Highland Avenger

Highland Avenger

by Julie Johnstone

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Duty drove him to possess her, but love will drive him to his knees.

Eight years ago, savage Scots invaded Eve Decres's home, murdering her family and plunging her into a nightmare. As sole heir to a strategically located castle on the border between Scotland and England, Eve became a prize to be wedded and bedded, and she fled into hiding. She survived by clinging to two dreams: one day reclaiming her inheritance, and finding love to build a new family from the ashes of her loss. But on the verge of beginning her journey to make her dreams reality, she makes a fatal error that alerts her enemies to her whereabouts.

Now, Eve is catapulted into a world of feuding clans and warring kingdoms where she's forced to make a choice that threatens to destroy her chance at freedom and shatter her heart. Amid treachery and violence, she soon discovers her only hope dwells in tying herself to Grant Fraser, a noble, fierce Highland warrior. Though passion smolders between them, Grant is bent on vengeance and sworn to a duty that would thwart her own plans.
Bound by desperation but separated by conflicting desires, the spitfire lass and the determined laird must relinquish what they've long held sacred in order to overcome their foes and claim a glorious, unconquerable love.

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BN ID: 2940163118083
Publisher: Darbyshire Publishing LLC
Publication date: 07/09/2019
Series: Renegade Scots , #3
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 458
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About the Author

Julie Johnstone is the USA Today bestselling author of historical romances including the Once Upon a Rogue series, the Whisper of Scandal series, the Lords of Deception series, the Danby novella series, the Highlander Vows: Entangled Hearts series, and the Renegade Scots series. Her books are focused in the Regency and Medieval period. Julie’s books have hit the USA Today bestseller list multiple times. She makes her home in Birmingham, Alabama with her lawyer husband, two boys, one quirky Australian Shepherd and one snooty cat. When Julie is not deep in research, she’s lost in another time period writing. She loves to do yoga, cook, travel, and go to music concerts!

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Highland Avenger 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 13 reviews.
Booktalk_with-Eileen 7 days ago
Highland Avenger is excellently paced, thoroughly action-packed with characters who were easy to love, others easier to hate! Author Julie Johnstone’s story read itself. I mean, there was no hardship staying with the read. Additionally, Johnstone’s writing voice, along with the scene pacing had me flipping the pages! I whole-heartedly recommend this story to reader’s who love their heroes braw, sensitive and clever, and their heroines determined and savvy enough to get what they want. A Little About What I Liked: The story began with a prologue set in the middle of action, one of desperation for safety. Two young children are taken from home (Eve and Mary), their parents killed. The prologue leaves you, along with Eve Decres, launching over a cliff for certain death! My heart pumped with fear, loving every minute of where the story was heading. In chapter one, we are introduced to Grant Fraser and his brother Simon. Simon was the laird of the Fraser’s. Again, more action in the upcoming scene. The enemy is Laird MacDougall, who is responsible for Simon’s death in a gruesome display of evil. Laird MacDougall is the kind of man who makes decisions for his own gain, not for what is right for his people or country. This is the guy you’ll love to hate. Laird MacDougall is a greedy, and unfortunately, powerful man. The wrongs he is committing against the Fraser clan aren’t his first. Eve Decres’ family has also been touched by MacDougall’s malevolent character. Stay tuned. Eve spent 10 years in a convent waiting until her 18th birthday to reclaim her birthright of Linlithian castle. She barely escapes the convent just as her enemies find her. She’s kind-hearted and is a force to be reckoned with, by enemy and want-to-be friends. You’ll enjoy how she makes Grant's world topsy-turvy. The burgeoning trust between Grant and Eve takes center stage by mid-section of the tale. You’ll find humor, plenty of bantering and decisions made, not because of love, but because of necessity--from both sides. A totally delightful read. I imagine book 1 and 2 in the Renegade series are just as enjoyable.
Historical_Romance_Lover 7 days ago
Eve is ready to reclaim the home she was forced to flee. But others are trying to get her property for themselves. She runs into Grant, who offers to help, but by helping her, Grant may not get the vengeance he craves. Can these two work together and get both of their desires? I LOVED Eve and Grant's story! They were perfect for one another. I really enjoyed watching these two working through all the roadblocks that they encountered and finding their HEA!
Molly Plant 8 days ago
I just absolutely love Julie Johnstone's books. I will have to say this particular series is by far my favorite. When I pick up her books the magic begins and I am transported back in time. I do not give a synopsis book reviews . I just like to tell you what I enjoy most about the books. In this book the particular women is very strong! I think Julie Johnstone does a great job of portraying a 18 year old girl thoughts as she has to navigate her future. I am a person who reads in order for the series so I would truly recommend going back and reading her other two as this is book 3!
Brownac101 8 days ago
Eve Decres’s has been in hiding with the Sisters of Saint Cecilia Convent for eight years ever since her family was killed by Scottish Highland raiders. She’s now turned eighteen and the castle and leadership of the clan is her inheritance and she’s ready to return home to her birthright. Aros MacDougal comes to capture Eve and she’s become the prize to be wedded and bedded. Grant Fraser just lost Simon, his Laird and brother. He’s just captured Laird MacDougall and his next is to capture MacDougall’s son, Aros both are responsible for his murder. What he doesn’t expecting is his young brothers to held captive by Aros and lovely young Eve also his captive, he knows he must rescue her too. Grant discovers she’s the long lost heiress to Linlithian, along with the soldiers there, soldiers he desperately needs to turn the tide of the war. I love Grant and Eve, Grant want her castle and land and all Eve wants is to be married to someone who doesn’t want her castle, just wants her. She ends up involved in a waring feuds between Clans. I loved this romance action adventure romance and I voluntarily read and reviewed this excellent book
Florencia1 9 days ago
Beautiful Love Story! After her family’s tragedy Eve hides in a convent and waits until she is 18 to re-claim her family’s land. A series of events force Eve to marry a stranger to obtain both protection and help. Grant and Eve will fight their attraction and will develop a growing fondness and affection for each other. They will both fight for their beliefs and for a future full of love and hope. Enjoy!
georgia1 10 days ago
Brace yourself to be drawn into a heart pounding opener in the first page of this amazing story. A group of murderous, savage warriors took Eve Decres, after laying siege to her home when she was ten years old, along with her little sister Mary. Eve had just been named heir to her father's estate just two nights hence, a prized border castle wanted by many and she was the pawn for someone to gain it through her. She is able to escape the warriors when they are grabbed by the stablemaster from their castle and her maid. Unfortunately it appears her little sister and the stablemaster do not get away. She and the maid make it to a convent and there she stays until she is 18. Old enough to marry, she hopes to make it back to her home and take over. But fate has other pathways in mind and Eve is captured by a ruthless clan who intend to marry her to their Laird's son from the MacDougal clan. This is when Grant Frasier rescues her and the adventure begins. I truly fell in love with Grant and Eve. They had both endured a lot and they deserved happiness. Julie Johnstone brings this story to alive with her gift in a way that truly had me envision the life and times during the early 1300's in Scotland. It was a truly brutal time in history and she did not gloss over the facts, which made the words and descriptions come alive and had me captivated, as every book in this brilliant series. An adventure with all the elements needed to make this one of my favorite of this authors. But who am I kidding? I feel that way about every book this author writes! Lori D
Detaildi 10 days ago
My interest in this third book in Julie Johnstone’s Renegade Scots series was immediately captured by a gripping, emotional rollercoaster of a prologue. It was well maintained throughout the entire work with the intertwining stories of Eve Decres, a borderlands heiress in hiding, and Grant Fraser, a noble and fierce Highland warrior. Their tale is filled with terror, adventure, revenge, villains, treachery, and such a lovely, sweet romance. “They’d both had high walls around them before they met,” and it is up to them if they can tear them down. This is a lovely gem of a Highland tale. Ms. Johnstone has outdone herself with this one. I was fortunate to receive an advance copy of this work to review. All opinions stated are voluntary and my own.
PegC51 11 days ago
Highland Avenger is an awesome story of adventure and romance. Grant Fraser is now Laird of Clan Fraser and has vowed revenge against the MacDougalls, a clan allied with the English and responsible for the death of his brother Simon. Eve fled her home when her parents were murdered and has been in hiding for eight years. Before she can return to reclaim her home, she is kidnapped (by the MacDougalls) and rescued by Grant. What follows is an action-packed dangerous story that is hard to put down. Grant and Eve are wonderful characters. Both are honorable and courageous. This fast-paced story has murder, kidnapping(s), intrigue and betrayal(s), and revenge. There is also duty, friendship and love, acceptance, and romance. I thoroughly enjoyed this story. I highly recommend Highland Avenger and the rest of the Renegade Scots series. I received an ARC of this book. My review is voluntary.
Lcwilsom 11 days ago
Another thrilling story by Julie Johnstone, whether this is your first book or next in the series you will love it. Julie has really grasped the Highland genre perfectly with its rugged, fierce warriors to the strong, brave, independent women. Our hero is Grant Fraser loyal to King Robert the Bruce fighting to free Scotland from the wicked English King and Eve is our heroine determined to get her fathers lands back. Luck or fate brings them together though as always circumstances make it a rocky journey to find peace and love. Their journey takes you through the beautiful countryside of Scotland, you can almost see it through Julie’s wonderful words. There are shocks and drama as always along the way and I have to say a major surprise, you will have to read to find out! I never tire of reading about Julie’s highland heroes, I cannot recommend her books enough.
ECD 14 days ago
Do you want action and adventure? ✔ Do you need to feel the fresh air of the highlands and the cool breeze going through your hair? ✔ Are you interested in clan politics, feuds, and two kings to appease? ✔ Do you want to know how far English Lords and Scottish Lairds will go through to gain greed and power? ✔ Do you want to feel the anguish and pain of the innocent or the brutal murder of the undeserving? ✔ There is loyalty, betrayal, murders, heiress in hiding, and in one moment of defending the defenseless, the heiress's world is turned upside down and filled with desperate danger. Eve does not trust anyone. But she is determined to reclaim her birthright. In some respects, she is naive, but she also has the ability to reason after a bout of anger and confusion. When Grant saves her from a dangerous, lawless and unscrupulous clan forcing her to wed the Laird's son, slowly she begins to trust him. Before Eve's father was murdered before her, he told her to avenge him. Grant is an honorable and trustworthy warrior. He just became Laird when his older brother Simon was captured by the English and beheaded. Grant knew the Scottish clan responsible for it and vowed revenge on their Laird to make him suffer the same fate that befell Simon. Eve knew unless she wed, she would be a pawn to be fought over. She and Grant came to an understanding and wed. The adventure begins. There is suspense and tension everywhere. Whatever the characters were going through it was easy to identify with their emotions and feelings. I tensed when there was danger, I felt relief when they fought their way through and were victorious. I enjoyed the banter between Eve and Grant. It was amusing and at times funny. The attraction between Eve and Grant was palpable and could be felt. When they were able to share passion, it was so hot. But when they finally consummated their marriage the love, passion, desire and chemistry was off the charts. Loyalty to Grant was a given. It was an honor and a duty to protect all within his clan. That now included his wife Eve. But Eve would soon discover loyalty and honor was a foreign word to those who ought to have sworn fealty to her as their heiress. This is a must read. It is a page turner and you will not want to put the book down. It is a hard hitting look at the feudal system, the fight for Scotland's freedom from England and the men and women involved fighting for their rights to live as a free people. I highly recommend this book. I received an Advanced Readers Copy of this book and am voluntarily leaving a review.
ndent 14 days ago
Eve Decres heir to her father’s castle watched as her parents were murdered. Grant Fraser a warrior for King of Scot wanted to marry Eve for her castle. Eve and Grant forged a bond and made a pledge of love, family and faith. Ride the Highlands with their adventures and love.
clarkws 15 days ago
Highland Avenger is book three in the Renegade Scots series by Julie Johnstone. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It has unexpected twists and turns. Johnstone is a master at peeling back her characters layer by layer and revealing the person beneath. I enjoyed Grant Fraser. He makes his debut in Highland Defender, book 2 of this series. But this is definitely his story and his time to shine. Eve Decres is a wonderful heroine. I liked her wit and fire. “The devil thought to wed her, take her castle, and apparently claim her loyalty, all through seduction! The Highlander surely thought highly of himself and his appeal to women. An image of the man’s blue eyes and thick, wavy, shoulder-length brown hair appeared in her mind. Oh, he was handsome. There was no point denying it. He was compelling too, with his dimples and half smile. And a bit intimidating being so tall and, well, solid. She’d never seen shoulders so broad or a chest and stomach so riddled with muscles. There was not a bit of fat on Grant Fraser.” There are a number of steamy scenes in this book. This is a fantastic series. Although this book can be read as a stand alone, I don’t recommend it. This series is too rich to miss out on even one book. I was gifted a copy of this book.
def618 15 days ago
1296: Valley of Blood Borderland between England and Scotland: Eve Decres, age 10, is the heir to her father’s Linlithian Castle. She has a younger sister, Mary. One evening she was kidnapped and forced to watch the killing of her parents and their knights. A stableman tried to free the girls and their maids. Eve saw her sister trampled by a horse and she went over her horse’s head into the water below. 1306: Scotland: Grant Fraser, his younger brother Thomas and his elder brother, Simon, are running for their lives as they have been betrayed. Probably by the MacDougall clan who said they would support Robert the Bruce but lied. Grant, along with Ross MacLorh, helped the Bruce, his wife and most of the men to safety, but learn Simon has been caught. Branded a traitor, Simon was beheaded. Grant and Ross plan revenge by capturing Laird MacDougall. Eve Decres and her companion, Clara, have been hiding in Scotland at a convent. She has exchanged letters with her uncle who is running her castle until she is 18. King Edward had gifted her family with Linlithian, allowing her father’s heir to be a daughter if she is the first born. As Eve is now 18, she hopes to marry and live in her castle. She has spent time learning to protect herself and use a sword. Eve discovers Clara never sent her letters because Clara believes her uncle was the one to betray her father. While at the convent, she is captured by the MacDougall’s son. I have tried to write this review to entice you, but not spoil this wonderful book. There is so much going on it’s very hard to put down. It’s a keeper for me!