High Strung

High Strung

by T Gephart

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BN ID: 2940045946599
Publisher: T Gephart
Publication date: 10/10/2014
Series: Power Station , #1
Sold by: Smashwords
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 150,943
File size: 2 MB
Age Range: 18 Years

About the Author

T Gephart is a USA Today and International bestselling author from Melbourne, Australia. With an approach to life that is somewhat unconventional, she prefers to fly by the seat of her pants rather than adhere to some rigid roadmap. Her lack of "plan" has resulted in a rather interesting and eclectic resume, which reads more like the fiction she writes than an actual employment history. She'd tell you all about it, but the statute of limitations hasn't expired yet. But all those crazy twists and turns have led her to a career she loves—writing romantic comedy. When she isn't filling pages with sassy and sexy characters with attitude, she's living her own reality show in the 'burbs of Melbourne with her American husband, two teenage children, and her fur child—Woodley. She loves adventure, to laugh, travel, and strives to live her life to the fullest.

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High Strung 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 13 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I lived this story, it was great had lots of great scenes.. It was funny, sad, romantic just great over all can't wait to read the next book in this series..
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Loved this story so much!!!!! Wonderful!!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
OMG...love dan and ashlyn, cant get enough
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
dons70 More than 1 year ago
HIGH STRUNG (POWER STATION #1) – T GEPHART  High Strung I found to be a funny touching romance. Poor Dan Evans bad boy rocker from the band Power Station falls for goodie goodie Ashlyn, the only one to every say no to him. Ashlyn and Dan run into one another a couple of times and Dan shows he has a sensitive and that he can be caring. They start to spend time together and against their better judgment they fall in love.  Things do not run smooth for our lovers as chuckle worthy as the interaction between the two is at one point in the story I did start to tear up. Hats off to T. Gephart I look forward to reading the rest of this series.  I would be more than happy to recommend this to any reader over 18. A lovely romance series.  After receiving this Arc for an honest review I can honestly say I was not disappointed
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Good story; made me LOL in some spots. Only downside was the ending was a little aburpt and there was no epiloge to tie it up.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I loved Dan when reading Lexi and Alex's story and was so excited for this book. He can be crude but its part of what is loveabke about him, he is no holds barred. Ashlynn was great and I am so happy with how their story played out. Can't wait for more!
Rebecca1RS More than 1 year ago
Well F**k.  Yep. That’s it.  Nothing else to say. ... ... ... ... EXCEPT HOW the hell did I not read T Gephart before????? I’m lying of course because, as usual, I have something to say! But I am scratching my head this morning wondering how on earth I missed her. I started this yesterday but stayed up until the early hours of this morning to finish it. One hit, I could not put it down. I’ve been a little bored and jaded lately when reading rockers, bikers and billionaires because the whole bloody market is so over saturated, quantity of choice but not always so much quality so to come across not only a book that was such addictive reading when I had no expectations at all was a surprise, for it to be a rocker book just shows its calibre, this is going to be a favourite without doubt. The book and the author. So what’s it all about? Ashlyn Murphy was not living the dream. Twenty-seven years old, college educated, up to her eyeballs in debt and yet she’d been relegated to pouring beers at a local bar. She desperately needed an out and was willing to do anything to get back into the corporate world. Well, almost anything. Dan Evans, Rock Star was NOT one of those things. In fact she despised him. Apparently he didn’t get the memo.  Dan Evans, bass player of international rock band Power Station had it all. He was rich, travelled the world, played to millions of adoring fans and had no shortage of beautiful women willing to share his bed. He didn’t need a moody redheaded knockout with a superiority complex complicating his life. Or did he? When two people who couldn’t be more opposite cross paths, it’s bound to be explosive; sometimes all you can do is sit back and enjoy the show. And what a show it is. Ashlyn is just bloody fabulous. Sassy smartass who takes no sh*t off Dan from their very first meeting. She’s the type of female lead I love reading but don’t always find. A clever girl with a life plan mapped out that includes a career on Wall Street but not a rude crude rock god with a huge ego (amongst other things!). Ash is a redhead with the temperament to match and I adored her.  Dan, well where the f**k do you start with Dan? Actually probably with just that, a f**k, he’s a total unapologetic manwh*re who loves life, women and music not necessarily in that order! He lives his life his way, full on and enjoying every second of it. His dirty mouth is a joy to behold, whether he’s being a suggestive git with the innuendos and dirty talk or whether he’s in bed and using it for other things! From the moment they meet the pull and push between them is fascinating, funny and frustrating (from Dan`s point of view anyway!). “I hate you.” I leaned in and whispered, “No, you don’t. You’re just mad ‘cause I make your panties wet.” “You disgust me!” She pushed against my chest. “And yet, you still want to sleep with me, don’t you?” “What? No. Are you insane? I don’t want to sleep with you. Not every woman wants to sleep with you.” “Maybe that’s true, but you do.” “You…you…ugh!” She opened her mouth and shut it, wordless. “It’s okay, sweetheart, don’t fight it. I promise it will be good for you.” Dan goes after whatever he wants whenever he wants it but Ashlyn is a far more controlled person who has worked too hard to go off plan and lose focus for a fling with a rock star, yet the more she sees and spends time with him the harder it is to keep sight of that plan. It was the ultimate tease pic: no face, just sculptured, masculine skin. It was raw and unfiltered, just like him. Life isn’t about the perfect plan. It’s about the perfect storm that engulfs you when you’re busy living it. When these two people and worlds collide it makes for a story that I devoured because the author spins it that well, it made a tired genre come alive for me again in a way only Olivia Cunning or Samantha Towle usually do. If you are an avid reader then you know the feeling, "I’ll just finish that next chapter, I must go to bed but maybe just a little more, oh f**k it I need to finish and know what happens, who needs sleep". This is a little gem that I enjoyed, gorged on in one hit. ........ And having checked on Amazon I discover this is a spin off from her other books, epic fail on my part. And well done to #RARE14 Edinburgh because that book signing introduced me to the names T Gephart and Lesley Jones and both are bloody amazing.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
It was a good book until it reached what was supposed to be the "conflict" which was literally just a girl freaking out about something stupid
csingh More than 1 year ago
4.5 stars! When a book starts off the way this one does, you know it can only be a great story. I was torn between laughing at the predicament Ashlyn found herself in at her job interview and groaning in embarrassment in sympathy with her. Initially I wasn't sure what to do because apparently there was another series featuring characters mentioned in the first couple of pages that I hadn't met yet.  I was worried I would be lost reading this book, but thankfully I wasn't. Before I knew it the story had grabbed my attention and all my fears melted away. The chemistry between the main characters is electric and I was either laughing or fanning myself from the heat the two of them gave off. I have a feeling if you pick up the book you'll be doing the same.  It was fun seeing Dan and Ashlyn bait and one up each other when it came to insults. I didn't think Dan has a chance with Ashlyn, regardless of how much he protested she said, when Ash did some stuff that totally changed the mood of the whole book for the better. She threw herself, Dan, and me for a loop.   I really liked Ashlyn.  She's honest, hard working, caring, and a great friend.  I understood her reticence at giving her budding friendship with Dan any sort of title due to his fame and reputation.  While Dan might be a total bad boy, I was surprised by the depths in his character.  For someone who is un-repentantly and unapologetically himself, seeing Dan  want to change the dynamic of his relationship with Ashlyn was satisfying. It's not that he changed himself for her, but her realized what the difference between Ashlyn and everyone else was.  It was truly like the two complemented each other. I liked how really faced the challenge they faced that tested their relationship. Dan made a mistake and I understood Ash's response. I really wanted to shake Dan but then again I wanted to shake Ash too for being so stubborn and semi-reckless.  I liked how Dan gave her the space she asked for when the separation was tearing them both up on the inside.  The book really flew by.  I may have already mentioned the laughter this book caused me, but it was so worth being looked at when I giggled, chortled, or snorted while reading it. I'm so glad I finally got a chance to read this book.  I'm seriously going to be looking into the Lexi series because I have to know what happens between Lexi and Alex. It sounds like a fabulous read.  I'm so glad I was able to finally read a book by T Gephart.  She's written one of my favorite band books.  If you're looking for a book to make you laugh and swoon, with a bad boy who doesn't know why he enjoyed snuggling, definitely check out Power Station and this book!