High IQ Kids: Collected Insights, Information, and Personal Stories from the Experts

High IQ Kids: Collected Insights, Information, and Personal Stories from the Experts


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Profoundly gifted kids often get the least help in school. It’s assumed they’re smart enough to succeed on their own, plus teachers (and parents) feel out of their depth with these unique kids. A blend of personal stories and practical strategies, scholarly articles and entertaining essays from a community of voices—parents, educators, authors, researchers, and other experts—this book addresses the joys and challenges of raising and teaching, living with and understanding exceptionally gifted kids of all ages. Recommended for any adult who wants to know more (and may be desperate to know more) about high-IQ kids and how to support them, advocate for them, and meet their social, emotional, and learning needs. Contributors include Karen Rogers, Ph.D., Carolyn Kottmeyer, Sally Reis, Ph.D., Joyce VanTassel-Baska, Ed.D., Miraca U. M. Gross, Ph.D., and many more. 

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ISBN-13: 9781575422619
Publisher: Free Spirit Publishing, Inc.
Publication date: 09/10/2007
Pages: 384
Product dimensions: 7.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 1.00(d)

About the Author

Kiesa Kay is the mother of two high-IQ kids. She has published articles and essays about profoundly gifted students and other topics and edited the anthology Uniquely Gifted. She served as the program coordinator of Universal High School, a public school program in Colorado designed for highly capable autonomous learners. Kiesa is also a poet and playwright, and she recently founded Oleander Cottage, a writers’ retreat in the south of France.

Deborah Robson is a writer, editor, visual and textile artist, and book designer, as well as the owner of Nomad Press, a small publishing company specializing in traditional and ethnic knitting books. She was cofounder with Judy Fort Brenneman of Greenfire Creative.

Judy Fort Brenneman is a long-time volunteer advocate for “kids who look normal but aren’t” and has served as an organizer, board member, and program director for support groups and conferences addressing the needs of these children. She is the owner of Greenfire Creative, a small business that helps individuals, agencies, and institutions tell their stories. Judy is a speaker and has developed and presented workshops on writing, creativity, and the power of story in forming identity and showing us who we can become.

Table of Contents

Foreword     vi
Preface     viii
Introduction     1
What's in a Number?
Defining the Few: What Educators and Parents Need to Know About Exceptionally and Profoundly Gifted Children   Annette Revel Sheely   Linda Kreger Silverman     6
Normal Kids Don't Quack   Cathy Marciniak     15
Young Gifted Children as Natural Philosophers   Deirdre V. Lovecky     20
Calculus, Pooh, and Tigger Too   Courtney James     40
Intellectual Assessment of Exceptionally and Profoundly Gifted Children   John D. Wasserman     48
Recommendations for Identifying and Serving Black Youth in Gifted Programs   Tarek C. Grantham   Linda A. Long     66
Twice Exceptionality: Life in the Asynchronous Lane   Lee Singer     71
An Anomaly: Parenting a Twice-Exceptional Girl   Kiesa Kay     75
Take a Number
"So You're the Teacher of a Profoundly Gifted Child" (And Then There Was Bill)   Laura Freese     82
What Makes the Highly Gifted Child Qualitatively Different? Implications for Schooling   Karen B. Rogers     90
Too Smart for School? A Lesson About Teaching and Learning   Marilyn Walker     101
Becoming an Educational Advocate: Dolphin'sStory   Carolyn Kottmeyer     115
The Underachievement of Gifted Students: Multiple Frustrations and Few Solutions   Sally M. Reis     124
Surviving in Spite of It All   Shaun Hately     143
Curriculum Issues for the Profoundly Gifted   Joyce VanTassel-Baska     150
Of Importance, Meaning, and Success: Application for Highly and Profoundly Gifted Students   Christine S. Neville     161
Homeschooling with Profoundly Gifted Children   Kathryn Finn     179
Unfettered Innovation: The Promise of Charter Schools   Amanda P. Avallone     186
An Early Entrance Program: A Well-Rounded College Experience for Young Students   Trindel Maine   Richard S. Maddox     197
A Longitudinal Study of Radical Acceleration with Exceptionally and Profoundly Gifted Children   Miraca U. M. Gross     212
More Than a Number
Red Zone   Deborah Robson     246
The Problem of Pain   Stephanie S. Tolan     260
When the Pop Bottle Overflows   Judy Fort Brenneman     273
Giftedness Is Heart and Soul   Annemarie Roeper     280
A Mixed Blessing   Ilona von Karolyi-Ross     291
Out of the Ordinary   Elizabeth Lovance     295
Birds and Bees: Sex and the High-IQ Adolescent   Annette Revel Sheely     300
Abnormally Brilliant, Brilliantly Normal   Elizabeth Meckstroth     311
Rainbow Spirits   Annamarie Summers     344
Resources and More Information
Strength in Numbers: An Introduction to the Resources   Judy Fort Brenneman     352
Index     361
About the Editors     371

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