpose Promoting "New Patriotism" at Liberty Hall 179

Remember the Webster. Wright wood, Buena El Stops? There Was a Lot More Service Then 183

1934 Deering Plant Blaze Almost Picked Up Where the Great Chicago Fire Left Off 185

1901 Car Barn Fire Left Hundreds Out in the Cold 187

Bibliography 189

About the Author 191

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