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Hillary the Team Builder Horse: Character is What We Build

Hillary the Team Builder Horse: Character is What We Build


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A children's book series of short stories that feature animals, birds, and insects to communicate messages of direction, hope, health & wellness, safety and character building

This children's book series was inspired by a recently published book: The Talking Birds, by the same author and photographer for this book series.

This children's book #4 is part of a series of twelve children's books that have been produced to communicate messages of direction, hope, safety and character building. These books feature a variety of candid photographs of wildlife animals, birds, and insects in different natural settings.

These photos were photo- captured by International Nature Photographer, Mr. Youli Xia, a native of Beijing, China. Each photograph highlights a distinctive expression.

Using the imagination, the expressions conveyed in the photos will set the stage for long talks with the animals, birds, and insects.

This book series interactively shares twelve short, simple, easy-to-read, and easy-to-understand stories.
These stories are designed to capture the interest and attention of young children from the ages of 4-9. They will be fascinated by the vibrant colors and the dramatic candid facial or body expressions of the subjects in the photographs.

The intended educational value for this book series and the other future books is to offer effective tools for character building. These stories are sure to include the mention and discussion of core values like respect, responsibility, self-esteem, compassion, making good choices, health and wellness, love, manners, friendships/relationships patience, accountability, leadership, trustworthiness, thoughtfulness and safety, to name a few.

This book series will serve as a responder to help fill a void that currently exists and is widening in our present society, particularly amongst our children. With the spread of negative energy through all forms of media, compounded with the lack of positive role models-from the top down, many of our children are denied exposure to strong core values that could help establish and build healthy foundations for one's character.

The hope is that these animal, bird, and insect subject short stories will effectively communicate messages that will help to turn matters around. The vision is that our young children will grow to become productive, respectful, responsible, patient, accountable, thoughtful and safe.

Each story will feature at least one key word to be noted and remembered. Also, each story will highlight a moral or life lesson. Finally, each story encourages a discussion with follow-up questions.

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ISBN-13: 9781508546795
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 02/18/2015
Series: Character is What We Build , #4
Pages: 26
Product dimensions: 8.00(w) x 10.00(h) x 0.07(d)

About the Author

Dr. James Edward Bruce, Sr. is a native Bostonian who has a genuine passion for writing. All of his more than 25 published books are on the motivational, educational, inspirational and spiritual themes.

This book represents book#4 of 12 to a custom children's book series that is designed to teach and encourage character building tools for children of ages 4-9.

Although this is the first book series of what will become volumes of children's books.

Dr. Bruce serves the Boston Public Schools as a Substitute Teacher for all of its 128 schools. He teaches virtually all subjects in grades K-12, including students with special needs.

Dr. Bruce is concerned and very passionate about the present need for effective character building tools for our young children, particularly from the ages of 5-12. He designed this book as a key tool towards the process of building character among our young children.

This book of animals, birds, and insects is used to foster the connection and relationship that may already exist between children and the animals they adore, or even call friend.

Currently, Dr. Bruce is actively committed to supporting several soon-to-be published authors. He uses as learning and teaching tools his book #10, titled: So, you want to write a book; find out how.

When he wrote and published book #10, he indicated that his goal was to get more people to write and become published authors. He is on a mission.

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