High-Performance Computing and Networking: International Conference and Exhibition, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, April 21-23, 1998 Proceedings

High-Performance Computing and Networking: International Conference and Exhibition, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, April 21-23, 1998 Proceedings


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ISBN-13: 9783540644439
Publisher: Springer Berlin Heidelberg
Publication date: 04/15/1998
Series: Lecture Notes in Computer Science Series , #1401
Pages: 1044
Product dimensions: 6.10(w) x 9.25(h) x (d)

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Technology transfer within the ProHPC TTN at ENS Lyon.- Competence management in engineering environments with HPCN.- A NICE HPCN centre for flow simulation.- Industrial applications of high performance computing the experiences from HWW.- High performance neurocomputing: Industrial and medical applications of the RAIN system.- An Intranet solution for geographically dispersed educational centres: PINCEL-NET.- EUROMED — A 21st century WWW-based telemedical information society.- CAMD and TeleEEG: Software tools for telemedicine applications.- Distributed audio-visual content development.- High PErformance Roadvehicle optimized aerodynamic design: Application of parallel computing to car design.- Parallel simulation of turbulent fluid flow in a mixing tank.- Simulation of patch array antennas through the implementation of Finite-Difference Time-Domain (FD-TD) algorithm on distributed memory massively parallel systems.- Atmospheric data assimilation on distributed-memory parallel supercomputers.- A barotropic global ocean model and its parallel implementation on unstructured grids.- Distributed engineering systems in coastal zone management.- HPCN and air quality modeling.- Parallel implementation of a meteorological model on a SIMD architecture.- A parallel simulator of the immune response.- Parallel latice-Boltzmann simulation of fluid flow in centrifugal elutriation chambers.- Running a code for lattice quantum chromodynamics efficiently on CRAY T3E systems.- Implementation of a bi-parallel Monte Carlo device simulation on two architectures.- Parallel plasma simulation in high performance Fortran.- Parallel implementation of a Lattice Boltzmann algorithm for the electrostatic plasma turbulence.- Evaluations of HPF for practical scientific algorithms on T3E.- Data parallel simulations of the magnetohydrodynamics of plasma loops.- Parallelization of a block tridiagonal solver in HPF on an IBM SP2.- Parallel HPF-MPI implementation of the TBSCM Poisson solver.- Efficient distributed execution of computationally intensive tasks.- On the effectiveness of different diffusive load balancing policies in dynamic applications.- Load balancing and locality in hierarchical N-body algorithms on distributed memory architectures.- A dynamic task distribution and engine allocation strategy for distributed execution of logic programs.- Scheduling strategy to improve response time for web applications.- A new A
• based optimal task scheduling in heterogeneous multiprocessor systems applied to computer vision.- Mechanisms for global processor and memory management on a NoW.- Lessons learned when comparing shared memory and message passing codes on three modern parallel architectures.- Asynchronous parallel discontinuous finite element method.- Comparison between substructure method and domain decomposition method.- Comparison of different computer platforms for running the versatile advection code.- Parallelization of NAS benchmarks for shared memory multiprocessors.- The Photon4D distributed engine: A distribution layer for high quality rendering in shared virtual immersion.- Real-time visualization of large data sets on NLR's NEC SX-4.- Visual clustering of multidimensional and large data sets using parallel environments.- Application of HPC to medium-size stochastic systems with non-linear constraints in finance.- Parallel extrapolation methods and their application in chemical engineering.- Kriging interpolation on high-performance computers.- Transpose algorithm for FFT on APE/Quadrics.- A parallel technique for partitioning nodes of weighted graphs.- A scalable parallel algorithm for matching pursuit signal decomposition.- A high performance distributed database system for enhanced internet services.- Efficiency of standard software architectures for Java-based access to remote databases.- Mining multi-dimensional data for decision support.- A high performance object-oriented distributed parallel database architecture.- Toward an ideal data placement scheme for high performance object-oriented database systems.- A client/server approach for HPC applications within a networking environment.- High-performance computer management based on Java.- Ursa Major: Exploring Web technology for design and evaluation of high-performance systems.- A software architecture for deploying high performance solution on the Internet.- Paraflow: A dataflow distributed data-computing system.- SISCI-Pthreads SMP-like programming on an SCI-cluster.- A common messaging layer for MPI and PVM over SCI.- Distributed shared-memory for a workstation cluster with a high speed serial interface.- DISCWorld: A distributed high performance computing environment.- Utilizing the metaserver architecture in the Ninf global computing system.- Supercomputing at the desktop: An improved interface using Internet facilities.- A framework for parallel programming in Java.- Effects of network bandwidth on performance in software DSM systems.- A parallel continuous media server for Internet environments.- On the construction of low cost multicast trees with bandwith reservation.- COMPASSION: A parallel I/O runtime system including chunking and compression for irregular applications.- Dynamic Gateways: A novel approach to improve networking performance and availability on parallel servers.- I/O performance in hybrid MIMD+SIMD machines.- Lazy and differential replication in a recoverable distributed shared memory system.- A framework to support parallel and distributed debugging.- Application execution steering using on-the-fly performance prediction.- The GRED graphical editor for the GRADE parallel program development environment.- A multimedia system for the investigation of mapping algorithms.- Interprocedural array alignment analysis.- Data prefetching for non-linear memory references.- Memory efficiency of parallel programs and memory bounded speedup.- Communication performance optimisation requires minimising variance.- Virtual parallelism allows relaxing the synchronization constraints of SIMD computing paradigm.- HPF+ High Performance Fortran for advanced industrial applications.- Integration of a compilation system and a performance tool: The HPF+ approach.- Parallelizing irregular applications with the Vienna HPF- Compiler VFC.- Multiple data parallelism with HPF and KeLP.- Modelling genetic search agents with a concurrent object-oriented language.- Coordination facilities to enhance concurrency of race free parallel algorithms.- Dynamic load balancing within a parallel iterative linear system solver.- Size segregation of granular materials in a 3D rotating drum.- LES and DNS on parallel and vector platforms.- High-level versus low-level DO-loop parallelization: Results for one testcase of a multi-block solver on a shared memory parallel vector computer.- Numerical simulation of strain solitons in elastic wave guides using vector and massive parallel supercomputers.- Molecular dynamics using P-threads.- Finite element message-passing/DSM simulation algorithm for parallel computers.- Large-scale molecular dynamics experiments on cray T3E system.- Porting the flame front propagation problem on GAMMA.- Parallel finite element structural analysis code using DDM.- Building a software platform for distributed VR applications.- Distributed and parallel direct simulation Monte Carlo of rarefied gas flows.- Solving diophantine equations on a network of workstations.- Interferometric SAR Phase Unwrapping by parallel tempering on a APE100/Quadrics supercomputer.- Numerical simulation by means of supercomputers.- Highly stable localized ILU preconditioning for unstructured grids.- Efficient implementation of a Lanczos Eigenvalue solver on a Cray T3E-900.- A parallel fast direct solver with applications.- ScaFiEP: The scalable finite element package.- Software for partitioning finite element meshes.- First principle calculations of quantum chaos and its self-organisation in the framework of ID model of random quantum reactive harmonic oscillator.- Parallel genetic evolution of membership functions and rules for a fuzzy controller.- Transposon element technique applied to GA-based John Muir's trail test.- Remote control of virtual environments via low-bandwidth connections.- Performance evaluation and modeling of MPI communications on the meiko CS-2.- Divide and partial broadcast method for parallel collection join queries.- Visual edition of HPF mappings with HPF-builder.- Adaptive bandwidth scheduling in B-ISDN.- The DOTPAR project: Towards a framework supporting domain oriented tools for parallel and distributed processing.- Coordination facilities to enhance concurrency of race free parallel algorithms.- Parallel simulation of a bluff-body-stabilized non-premixed syngas flame.- Extending data prefetching to co-operative caching.- Lattice gas automata simulation on HP/convex exemplar SPP1600.- The improved RAID 5 with the disk cache using the load-balanced destage algorithm.- The multilevel interactive objects approach to model and mesh large planar antennas and arrays: A full-JAVA Tool.- High performance sets.- Evaluation of two compiler-based approaches for the parallelisation of an MPEG-2 decoder.- WebSolver: User friendly metacomputing.- NetLink: Software libraries at your fingertip.- Data modeling based scheduling in a parallel video server.- GAPS: A compiler framework for genetic algorithm (GA) optimised parallelisation.- A high performance modular file system.- Dynamically trace scheduled VLIW architectures.- Semantic parallelism for documentary database systems.- Development of core deformation analysis program by using parallel algorithm.- Application of HPCN infrastructure in ship hydrodynamics analysis.- SPINEware: A practical and holistic approach to metacomputing.- A real-time web-site for diagnostic imaging.- Secure telemedicine applications.- High performance SAR processing on an heterogeneous distributed environment.- The 3DHeartView project.- Optimisation of electromagnetic design using HPCN.- The EUROMED project.- An interface device to support a distributed parallel system for the StrongARM microprocessor.

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