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Hip Hop Essentials [Box Set]

Hip Hop Essentials [Box Set]

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Release Date:
Tommy Boy


Disc 1

  1. Rockin' It
  2. Hey Ladies
  3. South Bronx
  4. Egypt Egypt
  5. Tramp
  6. The Symphony
  7. La di Da Di
  8. Rapper's Delight
  9. Genius Rap
  10. The Ghetto
  11. Scorpio
  12. Supersonic

Disc 2

  1. Rebel Without a Pause
  2. Last Night
  3. Nobody Beats the Biz
  4. Paper Thin
  5. Goin' Back to Cali
  6. Plug Tunin'
  7. Bust a Move
  8. Looking at the Front Door
  9. Cinderfella
  10. Be a Father to Your Child
  11. Nothing Serious, Just Buggin'
  12. F**k Compton

Disc 3

  1. Microphone Fiend
  2. Bonita Applebum
  3. Parents Just Don't Understand
  4. Funky Cold Medina
  5. Gold Digger
  6. F**k the Police
  7. The 900 Number
  8. Bitch Betta Have My Money
  9. This Cut's Got Flavor
  10. Ain't No Half-Steppin'
  11. Humpty Dance
  12. Pee Wee's Dance

Disc 4

  1. White Lines
  2. Roxanne Roxanne
  3. Don't Believe the Hype
  4. Ego Trippin'
  5. Raw
  6. Mentirosa
  7. Around the Way Girl
  8. It's Yours
  9. Sucker Mcs
  10. 8 Million Stories
  11. Go See the Doctor
  12. Me So Horny

Disc 5

  1. That's the Joint
  2. Freedom
  3. Bring the Noize
  4. It Takes Two
  5. Wild Wild West
  6. Fat Boys
  7. Making Cash Money
  8. Ring Ring Ring (Ha Ha Hey)
  9. Jimbrowski
  10. Ladies First
  11. Hey DJ
  12. Money (Dollar Bill Y'all)

Disc 6

  1. The Godfather
  2. Children's Story
  3. My Philosophy
  4. New York, New York
  5. Just to Get a Rep
  6. My Melody
  7. King of Rock
  8. Wild Thing
  9. Just a Friend
  10. The Lover in You
  11. Funk Box Party
  12. We Want Some P

Disc 7

  1. I'm Your Pusher
  2. Talkin' All That Jazz
  3. Planet Rock
  4. The Bubble Bunch
  5. My Mic Sounds Nice
  6. Fight the Power
  7. Walk This Way
  8. Joy & Pain
  9. Sweek Black P***Y
  10. Wrath of My Madness
  11. On the Radio
  12. Doowutchyalike

Disc 8

  1. Funk You Up
  2. The Message
  3. Gucci Time
  4. Colors
  5. Push It
  6. The Gas Face
  7. Slow Down
  8. Mr. Big Stuff
  9. Check the Rhime
  10. Buffalo Gals
  11. Buddy
  12. If I Ruled the World

Disc 9

  1. It's My Thing
  2. It's Funky Enough
  3. PSK What Does It Mean?
  4. Can I Kick It?
  5. Goin' Way Back
  6. Have a Nice Day
  7. P Is Free
  8. Treat 'Em Right
  9. Girls Ain't Nuthin' But Trouble
  10. Let's Talk About Sex
  11. Breakin' Bells (Take Me to the Mardi Gras)
  12. Unity

Disc 10

  1. Top Billin'
  2. La Raza
  3. It's a Demo
  4. It's Like That
  5. The Adventures of Super Rhymes
  6. Pickin' Boogers
  7. Eric B. Is President
  8. The Bridge Is Over
  9. Do This My Way
  10. Jazzy Sensation
  11. The Power
  12. Catch the Beat

Disc 11

  1. Opp
  2. Words I Manifest
  3. Vapors
  4. I Cram 2 Understand U
  5. Spoonin' Rap
  6. I Know You Got Soul
  7. I Got It Made
  8. Body Rock
  9. Wild Thang
  10. Posse on Broadway
  11. 8th Wonder
  12. Fresh Is the Word

Disc 12

  1. The Breaks
  2. Hold It Now, Hit It
  3. Looking for the Perfect Beat
  4. Rock Box
  5. Cold Getting Dumb
  6. The Bridge
  7. Me, Myself & I
  8. Live at the Barbeque
  9. Played Like a Piano
  10. We Got Our Own Thang
  11. It's Magic
  12. Weekend

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Nas   Master of Ceremonies
Joe Fatal   Master of Ceremonies
Breeze   Master of Ceremonies

Technical Credits

Audio Two   Producer
Rob Base   Producer
Beastie Boys   Composer
Big Daddy Kane   Composer
Kurtis Blow   Producer
Egyptian Lover   Composer,Producer
Naughty by Nature   Producer
Mix-A-Lot   Producer
Lowell Fulson   Composer
Jimmy McCracklin   Composer
Arthur Baker   Producer
Adrian Belew   Composer
James Brown   Composer
Paul Simon   Composer
Leon Sylvers   Composer
Roy Ayers   Composer
Gerald Wilson   Composer
Edwin Birdsong   Composer
Full Force   Producer
King Tee   Composer
Keith LeBlanc   Composer
Craig G   Composer
45 King & Louie   Producer
Alan Gorrie   Composer
Dr. Dre   Producer
Guru   Producer
Bobby Byrd   Composer
3rd Bass   Producer
Afrika Bambaataa   Composer,Producer
William Allen   Composer
Edward Anderson   Composer
Roger Ball   Composer
Dennis Bell   Producer
Biz Markie   Producer
Bomb Squad   Producer
Angela Brown   Composer
Toni C.   Composer
Harry Wayne "K.C." Casey   Composer
Jiggs Chase   Composer
B. Collins   Composer
Lyn Collins   Engineer
Tony D.   Producer
DJ Premier   Producer
Malcolm Duncan   Composer
Eaton   Producer
Keith Elam   Composer
Steve Ferrone   Composer
Richard Finch   Composer
Chris Frantz   Composer
Doug E. Fresh   Producer
Tony G.   Producer
Nathaniel Glover   Composer
Berry Gordy   Composer
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Ice-T   Composer,Producer
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KRS-One   Composer,Producer
Buddy Kaye   Composer
Scott La Rock   Producer
Malcolm McLaren   Composer
Marley Marl   Producer
Kevin McKenzie   Composer
Dewayne Blackbyrd McKnight   Composer
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Ali Shaheed Muhammad   Composer
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Joey Robinson   Producer
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Sylvia Robinson   Composer,Producer
Rick Rubin   Composer,Producer,Executive Producer
Carl Ryder   Producer
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Tom Silverman   Producer,Executive Producer
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Russell Simmons   Composer,Producer
Larry Smith   Composer
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Jimmy Spicer   Composer
Steven Stanley   Composer
Charles Stepney   Composer
Touré   Liner Notes
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Peter Brown   Producer
Dave Jolicouer   Composer
Mark James   Composer

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