Hiring the Heavens: A Practical Guide to Developing Working Relationships with the Spirits of Creation

Hiring the Heavens: A Practical Guide to Developing Working Relationships with the Spirits of Creation

by Jean Slatter


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In Hiring the Heavens, Jean Slatter turns abstract expressions, such as "God is within you" and "ask and you shall receive" into something more concrete, more immediate and real. She suggests readers recognize themselves as part of the divine plan of creation and teaches them to simply believe that the "angels for hire" can help them solve problems, both small ("jewel sleuth" to find missing pearls or "spiritual connoisseur" to find a great restaurant) and large ("romance committee" or "spiritual employment counselor"). While written in a light-hearted style, the book is based on the serious concept that everyone is part of "God" and that, like parents, God expects everyone at some point to grow up spiritually and take charge, and that the heavens will support the process if called upon. Using personal stories and real-world examples, Slatter shows how she transformed her life by "hiring the heavens" — and how the reader can, too.

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ISBN-13: 9781577315124
Publisher: New World Library
Publication date: 03/03/2005
Pages: 128
Sales rank: 381,086
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 6.00(h) x (d)

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Hiring the Heavens

A Practical Guide to Developing Working Relationships with the Spirits of Creation

By Jean Slatter

New World Library

Copyright © 2005 Jean Slatter
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-57731-738-8


Bringing Heaven Down to earth

Do you feel connected to Spirit? I'm not talking about whether or not you have a religious background or affiliation. I'm talking about being connected to the power of the Heavens — and bringing it right down here to Earth to use in your everyday life.

For many people, spiritual connection means going to church and praying. And even though they may believe they have a soul or spirit within, they feel separate from the power of the Universe. They can worship it and form religions around it, but it remains outside of them. Only in times of crisis or in service of a noble cause do they feel justified in calling upon that power — and even then they believe the response (or lack thereof is entirely up to God.

Even those of us who believe in our oneness with Spirit often find it difficult to envision such a tremendous force as a tangible, viable energy in our daily lives. The idea that we're all part of God may be inspiring, but it's just pretty prose unless we can somehow get it into bite-sized pieces.

What we really need is a way to make our lives better, a way to be happier and more at ease — to find a fulfilling job, create a great marriage, help our kids, be a good friend, pay our bills, and reduce the stress in our lives. We all want to get through the day with as much grace and wisdom as possible.

We need help with the real stuff in life — the ups and downs and challenges and yearnings we experience every day. If the power of the Heavens can't be brought down to that level, then of what earthly use is it? I don't expect to be creating planets anytime soon, do you?

It's amazing, really. Many of us believe we are divine vessels in physical form, and yet, take any mundane human problem, such as a bill that needs to be paid or a deadline that's too close, and suddenly we forget all about that. We may believe we were born with the power that created the world, but we fall apart when we have to create a workable schedule! Somehow our true nature gets buried under the constant hum of our busy minds, our busy lives, and our busy fears. Despite all the poetic reassurance of the omnipotent support within us that's provided by popular religion these days, we still feel alone.

But what if it could be different? Let's explore a shift in perception that will make your connection to the creative force of the Heavens so real you can reach out and grasp it, one that will turn familiar but abstract expressions, such as "God is within you," and "Ask and you shall receive," into something immediate and real. Suddenly the expansive power of the Universe, which seemed so impossible to relate to, will be sitting right in the palm of your hand. God — and all of the Heavens — will become your ally and your confidant, sitting right beside you and supporting your every intention.

In these pages you'll discover a fresh, revitalized way of looking at spirituality that will ever so gently bring God down to Earth. And consider this: What if that's exactly where He's always wanted to be? What if He's been calling to you all along, reminding you that you are an extension of Him, and that as such it is your prerogative — no, your God-given mission — to take command of this omnipresent power? As far as I'm concerned, the most important message in my book is this: by divine design we are creators, and it is our birthright — indeed, our directive — to joyfully wield the power of the Universe.

This bears repeating: we are extensions of the creative energy of the Universe, and this vast resource is always available to us. The same creative force that existed from the beginning of time is our essential nature. Flowing through each of us is a dynamic energy that is ours to use deliberately to create the life we desire. Its potential is unlimited, unbounded — and it belongs to us all.

When we see ourselves as divinely sanctioned creators, something quite amazing happens. The transformation is unmistakable. We live life from a different vantage point. We recognize our authority to summon the vast resources of the Heavens and all of the eager spiritual assistance that's available for everything we do. We discover that all conceivable tasks can be facilitated and orchestrated and all conceivable problems can be solved by our connection to this incredible power. With this new awareness we can shape our lives purposefully, creating joy and fulfillment with such ease that it feels like a miracle. From now on our lives can be deliberate, joyful expressions of the infinite Source of all creation and possibilities. Heaven can finally be brought down to Earth.

It's really quite simple. It's as near as your next thought — or even closer. Even if you read no more than the first few chapters of this book, your life can be changed forever.

As Oliver Wendell Holmes said, "A mind stretched by a new idea can never go back to its original dimensions."

Are you ready to have your mind stretched?


Hiring in the spiritual Realm

Just for fun, imagine that the spiritual world is every bit as diverse as our own physical world. Imagine that it possesses every personality, style, skill, interest, motivation, talent, and ability that we humans do. For example, here on Earth we find people with all kinds of personality traits. Some are funny, some are analytical, some are spontaneous or assertive or efficient. We also find people with every possible talent, ability, and job description. Some are exceptional as teachers, some as negotiators, some as gardeners or counselors or child-care providers.

Now imagine that all of these characteristics and job descriptions also exist in the nonphysical dimension, that every subject has a match in the spiritual realm. Science, mathematics, art, music, philosophy, construction, and every other possible arena all have their spiritual doubles. For a talent or ability to exist here on Earth, its corresponding nonphysical energy must also exist.

Next, imagine that this entire universe of celestial experts and attributes is yours for the asking. Imagine that the Spirits of Creation are standing ready to assist you in making your world. Believe that not only is the power to summon that creativity flowing through you, it is your divine right — divine assignment, even — to wield it.

I have seen that what I've just described is true. How could this reality change your life? What if all of these skills, traits, and talents were indeed at your fingertips?

The Universal Yellow Pages

Let's go even further and imagine that each of us has access to the expansive, unabridged, revised-every-minute Yellow Pages of the Universe. Next time you're in need of a special talent or skill, let your imagination do the walking! Whatever project or need you may have, I invite you to open the Universal Yellow Pages and choose the professionals with the perfect skills to assist you.

If a talent or ability exists here on Earth, the Universal Yellow Pages has a section for it. In fact, even if you've never heard of anyone with the exact package of skills and traits you're looking for, you can be confident that somewhere in the Universe, precisely what you need is lined up and ready to serve you, just waiting to be asked.

This concept is easy to work with because it utilizes a template you are already comfortable with. Your conscious mind is familiar with the process of hiring from the physical Yellow Pages, so to imagine doing the same thing in the nonphysical dimension is also a simple process. Suddenly, connecting with Spirit becomes as conceivable as any other endeavor. You create the thought, you bring in the talent and energy and ability, and then your request begins to fulfill itself.

Contemplate for a moment how easily some things just fall into place as if they were meant to be, how chance meetings serendipitously occur as if written in a play. What about the way you sometimes get an impulse to go somewhere that puts you in the perfect place at the perfect time? Wouldn't it be wonderful to increase the frequency of these amazing so-called coincidences? That's what can happen every day when you open the Universal Yellow Pages and let the Universe arrange and orchestrate the details of your intentions.

Think Heavens First

On the physical plane we always seem to be dealing with limited resources: not enough money, not enough time, not enough people or experts. If we switch our perception to the Universe, those restrictions don't apply, so just imagine that you have all the money, time, and resources in the world to hire whatever kind of assistance your mind can come up with.

Let's say you're planning a trip to another country. I encourage you to think about the heavenly resource pool first and hire a spiritual travel agent and a spiritual activities coordinator to help make it the most enjoyable visit ever. But don't stop there. Remember, your invisible helpers can facilitate anything you think of. You can bring in a spiritual tour guide to show you around, a spiritual translator to bridge the language gap, and a spiritual comedian to make sure there's plenty of laughter during the trip.

Likewise, if you want a new house, think Heavens first and hire a spiritual real-estate agent.

Ready for a better job? Get some inspiration from a spiritual job hunter.

Looking for a new car? Hire a spiritual car salesman.

Feeling overextended? Ask for a spiritual time manager.

Having trouble with your computer? Requisition a spiritual computer tutor to figure out how to solve the problem.

Feeling uneasy about driving in an unfamiliar neighborhood alone? Call spiritual 911 and request a celestial police escort.

Are you getting a feel for this? You can enhance every aspect of your life by tapping into the aptitudes of the Universe. Help from the Divine can facilitate everything you do. Think Heavens first, and you'll thank Heavens!

Angels for Hire

My guidance wants you to know that there are thousands of unemployed angels. Don't ever think your problem is too trivial for you to call upon divine assistance. Don't ever think you might be bothering the celestial helpers. You're not bothering them; you're giving them a job! Think of the world of Spirit as someone you can talk to about anything — or nothing in particular. There's no reason to put on airs or speak in a stiff, formal voice. Spirit knows you. Be real, be spontaneous, be silly — be anything that makes you feel close to this incredibly warm and loving energy. Know that Spirit is honored to be included in every detail of your life. Truly, this is where you'll find unconditional love and the best friend you could ever have.

Angel Express Card

To make the Hiring the Heavens process even more fun and familiar, imagine that you've been given an Angel Express Card, a celestial credit card (with no credit limit) that is accepted everywhere. It's at your disposal, and with it you can hire invisible assistants to help advance your dreams and goals, your projects, your relationships, your life's work, your spur-of-the-moment fun.

On page 119, you'll find a couple of Angel Express Cards, whimsical reminders that these resources are always abundantly available, everywhere you go. Put one in your wallet and never leave home without it!


hire Away

Now that you've got your Angel Express Card, you're ready to begin hiring. You'll appreciate the fact that when you hire in the spiritual realm, there are no applications to review, no résumés to read, and no appointments to make. The hiring process is as simple and effortless as your imagination. Think back to when you were a kid. As children, we never had any trouble imagining our most exciting adventures and fantastic wishes. Asking for what we wanted was second nature. Can you remember playing in your own world, one that was filled with imaginary characters? Perhaps you were a castaway on an island, saved by a group of friendly villagers. Perhaps you were a detective, certain you were close to solving the case with the fortuitous assistance of passing street vendors. Whatever your game was, you knew you could create characters at will, even change them midstory if it suited your plot. You never dreamed there were any restrictions on how many characters you could involve or their level of prestige. If you wanted a king or a pauper, you just imagined them.

That's what hiring in the spiritual realm is like. Bring out the child in you and imagine the most fantastic adventure you can. Experience your day-to-day life with a secret world inside your world that is assisting you at every turn. Loosen your belt of restrictions and drop any notions of limitation. Open the Universal Yellow Pages and have fun as you expand your mind and discover that you can access whatever energy you wish to bring in, no holds barred. You may find that visualization works for you, and you can picture handing your celestial hires their job descriptions. Or it may feel more natural to you to simply make a verbal request like "I could really use an expert for this situation." It doesn't matter what method you use! The only requirement is your intention. Simply intend, and the assistance will be there. Remember that help is there for any and every aspect of your life — from the mundane to the profound.

Dare to Dream Your Biggest Dream

As adults we stop dreaming and imagining because we think we have to figure out how it will all happen. We are inhibited by the rules and statistics of other people's lives. I encourage you to leave the how up to your celestial workforce. Whenever other people tell you what is or isn't possible according to their experience or understanding, silently say, "Yes, but that's not true in my world." Smile to yourself, knowing that your spiritual power team isn't restricted by those rules and statistics. All things are possible from a place of grace. So go ahead and dare to dream the biggest dream you can imagine. Go for it even if they say it can't be done. You are a creator, and the Heavens will part the seas and roll out the red carpet to support you. Dare to ask for the unrealistic, the impossible, the outrageous. Dare to expand your horizons to the Heavens, where all things are possible.

As Robert Browning said, "Ah, but a man's reach should exceed his grasp, or what's Heaven for?"

... And Your Smallest

Likewise, we often stop ourselves from seeking assistance because we think our requests are too small. We feel awkward asking the Universe to go to all the trouble of arranging circumstances just to our liking. Imagine asking the Powers That Be to arrange the weather for a special day, or to clear the traffic ahead so we can get to an appointment on time. Isn't that a bit selfish? Do we think the whole world revolves around us? The real truth is, yes! The whole world does revolve around every one of us. If we are indeed creating our world in each moment anyway, why not create it the way we want it to be? When we realize this, we understand that far from being selfish or conceited, we are joyfully fulfilling our God-given assignment. Could we possibly think it's somehow more righteous to create something that makes us unhappy? Be assured that the Universe delights in arranging every little detail for the express purpose of putting a smile on your face, a twinkle in your eye, and a skip in your step.


Heavenly Hiring in action

Just imagine the possibilities! It's such a comfort to know that no matter what challenge you are facing, big or small, help is just a thought away. Given all the tremendous stresses of our busy lives, it's easy to feel alone, with nowhere to turn for help. Not anymore! You will soon have a whole new awareness and appreciation for the tremendous support the Universe has to offer you.

Stories from the Spiritual Temp-Agency Files

Let's get an idea of how the fantastic assistance of celestial helpers has worked for other people. These true-life examples of the heavenly hiring practice deal with what I call the Spiritual Temp Agency. This is the placement agency that handles your quick-hires whenever you have a specific short-term need. Since I've been teaching these principles, dozens of people have enthusiastically shared their delightful stories with me.


Excerpted from Hiring the Heavens by Jean Slatter. Copyright © 2005 Jean Slatter. Excerpted by permission of New World Library.
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Table of Contents


PREFACE: Setting the Stage,
CHAPTER 1: Bringing Heaven Down to Earth,
CHAPTER 2: Hiring in the Spiritual Realm,
CHAPTER 3: Hire Away,
CHAPTER 4: Heavenly Hiring in Action,
CHAPTER 5: The Pivotal Moment,
CHAPTER 6: The Big Picture,
CHAPTER 7: Hiring as the Creator,
CHAPTER 8: Designing Your Committees,
CHAPTER 9: Conversing with Spirit,
CHAPTER 10: How Does It Work?,
CHAPTER 11: What Will It Cost Me?,
CHAPTER 12: The Realization of You,
About the Author,
Angel Express Card,
Committee Worksheets,

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