Highland Blessings

Highland Blessings

by Jennifer Hudson Taylor
4.5 13


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Highland Blessings 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 13 reviews.
Carlybird More than 1 year ago
Ok, I just need to get this out of the way first. There was one thing that I did not like about this book, the dialogue. There was a lot of "ye" "'twas" "yer", and so on, which really slowed me down. I understand the book was written that way for the sake of authenticity, but I found it distracting. Of course, I always feel that way when authors use authentic language in their stories, so my dislike of it in this book is nothing unusual. I'm sure most people don't even notice that sort of thing and they are not bothered by it at all. It's just a personal preference for me. As I said earlier, the dialogue was used to give the book an authentic feel, and it was very effective. As I read this book, I was not sitting in my apartment in North Carolina in 2010. I was transported to Scotland in 1473. The author did a fantastic job with setting up the time and place of the story and the dialogue was the only part of this book that I did not care for. Everything else about this story was beautiful and I am thankful I took the time to read it. Jennifer Hudson Taylor is a very talented writer who has obviously done a lot of research to make this book real and believable. So, don't let me negative comments at the start of this review discourage your reading of this book. Like I said, it is simply my personal preference. If using authentic language does not slow you down, you will find this book flawless. I look forward to much more from this author. I love all things Scottish and this book makes a nice addition my Scottish delights.
AAR More than 1 year ago
HIGHLAND BLESSINGS by Jennifer Hudson Taylor is an inspirational historical romance/suspense. It is set in 1473 Scotland. This is this author's debut book and she is an author to watch for in the future. It is well written with depth and details and you can easily tell there has been a great deal of research, also the dialog is in the style of the period.This helps give the story its authenticity. It has faith, betrayal, forgiveness,suspense, adventure, romance, everything Scottish, murder, a pre-arranged marriage between two rival clans, and the coming together of two clans for peace. The hero, Bryce, is strong, determined, handsome, a born leader, tough, keeps promises he makes, has tenacity, faces the turmoil of betrayal, falls in love with the womon he kidnaps( due to a promise made for his dying father),and becomes a powerful, well liked laird which be becomes after the death of his older brother, Evan.The heroine, Akira, is humble, strong, has a strong faith,loyal to her clan, her new clan.She is determined to make her marriage work, even after she had been kidnapped on the day of her wedding to another. She was kidnapped in order to observe the pre-arranged marriage between her and Evan, the Laird of the MacPhearson clan. This is a powerful story of love, trust in your faith and learning to love even during times of angst and turmoil. I would highly recommend this story especially if you enjoy everything Scottish. This is a personal buy by the writer of this review. Details can be found at Abingdon Press and My Book Addiction and More.
JanalynVoigt More than 1 year ago
Bryce McPherson kidnaps Akira McKenzie on her wedding day to keep a promise made to his dying father.The fact that the McKenzie and the McPherson clans are sworn enemies won't save Akira from marrying the McPherson Chiefton. But can such a marriage bring peace, especially when a series of murders seems to indicate otherwise? And can Bryce and Akira find love in the midst of hatred? With fine prose and deft skill, Jennifer Hudson Taylor takes us to the highlands of Scotland at a time when men lived and died by the sword. But the struggles woven into this book's plot are not of the flesh alone. Akira needs to make peace with both her earthly and heavenly fathers, and Bryce must learn to trust an enemy. But a greater threat waits in the shadows... I recommend Highland Blessings for readers who enjoy historical fiction and historical romance. © 2010 by Janalyn Voigt * A complimentary copy of this book was provided to me by the author for purposes of review.
onedesertrose More than 1 year ago
My Review: When I first agreed to read Highland Blessings by Jennifer Hudson Taylor, I was a little apprehensive about the book because of the country setting and brogue issues. I am so glad I chose to read it! It was engaging the whole way through the book, and the whole storyline flowed naturally, particularly for the time era and country setting and clan rules, keeping me intrigued. Akira had been jilted at the altar, kidnapped on her wedding day, and forced to wed another man from an opposing clan, one that had been feuding with her side of the family for a half-century. Akira's character was humble and yet strong and steady when necessary, dealing with all the emotions of the circumstances. She relied on the Lord to help her through each situation, and there were many intense moments from beginning to end! Bryce's character was just as compelling, with his deep loyalty to promises he made and his tenderness amidst the tenacity and decisiveness needed for his clan position and enemy threats and murders. Upon reading the book, I found some similar analogies of Akira to Esther and Joseph from the Old Testament, with testings and trials to bring out Akira and Bryce's characters. The storyline will impress you. Jennifer is one fine writer! I highly recommend her book! This book was provided free by Mark Yeh at Abingdon Press for my honest, personal review. I consider it a privilege to recommend good novels for your reading delight.
Danzingfool More than 1 year ago
As a fellow Medieval author who keeps hearing that this time period is a hard sell in Christian fiction, I am thrilled this book made it safely to print. Highland Blessings is set in 1473, which is a little late in history for a medieval novel, but all of the cultural elements we associate with the Middle Ages, stone castles, armor, flying pennants, are still firmly in place in Scotland during this time. Add to that plaids, clan lairds and feuds, and the stage is set for an exciting story similar to those written by CBA author Kathleen Morgan. While I felt this story had some small technical issues, overall I enjoyed it very much. My favorite element of the book was the spiritual aspect. Akira is truly a woman of God to be admired. She puts aside hurt and unforgiveness in order to submit herself to God's plan. In addition, she is open to the spirit of God and known for her prophetic dreams. She speaks them forth boldly despite the danger of being thought a witch in her superstitious culture. Here's to hoping this novel will start a new wave of Medievals. It's time the market took notice of this exciting and underrepresented time in history.
ButterflyBlessingsBlog More than 1 year ago
I go weak in the knees at the thought of a Scottish warrior. Not only is Bryce strong, but he has their characteristic loyalty to family, he's sinfully handsome and wants to fulfill his dying father's wish. The only problem lies with carrying that out. His elder brother is chief and has no intention of tying himself with a rival clan to make peace. The lady in question, Akira, is just as strong willed as she is beautiful. He can't help but admire her and regret the actions that may have placed her in harm's way. The rivalry between the two clans has been long standing and many would like to see Bryce fail. It's hard to overcome so many years of hate and prejudice. Trust is hard won and easily broken. Plus someone is working hard to inflame the tempers of both clans. Bryce is a terrific character. He feels bound by his father's dying wish, and yet drawn to Akira himself. Her strength and courage are something he admires, and he enjoys their verbal battles and her beauty. He's first angry at Evan's refusal and rude comments about Akira, then becomes jealous once Evan shows some interest in her after all. He's a strong leader and has the respect of his men. He also has a tender side. He tries to see to her comfort and is upset by the accidental pain he causes her. He does have trouble with trusting her ~ and her family. Akira is brave, intelligent and resourceful. She's also stubborn. She puts her own needs and desires below those of her people. She's no pushover physically either. She has skill with a blade and eventually manages to talk Bryce into giving her one of her own. She has a blind spot when it comes to her clan and doesn't believe any of them could be behind the incidents. She also believed the MacPhersons (Bryce's clan) were nothing more than brutal barbarians with no regard for human life. When one of the plots against the peace ends with the death of Evan, Bryce becomes chief and intends to marry Akira himself. The truce called for her to marry the chief of the clan,it didn't say it had to be his brother. He was the one who believed this was the path to peace but can he trust her? They both want an end to the fighting, but she is there against her will and bad things have happened to both sides. She hasn't been welcomed with open arms either. I want to briefly mention another character that was unusual. Bryce and Evan were two of three sons. The third brother is named Sim. He is deaf (but can read lips) and doesn't speak. His brothers protect and provide for him. They are preparing to teach him to fight, but Akira wants to teach him academics so he can keep the books. She and Sim become good friends. The author has created a book that not only captures a romance between two interesting people, but deals with an issue that is very timely. Both these characters had to deal with whether they were willing to trust each other and God for what was going to happen in their lives. In this economy, I think many of us can relate to needing that same kind of trust. Things look pretty scary to us, but God has it all in His hands.
InSpirit More than 1 year ago
Historical fiction set in the Scottish Highlands in medieval times.  Drama, adventure, romance, mystery, murder.. Lots to keep this reader's attention til the wee hours of the morning! a great entry for a first novel from Jennifer Hudson Taylor ~ Well Done Jennifer!  Reminiscent of Lisa Bergren's Waterfall series. You've won me over ~ now , on to book 2, Highland Sanctuary...
bikrgran More than 1 year ago
Basically, a Hatfield/McCoy type of feud, in early Scotland. A young woman is kidnapped by a rival clan, to become the wife of the chief, when the elder is killed. It was the Father’s wish that by joining the 2 clans, that the wars would end. As the woman and her captors struggle with their angers, and slowly come to forgiveness, it turns out that there’s a traitor who is trying to keep the enmity alive, between the clans. A very good book, about love and forgiveness.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Debbie_Lynne More than 1 year ago
Jennifer Hudson Taylor did a wonderful job taking you back to a time and place of Scottish clan rivalry. You can feel the tension between the characters and commiserate with both. She did a beautiful job with the Scottish accent. Not too much but enough to make it stand out. The story moves along quickly and never falls flat. I really enjoyed this book and highly recommend it. Even more so if you love a strong Scottish hero!
LovenGod More than 1 year ago
Set in 1473 in Scotland, Jennifer Hudson Taylor's debut novel is definitely a book you want to read! This novel was an exciting book to read. Bryce MacPhearson, rides in on a large gray horse and sweeps the bride away, right in the midst of her wedding. A shock to say the least, but between two fueding families, a downright declaration of war it seems. However Bryce isn't trying to declare war, he is keeping a promise he made to his father, as his father died. The MacPhearson's and the MaKenzie's have been fueding for a half century, and no one really knows why. Bryce's father and Akira's father pledged peace and their children to wed, in order to end the fued, but a warrior kills Bryce's father, and the fued continues. Bryce is determined to see peace and if kidnapping Akira and bringing her to wed his brother Evan, the cheiftan of his clan will bring that peace, so be it. However things do not turn out as Bryce planned, but as God has planned, and Evan is killed. Bryce and Akira wed and both pledge to bring peace. However there seems to be a plot afoot to sabotage that peace. Akira's life is in trouble, and others die as the murderer draws closer and closer to Akira. This book will keep you on the edge of your seat wondering how it will end, and what happens next, most definitely a book you will want to read and add to your library. Discussion questions for book clubs at the end, 298 pages $US 13.99 5 stars
Laurie_Alice_Eakes More than 1 year ago
Having grown up on the historical romances of the 80s, before they learned the accolade of bodice ripper, Taylor's book caught my attention at once. It reminded me of those stories where the heroes were tough, but respectful and chivalrous to the heroines. Abduction isn't seduction; it's the beginning of a new life of renewal leading to peace. This is for the lover of Scottish books indeed.
Ruth_Axtell More than 1 year ago
I quite enjoyed this debut novel by Jennifer Hudson Taylor. It takes place in a popular time period for secular romances, although it's not often seen in inspirational romances. Fifteen-century Scotland, a rough era and yet with some finer things like art. The heroine is a painter in secret. The hero is all that one could desire in big and brawny. The author takes him on a journey of learning how to love a young woman from an enemy clan. He goes from insensitive, Tarzan-type, to someone who is quite patient and sensitive, and who will defend her with his life when the time comes.