HighQuest III [Women of Distinction]: His Story

HighQuest III [Women of Distinction]: His Story


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Our families are in danger of wildfires that destroy not our physical houses but our spiritual lives and the lives of our loved ones. Surrounded by a culture that is suffering from a drought of truth and biblical values, our spiritual homes are being threatened. We need spiritually fire resistant homes that can stand against this cultural drought and protect the hearts and minds of our children.
The purpose of this Bible study is to discover Gods design for wise parenting and the process for intentionally creating an environment that will both promote that design and provide protection from the current fires in our culture.
In this study you will explore:

1. The biblical "blueprint" for the family with application for both parents and their children.

2. Some of the current cultural wildfires in order to gain the discernment needed to resist them. We cannot afford to be naïve. The awareness of the dangers along with the wisdom found in God's Word, are prerequisites for building a fire resistant home.

3. The critical materials and the process necessary for building a strong, fire resistant home. The objective truth of God's Word must be the basis for our faith and the faith of our children. In this study the metaphor of constructing a physically fire resistant house provides insight into that process.

The challenge for us as parents, grandparents, and educators (teachers within and without the church) is to equip the next generation with biblical truth that leads to lifelong, personal convictions. Only then will our children be able to stand against the cultural wildfires of today and tomorrow.

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ISBN-13: 9780982382998
Publisher: Ronald Bennett
Publication date: 05/02/2017
Pages: 102
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