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Hidden Passages: Tales to Honor the Crones

Hidden Passages: Tales to Honor the Crones

by Vila SpiderHawk
Pulsing to the rhythm of motherly devotion, these tales will break your heart, make you laugh out loud, and keep you on the edge of your chair from beginning to end.


Pulsing to the rhythm of motherly devotion, these tales will break your heart, make you laugh out loud, and keep you on the edge of your chair from beginning to end.

Editorial Reviews

If...Journal - Lillith Lewis
In Vila SpiderHawk’s /Hidden Passages/, rich imagery awaits the reader in each delightful chapter. Her wonderfully human characters experience the transformations of life with honest emotions. As an example, any adult will recognize the loving trepidation and poignant devotion of a daughter when she suddenly realizes that she sees signs of old age in her mother. Wonderful relationships grace each story. Many types of love and many facets of life flow through these pages. The powerful, lov
Vanilla Heart Publishing - Smoky Trudeau
It isn't news that older women are often portrayed in a negative light in our youth-centered culture. Some of us-those of us who have marked 50 or more birthdays-have even played a role in that, believing in our youth that we should "Never trust anyone over thirty."
But there is a far older adage we live by these days: "With age comes wisdom." In Hidden Passages, a collection of eight short stories, author Vila SpiderHawk celebrates women who have reached their crone years and are living the
Smoking Poet Magazine - Zinta Aistars
Perhaps it is my own "crone years" creeping up on me, but there seems to be a healthy change in how we look at women in and beyond their midlife years. In a youth-obsessed society, at least in the United States, so much of the current dictates point towards a Quixotic pursuit of the impossible, that is, finding the fountain of youth through plastic and cosmetic surgery, an endless array of surely useless creams and lotions, Botox shots and facial peels, diets that lead to eating disorders, and a
My Space - Rosemary Nissen-Wade
I had overdue library books to finish so I was delaying starting your book - but then yesterday I couldn't resist having just a little peek at the first story. And that was it! I couldn't put it down! It's beautiful! It's as perfectly crafted as poetry and it's utterly accessible to the reader, and it lifts my spirit and fills my heart, and I want to devour it fast yet I hope I never get to the end... Thank you!

— Rosemary Nissen-Wade, author of Secret Leopard
Facebook - Michael Gleason
The subtitle of this book, "Tales to Honor the Crones", gave me a false impression. A collection of stories about crones should be about the end of life, but these stories are full of life. They are vivid, arresting, and entertaining.

Oh, there is death and loss, but there are also children scrambling up trees. There is somber reflection but there is also joyful discovery and anticipation. There is the certainty of lives running their allotted course as well as the wonder of new life bu

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Meet the Author

Vila SpiderHawk and her husband share a log home of their design in the woods of Pennsylvania where they live with their four cats and enjoy frequent visits with their many woodland friends. SpiderHawk is an avid gardener and a passionate cook as well as a dedicated author.

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