Hidden Stories of the First World War

Hidden Stories of the First World War

by Jackie Storer




Who would have thought the box under the bed or the faded photos buried deep in the attic could produce so many thrilling tales of wartime tragedy, romance, fear, revenge, and hope? From the gifted chemist who faked his own suicide to go on the run with his bigamous bride, to the boy who survived the sinking of Kitchener's ship only to drown months later, or the woman who helped a priest swim to freedom—these true-life stories tell the extraordinary experiences of ordinary people who were caught up in World War I. Copiously illustrated with photos, memorabilia, and maps, this collection of 32 new stories brought together from across Europe gives a touching personal dimension to the four-year conflict.

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ISBN-13: 9780712357388
Publisher: British Library Publishing
Publication date: 09/15/2014
Pages: 176
Product dimensions: 6.80(w) x 9.80(h) x 0.90(d)

About the Author

Jackie Storer is a freelance journalist and former BBC reporter who was the Europeana 1914–1918 PR coordinator.

Table of Contents

Author’s Note and Acknowledgements

‘Damn the war’: A Pacifist on the Front Line

‘An Alsatian from France’: Fighting for the Enemy

‘The eggs were laid’: The Sinking of HMS Audacious

‘Our friends the enemy’: The Christmas Truce

‘Injustice and fate’: A Tale of Casual Revenge?

‘It was me who killed him’: Haunted by an Act of War

‘Just a piece of shrapnel’: The Man from the Pru’s Big Adventure

‘Soul mates’: Captive Hearts in the Trentino

‘Two scrapes with death’: A Family’s Fortunes in War and Peace

‘Thoughts of a homeward journey’: A Canadian’s War

‘Our ship’s gone down’: The Strange Demise of Lord Kitchener

‘It saved my life’: A Close Encounter on the Somme

‘No More War’: Brothers in Arms

‘At a great risk of life’: An Unlikely Friendship

‘A couple of francs per bottle’: Adventures of an Under-Age Recruit

‘The fire had burned so fiercely’: Rise and Fall of a Prodigy

‘I knew it was my turn’: Wounded on the Somme

‘Are you a good swimmer?’: A Perilous Escape

‘I am in Munich’: A Message from Hitler

‘Big scrap with Huns’: Exploits of a Flying Ace

‘If you fell off a duckboard you were done for’: A Baptism of Mud

‘A very gallant officer’: An Orcadian at Passchendaele

‘They were inseparable’: Revolution, Marriage and a Tale of Two Wars

‘It was a miracle’: You Only Live Twice

‘What better epitaph?’: Acts of Kindness and Salvation

‘The pair fell in love’: A Transatlantic Tryst

‘It was absolutely concentrated hell’: A Prisoner’s Diary

‘Off to France’: A Family Fragmented

‘We were really hungry, ravenous’: Never Saying Die – In Love or War

‘Adventurous people’: From Cairo to the Western Front

‘To dad’s little Ghislaine’: The French Lieutenant’s Daughter

‘A lucky boy’: Saved by a French Surgeon


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