Higher Christian Life

Higher Christian Life


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William E. Boardman's famous and inspirational book has for generations helped Christians lead better and purer lives steeped in trust of God.

Structured as a practical guidebook, we are taken through a step-by-step process of attaining the higher plane. Early in the book, Boardman expresses his dislike for the term 'faith', which he believes has become overused in many different spiritual contexts. Instead, he prefers the term 'trust' as a simpler, clearer way of illustrating a believer's devotional strength and closeness to God.

For Boardman, one must persist in a belief and adherence to God for a long time in order to culminate this trust. The initial conversion is but the first step in a longer journey: the practice of the good Christian and avoidance of sin is necessary for an extended time, whereby the believer may undergo a 'Second Conversion' which heightens their experience of the Lord Jesus Christ.

The author spent much of his life as a Presbyterian minister, working in both the USA and England. The publication of this book, which met with great approval from believers far and wide, ignited the Higher Life movement. This encouraged Christians to seek a second encounter with the Lord following their initial conversion to Christianity, and in this differed from the more traditional teaching of Christian perfection.

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