Highlander Betrayed

Highlander Betrayed

by Laurin Wittig


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Deep in the rugged Scottish countryside lies the Highland Targe, an ancient relic that, along with its Guardian, protects the heart of the Highlands.

For centuries, the MacAlpin clan has watched over the Targe, but Lady Elspet, the current Guardian, is gravely ill. Her niece Rowan MacGregor, the rock of the family, is doing everything she can to hold her clan together when she meets Nicholas fitz Hugh.

Handsome and charming, Nicholas quickly joins clan life — yet he is not what he seems. A cunning spy, Nicholas is charged by the king of England with stealing the Targe, part of a plot to break the Scottish rebellion.

Despite his loyalty to the king, Nicholas finds himself falling for beautiful Rowan. When Lady Elspet’s health worsens and the guardianship is in question, Nicholas must choose between the king’s will and his own. Can he betray his king and mission? Or will he turn on the woman he loves and the family he has come to care for?

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781477807279
Publisher: Amazon Publishing
Publication date: 08/06/2013
Series: Guardians of the Targe Series , #1
Pages: 270
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.10(h) x 0.80(d)

About the Author

Laurin Wittig was marked by her Scottish heritage at birth, when her parents chose her uniquely spelled name from a plethora of Scottish family monikers. At ten, she attended her first MacGregor clan gathering and her first ceilidh, where she danced with the hereditary chieftain of the clan. At eleven, she visited Scotland, and it has fueled her imagination ever since.

She studied anthropology at Brown University before launching a career in the computer industry. But as a voracious reader, it was only natural she would become a storyteller too. She penned her first book when her children were young, writing whenever they napped. Her novel The Devil of Kilmartin won the National Readers' Choice Award for short historical romance, and all of her books have appeared on the Amazon Top 100 Historical Romance and Top 100 Historical Fiction lists. Wittig lives in southeastern Virginia with her two children, her husband, and their rescue Eskie.

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Highlander Betrayed 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Mirabelle8 More than 1 year ago
Breathtaking Scottish adventure! Again, a beautiful Scottish medieval romance as I love them. I fell in love with this book HIGHLANDER BETRAYED written by Laurin Wittig. It is the first book of her Guardians of the Targe trilogy! This is the first time that a read a book by this author and to my surprise, I discovered that she is truly a storyteller that kept my interest until the end. The Highland Targe is an ancient relic guarded for centuries by the MacAlpins. I loved her characters, but mainly Rowan and Nicholas. Rowan is the niece of the chief of the MacAlpins and of her aunt, the Guardian of the Targe. Being loyal to her clan and to Scotland, Rowan will do everything to keep the Targe safe. Nicholas, of Scottish heritage, is instead loyal to England. Being a spy for the King of England, he receives a mission to retrieve the Targe at any costs. However, when he meets her, sparks will flare between the two! What will happen when he discovers the relic? Will Nicholas feel torn between his love for Rowan and his loyalty to the King? Will their love be strong enough to survive a treason and betrayal? Will the Targe be kept in the Highlands or England? You will have to read this book to discover the answers. I loved her other characters Scotia, Jeannette, Kenneth. Ms. Wittig is truly a great writer and a talented storyteller worth discovering. I love her style of writing! She is an author of medieval romance full of tenderness, love and adventure. I devoured this book! If you are a fan of Scottish romance, you will enjoy a great adventure and will not be not be disappointed by this book. I highly recommend this book. I will definitely be reading more books by Laurin Wittig. I am looking forward to read her next book in her Guardians of the Targe trilogy. Thank you Ms. Wittig for sending me ARC and I wish to mention that it is my honest opinion!
Sam1219 More than 1 year ago
For centuries, clan MacAlpin have guarded the Highland Targe, a mysterious relic said to shield the Highlands from invaders. In order to subdue the Scottish rebellion, Edward Longshanks sends his most trusted spy, Nicholas fitzHugh, a half-English, half-Scottish orphan who left the Highlands long ago and turned his back on his Scottish heritage when little more than a child. The king now charges Nicholas to rely on his long-buried Scottish roots to infiltrate clan MacAlpin to locate the Targe and steal it for England. When Nicholas encounters the MacAlpins, he finds them weakened by a breach in the curtain wall, as well as the declining health of the current Guardian of the Targe. But sparks fly between Nicholas and Rowan MacGregor, niece to the clan chief and one of the caretakers of the Guardian. Will Nicholas be able to betray the trust of Rowan and deliver the Targe to his king, or will he follow his heart and betray his king and keep faith with Rowan and the MacAlpins? Will the MacAlpins be able to defend themselves from Edward Longshanks in their weakened condition, or will he take advantage of their current troubles and seize the Targe and use it to crush the Scottish rebellion once and for all? Or will a new Guardian of the Targe arise to defend the Scottish Highlands? Rowan's journey is somewhat predictable, generally speaking, but there are enough complications along the way to keep the story interesting. I listened to this book on audible.com, and I thoroughly enjoyed Phil Gigante's performance. I have listened to several books he has recorded, and as usual, he does not disappoint. Overall, I enjoyed this book and am likely to continue listening to the next book in the series.