The Highly Intuitive Child: A Guide to Understanding and Parenting Unusually Sensitive and Empathic Children

The Highly Intuitive Child: A Guide to Understanding and Parenting Unusually Sensitive and Empathic Children

by Catherine Crawford


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The Highly Intuitive Child: A Guide to Understanding and Parenting Unusually Sensitive and Empathic Children by Catherine Crawford

Some children can walk into a room and feel “the vibe” instantly in their body. Others may tune into an unspoken family conflict, or tell someone to "be careful" before stumbling into an unknown situation. These may seem to be the normal human qualities of intuition and empathy, but in highly intuitive children (and adults), such traits are supercharged. Growing up in a culture that favors the rational and the five senses can be difficult for gifted children. This book shows parents, teachers, and therapists how to help them — and those around them — embrace and exercise their gift. The Highly Intuitive Child covers a wealth of topics including: how to easily identify the intuitive child; how life is different for them; the 10 skills they must master before leaving home; the connections between neuroscience and intuition; what other cultures can teach us about supporting intuitive children; "indigo" children; success stories; and much more.

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ISBN-13: 9780897935098
Publisher: Turner Publishing Company
Publication date: 09/01/2008
Pages: 264
Sales rank: 323,720
Product dimensions: 5.90(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.60(d)

About the Author

Catherine Crawford, MFT, ATR is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Registered Art Therapist with 18 years of experience providing therapy to children and adults of all ages. She specialized in the unique needs of highly intuitive children and adults in her private practice in Mountain View, California.

Table of Contents

Foreword xi

Acknowledgments xiii

Introduction 1

My Experience 3

My Inspiration for Writing this Book 3

Pushing Past Barriers 4

Indigo Children 5

My Approach 5

Some Limits to this Work 6

An Invitation 7

Chapter 1 who is the highly intuitive child? 8

Defining Intuition and Empathy 9

A Gift Set to the "On" Position 10

Stronger Intuition or Empathy Can Make a Difference 10

Intuitive Thinkers vs. Intuitive Feelers 11

Intuition in Action 13

How Do You Know If You Have an Intuitive Child? 17

The Strengths of Being an Intuitive Child 18

How Your Parental Response to Your Children Impacts Their Lives 20

Overview of the Ten Important Life Skills for Intuitive Children 22

Chapter 2 common challenges faced by intuitive children 25

Telling the Difference Between Intuitions and Random Fears 29

Telling the Truth and Protecting Our Children 30

Challenges at School for the Intuitive Child 32

Magical Thinking vs. Intuition 32

Understanding the Intuitive Antenna 34

Intuitive Children Tuning in to the Pain of the World 39

Chapter 3 stress and the intuitive child 42

Your Stress Is My Stress 42

Intuitive Empathy and Social Neuroscience Discoveries 43

The Intuitive Child under Stress 44

How to Spot Stress in an Intuitive Child 45

Trouble Asking for Help 47

How Collective Attitudes about Intuition Impact Children's Stress Levels 48

Social Stress for Intuitive Children 50

The Stress of Feeling Different 52

The Importance of Safety in Helping Intuitive Children Manage Stress 54

The Value of Meditation in Calming Children's Stress Levels 55

Review of Calming the Intuitive Child's Stress 56

Chapter 4 when an intuitive child needsprofessional help 58

Anxiety 59

Depression 61

The Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) Question 63

Sensory Processing Disorder 65

Trauma and Intuitive Children 66

Finding Help for Your Child 67

Chapter 5 the care and keeping of intuitive, empathic bodies 68

The Body Doesn't Lie 69

Teaching Children How to Trust Their Inner Yes and No 70

Similarities to the Highly Sensitive Child 71

What We Can Learn from Holistic Therapies 72

Diet 73

Exercise 76

Sleep 77

Home Energy Hygiene 78

Additional Settling at Bedtime 81

Chapter 6 boundaries 83

Ducks and Sponges: Why Some Children Need More Support in Learning How to Set Boundaries 85

The Differences Between Intuitive and Empathic Boundaries 87

The Importance of a Clear Yes or No in Boundary Setting 88

Visualizing a Protection Bubble 90

Put It in a Bubble 91

Rebalancing after Boundary Intrusions 92

When Boundaries Become Complicated for Children 93

When a Situation Is Beyond Energy Deflection Skills 95

Empowered Boundaries and Exercising Flexibility 95

Intuitive Needs vs. Childhood Wants: Savvy Boundaries 96

Journaling Questions about Boundaries 97

Chapter 7 parenting the intuitive child 99

Your Intuitive Child Is Watching You Closely 100

The Importance of Congruency in Communicating with Your Child 100

How Intuitive Children Can Tune in to Your Marriage 102

The Pros and Cons of Being a Sensate Parent to an Intuitive Child 103

Children and Conflicts 104

When Intuitive Children Overuse Their Gifts to Take Care of Others 105

Handling Sticky Situations Created by a Child's Telepathy 107

How Your Own Intuition Can Help Your Parenting 108

How Intuitive Children Respond to Parenting from the Heart 111

Parenting Based on Listening to and Respecting the Child 112

Being Kind to Yourself 113

chapter 8 teaching the ten skills 117

The "How" Behind Teaching the Skills 117

When to Teach the Skills 118

Understanding vs. Knowledge 119

Skill Number 1 Learning How to Tell the Difference Between Random Fears and Intuition 120

Skill Number 2 Regulating the Intuitive Antenna 121

Skill Number 3 Turning the Volume down on the Intuitive Dial 124

Skill Number 4 Cultivating an Intuitive Vocabulary 127

Skill Number 5 Paying Attention to What You Want and Need 129

Skill Number 6 Practicing Daily Energy Hygiene 131

Skill Number 7 Staying Grounded 135

Skill Number 8 Distinguishing Your Energy from That of Others 137

Skill Number 9 Handling Faulty Intuitive Conclusions/Checking Facts 139

Skill Number 10 Incoporating Intuitive Empathy into Everyday Life 141

Chapter 9 art, play, and spirit for the intuitive child 143

Why Support Art and Play? 143

How to Support Creativity in Your Highly Intuitive Child 149

Supporting the Expression of Intense Emotions in Art 150

The Spiritual Life of the Highly Intuitive Child 152

Chapter 10 what indigenous wisdom can teach us about highly intuitive children 156

Hawaiian Huna: What Can We Learn from this Powerful, Ancient System? 157

Inuit Wisdom and Intuitive Children 161

The Maya Voice of Wisdom 163

Intuitive Time vs. Linear Time and the Impact on Intuitive Children 166

Chapter 11 all grown up now 171

What Intuitive Adults Can Teach Us about Parenting Intuitive Children 172

Discarding Outdated Coping Skills 177

Are You an Adult Intuitive Recovering Your Intuitive Gifts? 181

How This Is Different from Codependency 182

Embracing Your Feelings in the Healing Process 183

When an Intuitive Child Summons the Return of Your Intuitive Self 184

The Benefits of Making Peace with the Gift 185

In Closing 187

Endnotes 188

Suggested Reading 191

Index 194

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Highly Intuitive Child: A Guide to Understanding and Parenting Unusually Sensitive and Empathic Children 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
wiseowlMN More than 1 year ago
I liked the phrases and thoughts like intuitive manners, intuitive vs codependency, how empathy is closely aligned with intuition, the discussion of adult and child people with intuition, how to tell if a thought might be incorrect, being grounded, being careful, checking facts, and trusting yourself.