High Tea: Gracious Cannabis Tea-Time Recipes for Every Occasion

High Tea: Gracious Cannabis Tea-Time Recipes for Every Occasion

by Sandra Hinchliffe


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ISBN-13: 9781510717572
Publisher: Skyhorse
Publication date: 10/17/2017
Pages: 184
Sales rank: 251,896
Product dimensions: 7.40(w) x 7.30(h) x 1.10(d)

About the Author

Sandra Hinchliffe is the founder of posyandkettle.com, a home herbalist, an allergy chef, an autoimmune disease survivor, and an inventor of pretty things for people of sensitive constitution. She uses her background as a home herbalist and medical cannabis patient to create a repertoire of recipes designed to be both beneficial and delightful. She is also the author of The Cannabis Spa at Home, the first book to bring together cannabis, spa, and herbal healing. She resides in Humboldt County, California.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments iii

Preface v

An Introduction to Cannabis Tea-Time and the Art of Cannabis Tea 1

Why Tea? 1

A Satisfying Experience: Cannabis Tea and Beverage 1

Infusing Cannabinoids into Beverages and Broths 2

Dosing 6

The Cannabis Infusion Oil 11

The Cannabis Infusion Oil Recipes 16

Obtain the Best Results with Cannabis Infusion Oil 19

Gong fu versus Western Brewing 22

Cannabis-Infused Tea Gong fu Style 24

Step-By-Step Gongfu Cannabis-Infused Tea 25

Artful Cannabis and Tea Pairings 29

Smoky Dragon Blossom Cannabis Tea Tasting 30

Fresh Market Cannabis Tea Tasting 31

Tabletop Cannabis Infusion for Beverage or Broth 33

Tabletop Cannabis Infusion for Beverage or Broth Method 35

The Art of Cannabis Tea 39

Chapter 1 The Entourage Tea-A Symphony for the Mind, Body, and Spirit 41

What is Entourage Tea? 41

Welcome Back What You've Been Missing 41

Common Cannabis Terpenes and their Fruit, Flower, Herb, and Spice Correspondences 44

Transforming Herbs, Spices, Flowers, and Fruits into a Terpene Entourage 45

The Process 45

The Ingredients and Tools 46

The Tea and Terpene Entourage Experience: Making, Pairing, Tasting 48

The Terpene Entourage Recipe Chart 50

Enjoy! The Entourage Tea Recipes 53

Vanilla Milk Oolong Cannabis Tea with Lavender Spike or Ginger Entourage 55

Moroccan Green and Saffron Cannabis Tea with Pink Mint Entourage 57

Raspberry Black Pearl Cannabis Tea with Rose Petal Entourage 58

Yabao Fresh Market Cannabis Tea with Entourage 60

Chapter 2 Cannabis Herbal Tisanes and Entourage for Wellness 65

Let's Take a Walk on the Wild Side 65

Pokeberry: The Healer 66

Fresh Ginger and Pokeberry Canna-Tisane 70

The Anti-Inflammatory Wonder Tisane 71

Himalayan Blackberry 72

Wild Himalayan Blackberry Leaf Canna-Tisane Blend 75

Blackberry Blossom and Blood Orange Canna-Tisane 76

The Wild Olive 78

Olive Leaf, Mint, and Citron Canna-Cleanse Tisane 79

Western Blue Elderberry 80

Breathe Easy Speak Easy Canna-Tisane 81

Sassafras 82

Sassafras Canna-Tisane 84

Canna-Tisane: My Favorite Blends 85

Jan's Good Hibiscus Spice Canna-Tisane 85

Foggy Beach Herbal CBD Tisane for Restful Sleep 86

Many Flowers Cannabis Enlightenment Tisane 87

Chapter 3 A Savory Entourage-Satisfying Cannabis-Infused Broths 91

Broth: A Savory Cannabis Infusion 91

Terpene Entourage for Cannabis Broth 91

The Basic Cannabis Broth Recipe 94

Cannabis-Infused Broth Recipe Blends 96

Women's Canna-Tonic Broth 96

Elderberry Lemon Thyme Canna-Chicken Broth 97

Lemongrass Ginger Chili Canna-Chicken Broth 98

Cipollini Onion and Peppercorn Canna-Beef Broth 99

Seven Herb Canna-Vegetable Broth 100

Sicilian Style Canna-Vegetable Broth 100

Curried Canna-Vegetable Broth 102

Chapter 4 Bhang, Chai, and Thai-Creamy Dessert Teas and Sweet Drinks for Festive Celebrations 105

Making Hemp Milks and Coconut Milks 105

Basic Hemp Milk Recipe 106

Basic Coconut Milk Recipe 107

Cannabis Milk Infusion for Bhang and Dessert Beverages 108

Hemp Milk Cannabis Infusion 108

Coconut Milk Cannabis Infusion 108

Canna-Chai Recipes 109

Masala Canna-Chai 109

Vienna Canna-Chai 110

Green Dragon Lemongrass Canna-Chai 112

Prunus illicifolia, The Wild California Cherry You've Never Heard Of 114

Wild California Cherry Syrup 116

California Cherry Blossom Creme Canna-Chai 119

More Creamy Canna-Chai and Bhang Recipes From My Kitchen 121

Assam and Blackberry Blossom Canna-Chai 121

Thai Iced Canna-Tea 122

Coconut Matcha Bhang 123

Saffron Rose Bhang 125

Sweet Island Bhang 127

Entertain with These Delightful Cannibis-Infused Beverages 129

Laughing Buddha Mulled Canna-Cider 129

Shaman's Tasting Chocolates 131

The Black Forest CBD Healer Chocolate 131

The Shaman's Launch Pad Chocolate 132

Emerald Triangle/Pineapple Express Wedding Punch 132

Chapter 5 Cannabis-Infused Beverage and Sensitivity Cuisine Pairings for Brunch, Lunch, or Anytime 135

A Word on Sensitivity Cuisine and Pairing with Cannabis-Infused Beverage 135

Arrowroot: A Staple Ingredient of Sensitivity Cuisine 137

Arrowroot Tea Biscuit for Cannabis Entourage Tea or Tisane 138

Arrowroot Trio: Tasting Crackers, Savory Rustic Crackers, and Breadstick for Cannabis Entourage Broth 141

Good Vibrations for Good Libations: The Art of the GABA Pastry 143

How to Make Germinated GABA Sweet Brown Rice 144

The Arrowroot GABA Galette 147

Apricot Rose, Berry Orange Blossom, and Elderberry Galettes 148

Lapsang Souchong Smoked Tea and Ham Galette 149

Vanilla Cake or Upside-Down Blood Orange Cake with Wild Blackberry Sauce 150

Spiced Hemp Banana Bread 153

Farmer's Breakfast: Sorghum Biscuits with Sorghum Molasses 154

The GABA Fry 156

Southern Sweetie Cannabis-Infused Sweet Tea + Crispy Cajun Chicken & Fried Green Tomato Bites 157

Mediterranean Minty Canna-Tea + Fried Artichoke Hearts and Lemon Bites 159

Conclusion and Resource Guide 161

Index 163

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