Himalayan Dialogue: Tibetan Lamas & Gurung Shamans In Nepal / Edition 1

Himalayan Dialogue: Tibetan Lamas & Gurung Shamans In Nepal / Edition 1

by Stan Royal Mumford
Pub. Date:
University of Wisconsin Press

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Himalayan Dialogue: Tibetan Lamas & Gurung Shamans In Nepal / Edition 1

In the mountain valleys of Nepal, Tibetan communities have long been established through migrations from the North. Because of these migrations over the last few centuries, Tibetan lamaism, as one of the world's great ritual traditions, can be studied in the Himalayas as a process that emerges through dialogue with the more ancient shamanic tradition which it confronts and criticizes.

Here for the first time is a thorough anthropological study of Tibetan lamaism combining textual analysis with richly contextualized ethnographic data. The rites studied are of the Nyingma Tibetan Buddhist tradition. In contrast to the textual analyses that have viewed the culture as a finished entity, here we see an unbounded ritual process with unfinished interpretations.

Mumford's focus is on the "dialogue" taking place between the lamaist and the shamanic regimes, as a historic development occurring between different cultural layers. The study powerfully demonstrates that interrelationships between subsystems within a given cultural matrix over time are critical to an understanding of religion as a cultural process.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780299119843
Publisher: University of Wisconsin Press
Publication date: 12/15/1989
Series: New Directions in Anthro Writing Series
Edition description: 1
Pages: 300
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.80(d)

Table of Contents

Note on Transliterationxii
Research Area Map4
I.Lamas and Shamans
1.Unbounded and Layered Cultures11
2.Hierarchy and Narrative Memory36
II.Rituals of Life
3.Shamanic Sacrifice and Buddhist Renunciation63
4.Repudiation of the Red Offering80
5.Reciprocal Exchange with the Underworld Serpent Deities (klu)93
6.Rites of Defense: Serving the Guardian Deities (btsan)117
7.Rites of Exorcism: Expelling the Demons (bdud)140
III.Rituals of Death
8.Soul Calling and the Shamanic Matrix167
9.Death Cult of the Ghyabre Shaman180
10.Tibetan Death Rite195
IV.Historical Consciousness
11.Dialogue of Good and Evil Eras227
Appendix A.Local Text Written by Lama Chog Lingpa257
Appendix B.Local Text of Srungma rDo-rje Shugs-ldan261

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