His Dark Bond

His Dark Bond

by Anne Marsh


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He Hungers For Her Body. . .

Zer is no angel—well, not anymore. He's explored every flavor of sin imaginable, drinking in the pleasures of humanity. But now he must find the woman who carries his salvation in her very blood. . .a woman like Nessa St. James.

And Her Soul

Nessa has considered the bargain the Fallen offer. Anything she wants in exchange for accepting Zer's bond? No way. Not her. Not when she finds out about the mind-blowing ritual involved, and the marks of surrender that will ink her skin. But with a serial killer to stop and centuries of experience on his side, this is one job Zer's going to nail.

"A master world builder. . ." —Romantic Times

Praise for Anne Marsh and her novels

"Bond With Me is a superb romantic urban fantasy." —Harriet Klausner

"Fans of fallen angels will eat this one up." —Anna's Book Blog

After ten years of graduate school and too many degrees, Anne Marsh escaped to become a technical writer. When not planted firmly in front of the laptop translating Engineer into English, Anne enjoys gardening, running (even if it's just to the 7-11 for Slurpees), and reading books curled up with her kids. The best part of writing romance, however, is finally being able to answer the question: "So. . .what do you do with a PhD in Slavic Languages and Literatures?" She lives in Northern California with her husband, two kids and four cats.

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ISBN-13: 9780758266798
Publisher: Kensington
Publication date: 02/01/2012
Edition description: Original
Pages: 368
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 8.20(h) x 1.00(d)

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His Dark Bond

By Anne Marsh


Copyright © 2012 Anne Marsh
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-0-7582-6679-8

Chapter One

Zer made the run to G2's, coming into the club from the roof because he had energy to burn and he got off on the sheer physical pleasure of pounding across the rooftops, leaping the empty spaces between the buildings. Beautiful thing about all that space was that you just never knew when your foot might slip. If only it was that easy to finally bite it. Put an end to millennia of emptiness. To the suspicion that maybe, just maybe, you'd been exiled from the Heavens because you weren't good enough and not because of a well-engineered setup.

Security met him as soon as his boot hit the rooftop, of course—because Zer's lieutenant, Brends, wasn't an idiot, and the male looked after his own with the tenacity of a starving hound—but the patrol recognized his face even before he snarled the password. Everyone knew who Zer was. The sire. The one who was supposed to lead the Fallen out of this shit storm and back to glory. Never mind that he was at least a thousand years overdue.

Two males, one on his left and the other flanking his right. If they'd wanted to take him out, they'd missed their chance. He'd been vulnerable when his boot hit the edge, but now he was on solid ground.

Leather duster flying around him, he took the stairs down to the club floor, taking out his frustration and his restless energy on the anonymous stairwell with the stark linoleum and aseptic guardrails. Moving silently downward, his shadow gliding over the steps before him, he considered what he'd learned in the last week.

The nightly fights against the rogues preying on the human population of M City were only the tip of the iceberg. The desire to drink human emotions was worse than any drug. The rogues were Fallen who either no longer could or would control their urge to drink human emotions. Lost to that dark hunger, they rampaged out of control, insane and indulging in sprees of violence as they drank their human victims to death.

Worse, Cuthah, the corrupt Dominion who'd engineered the Fallen's exile from the Heavens, was clearly massing the army he'd threatened to raise. Sure, the motherfucker had flat out said as much during his last heart-to-heart with the Fallen, but Zer had hoped—for longer than he should have—that Cuthah had merely been grandstanding, doing a little posturing because the male had been on the losing end of the fight and was looking to save face.

No such luck.

Maybe Zer should have just let the rogues do their thing. The Heavens might have evicted the Dominions' asses, but they hadn't put out a kill order. Not yet. Some of the Fallen still fought for redemption. The others gave in to the soul thirst and became rogues. Fuck if he knew why he fought, though, other than that he was, like it or not, still the leader of the Fallen three thousand years after their disastrous Fall from grace, and he'd never walked away from a fight.

Plus, Zer and his brothers might be debauched sensualists who enjoyed more than their fair share of earthy pleasures, but they did not kill innocents. Seduce, yes, murder, no.

The humans grinding on the crowded dance floor gave him a wide berth when he strode into the club.

He planted himself in the club's private banquette and then propped his feet on the table. His seat in his world. He was king here and everyone—human and Fallen—knew it.

The gaping avenue in the dancing crowd closed up once he was safely stowed in the banquette, the music kicking up in volume to match the drug-induced euphoria of the crowd. Sin and sex. His humans stank of both vices. Like the addict he was, he opened his senses, drinking down the delicious cocktail. Unable to experience emotion themselves, the Fallen depended on the humans around them to provide it. There were a few ways to tap into that emotion, but the best was sex. And Zer was hungry for it.

Wanting more.

Always more.

"You find the females on the list?" Nael, one of Zer's lieutenants, didn't waste time with meet-and-greet. The leatherclad Fallen dropped into the seat across from Zer.

A female deposited a tray of bottles and glasses at the table, running her eyes down the hard muscles of Zer's forearms. The interest was automatic, as was the revulsion when her gaze hit the black ink on his wrists and she realized what he was. Not a Goblin-lover, that human, although clearly she was willing to take her paycheck and work the club floor. Her loss. She'd have made more from Zer in one night than she had at her job in a week.

He spared her departing ass a quick glance. The female moved quickly but sleekly, the muscles in her thighs tightening with each stride. She'd have been a hot ride, he thought regretfully. Able to keep up. Ride him half the night and then some.

He'd have liked to taste her.

Unfortunately, with the thirst riding him hard, one taste wouldn't have been enough. He'd have taken another. And another. Until he killed her, and he wasn't going rogue. Not tonight.

"I haven't looked." He'd been too busy killing rogues and hanging on to the shreds of his sanity. Without removing his feet from the table, Zer reached out a long arm and snagged a bottle. Popping the top, he poured himself a shot of well-iced Armadale.

"Soon," Nael suggested. "We get to them first, before Cuthah does, and we're one up on him if they're really soul mates and not just bond mates."

G2's was full of would-be bond mates—humans who were more than willing to temporarily trade their souls to the Fallen in exchange for a favor. One favor for one soul. Catch was, the larger favor, the longer the bond lasted. That wasn't Zer's problem.

No, his problem was that, when the Archangel Michael had exiled the Dominions, stripping them of their wings and their emotions and condemning them to a near-eternity on Earth as Goblins, he'd also dangled the promise of redemption. If a Goblin found his soul mate. One soul mate for each Fallen angel, or so Michael had sworn—one human woman who could redeem her predestined mate and restore his wings. It had taken three thousand years to find the first soul mate and Zer wasn't happy with the odds of finding more.

Michael's henchman Cuthah had already killed off every potential soul mate he could lay hands on to prevent the Fallen from regaining access to the Heavens; these four had to be next on his list. "We've got names, so they shouldn't be that hard to find." Truth. The only real question was to whom these females would belong. Wrapping his fingers around the slowly warming sides of his glass, Zer sprawled back in his chair, his eyes moving with deadly interest over the writhing crowd below them.

Most of the club's dancers were human. The hired ones paid with a weekly check were sliding sweat-slicked bodies along the steel-and-glass poles, flashing wicked, almost-there leather thongs and bracelets of diamonds on their wrists and ankles as they moved. The music was a primal beat that penetrated the dancing crowd like a lover, and, wherever Zer looked, he saw the telltale possessive flare in the guests' eyes as they eyed the wicked choices on offer.

G2's only rule was pleasure. But the currency of the realm was spiritual. You wanted the Fallen's favor, you paid for it. With part of your soul. At G2's a night of unforgettable pleasure could be the ritual sealing a dangerous bargain: the granting of a Goblin favor, anything a human might wish for, in exchange for a piece of that human's soul.

Surprisingly, all too many of the dancers there were ready to make that bargain. For the Fallen, it was the best way to slake the inevitable soul thirst.

Spreading out the crumpled page, Zer didn't need to read the words to know what they said. This hit list he knew by heart. Four names. Four potential soul mates. Recon the females, do a little search-and-forcible-retrieval. Once he had these females secured in G2's, he'd let his brothers do the picking and choosing. Match themselves up to their soul mates.

It would have been simpler if they could just choose a couple of tonight's dancers from the club floor. Those females wanted to be here, wanted what the Fallen had to offer. Maybe, these four would, too. Maybe, they'd be just as easy to seduce and wouldn't have any issue with offering themselves up, body and soul, for a little one-on-one with the Fallen if the price was right. No way to know unless he went after them.

"Find an address for me."

With a curt nod, Nael took a handheld from the pocket of his duster. The military-grade casing was an invitation to drive a Humvee over the ruggedized hardware. Like the brother, nothing short of nuclear holocaust would crack that case. Pretty as hell but Teflon strong. Nael had no issues with who or what he was now, and that made him Zer's right hand.

There was the click of ice cubes and computer keys as Nael did his thing. After a few long minutes, he looked up.

"Got one."

"Just one?"

"You need more than that for a start? Besides, she's close at hand. She must not be the clubbing type, or we'd have seen her in here."

Did you just look at your soul mate and know? Long experience told Zer that nothing ever was that easy. The out clause on Michael's sentence came with a lengthy list of caveats and restrictions. No way Michael had made it as easy as accidentally bumping into a female on the sidewalk. Or a dance floor.

They'd learned that when Brends found the first of them.

And, truth be told, he didn't envy Brends his soul mate; that was an emotional ball-and-chain, and Zer didn't do bondage. Not unless—a hard smile creased his face—he got to be on top. Domination was bred deep into his genes, and, whether Brends admitted it or not, he'd put his heart and soul into the hands of a human female.

Zer turned his glass in his hand, the damp-beaded glass reflecting the unholy glow of his eyes back to him. Damned beast.

Nael eyed him. "You want me to find another female?"

Nael would, too. God, the brother loved the Internet, databases, and a clever hack job. In this case, breaking code and violating at least a dozen human privacy laws to get the information Zer needed.

"No." It really didn't matter where he started. "Which one you got?"

"One Dr. Nessa St. James. Assistant professor at M City's finest university. Up for tenure this year and—get this—specializes in genetics and biblical studies. The human who developed the pee-on-a-stick DNA testing kit." Nael waggled his eyebrows.

Nessa St. James's life was about to do a 180. Zer hadn't expected to find the next soul mate gyrating on his club floor, but a teacher? Hell, his boys would chew her up and spit her out before breakfast. She'd require hand-holding, and he did not do hand-holding. Ever.

"She's one of the top geneticists in the world, Zer." Nael flipped the handheld around so Zer could squint at the small screen.

Ignoring the screen, he stared at Nael, and Nael stared back. The good doctor was on Cuthah's list—which marked her as a potential soul mate—and she had the skills to unravel Cuthah's little biological bomb. Cuthah had claimed the soul mates bore the equivalent of a biological bar code—a little hey-look-at-me in their DNA. While Zer wasn't sure he believed Cuthah's claim, he still needed to check it out. Yeah, opportunity was knocking here.

"We should get her," Nael pointed out, as if waltzing into a university and plucking out the particular human they required was just a walk in the proverbial park.

"She'll have a price." All he had to do, Zer decided, was find out what she wanted. What she coveted. Money could fix anything. He'd buy up her lab, cut off her grant funding. Then, because he was feeling mean, mean and thirstier than hell, he'd cut off her library card. She wouldn't get whatever it was she wanted from her life until she gave him what he wanted.

Her soul.

"You want me to juice you up?" Nael looked like he knew precisely how thirsty Zer was. Brother wouldn't have made an offer he didn't mean, though, and that was just one of the reasons Zer valued the male. Nael had his back. No matter what. If Zer went rogue and needed a helping hand with a blade to end it all, Nael would do it and wouldn't ask questions, either.

So Nael would seduce a human female and let Zer sip the woman's soul if that's what it took to make sure his sire left G2's at full strength. Christ. It wasn't as if the dancers minded. Hell, that was why they were there, doing the bump-and-grind on this particular dance floor. They wanted to be chosen, wanted to win that lottery ticket. Zer resented the desperate need coiling through him, but there was no avoiding it. He had to drink, soon, and he didn't trust himself to do the seducing.

Not anymore.

"Yeah." He jerked his head in a too-quick nod. He wanted to say something else, acknowledge what the brother was doing for him, but what was the point? They both knew Zer hung on by his fingertips and that the whole fucking mess would come crashing down when he let go.

"I love takeout." A slow, heated smile curled the edges of Nael's mouth, but Zer couldn't help noticing that it didn't reach his eyes. Brother knew he was pimping, and even for his sire, it had to sting. He'd find a way to repay his brother.

Beside him, Nael was running a discriminating eye over the dancers, like a housewife at a farmer's market. Too old, too stale, not right. He finally settled on a kitten-eyed blonde who looked like she hadn't done innocent since grade school. When Nael shot her that long, slow smile of his, she came gliding across the dance floor as if there was some sort of chain connecting her to Nael. Her hips writhed sensuously, never losing the throbbing beat of the music, and Zer would have staked his immortal soul that she felt that pulse straight down to her pussy.

She'd do.

Nael didn't bother with chatting the female up about the weather, just gave her the once-over and reached for her, wrapping his large hands around her corseted waist. When he kissed her, a deep, openmouthed, wet kiss, Zer felt the shock of her pleasure straight down to his own toes. She hadn't believed it could be like this.

She broke off the kiss long enough to ask, "He watching?" She gestured toward Zer, and he stared back at her.

"Yeah." Nael nipped at her mouth with his, his fingers pressing through her hair to find a sensitive spot on her scalp that made her purr. "You don't mind that. You just come on over here and tell me what you want."

When he pulled the female down onto his lap, her pale legs straddled him as if he was her favorite ride.

"Kiss me," she answered. The dark flush of arousal colored her skin. She smelled of expensive perfume and even more expensive beauty lotions. A consumer. Those shoes she was wrapping around his brother's back were five-inch heels, reducing her walk to a careful, sensual shimmy. The straps crisscrossed her ankles, snaking up to her bare knees like a lover's tongue. They sure as hell didn't reach anywhere near the microscopic leather skirt that stopped just south of her ass. Nael's hands smoothed the fabric away. He whispered a throaty question. Asking permission to go further.

The female meant nothing to either of them but a temporary way to stave off the hunger riding them. Nael touched her, because Zer didn't trust himself anymore. He couldn't give her the care, the pleasure that she wanted. That she deserved for giving herself to satisfy their carnal hungers. He was so damn thirsty for the taste of her soul, he'd have drained her dry.

He wasn't that kind of killer. Not yet.

Had Michael known what he'd condemned the Fallen to? That question tormented him, but it didn't stop him from drinking, sucking down the taste of the female's soul like she was water and he was dying in the desert. Stale water, yeah, but water nonetheless. He could feel the power flowing through him, the sick ecstasy of feeling, even if they were secondhand emotions. The female coming apart in Nael's arms thought she'd died and gone to heaven, but she had no clue.


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His Dark Bond 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 32 reviews.
Jutzie More than 1 year ago
His Dark Bond by Anne Marsh Fallen Series Book 2 Zer is the leader of the Fallen and carries the guilt for them being where they are. He believes he has nothing but coldness left in him and that he is walking the thin line between sanity and rogue. When they find a potential soul mate he refuses to consider himself in the running….that he don’t deserve redemption. And yet he feels drawn the beautiful professor. Nessa St. James has just found out her job is in jeopardy unless she wants to work for a man she dislikes or if she can raise funds. As if that doesn’t make her day suck….she is now being kidnapped by the Fallen! And they want her to bond with one of them. To confuse her more the leader, Zer, seems to run hot and cold. Acting as if he’s drawn to her but wanting her to choose one of his brothers and not him to bond with. And her life seemed to be going so well. **Strong sexual situations and language
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is the second book in a hopefully long, long series. Once again Marsh writes a thrilling, sexy, and very enticing romance. Highly recommended if you like fantasy and fiery romance!
AVoraciousReadr More than 1 year ago
Excellent book 2! Zer is the leader, the sire, of the Dominions. Now that they are Fallen Angels he is still their leader and for over 3,000 years he’s led them on Earth. 3,000 years is a long time to hope that they will find their soul mates and be admitted back into the Heavens. Many of his brothers have turned rogue and he’s had to imprison or kill them. Zer discovers that Cuthah, the lieutenant of Michael the Archangel, has been tracking and killing the soul mates through the years because he has an agenda all his own and it does not include allowing the Fallen back to guard the celestial throne. It’s a race for Zer and his brothers to find the rest of the soul mates before Cuthah does. Nessa St. James is an Assistant Professor at one of M City’s universities, holds degrees in genetics and biblical studies, developed a pee-on-the-stick DNA test and has the extra chromosome in her DNA that marks her as a potential soul mate. Little does she realize her life is about to be turned upside down. This second book in The Fallen series is another winner. I’m still hooked and waiting for the next one. The plot is gut clenching, the story flows smoothly and the characters are interesting and well-developed. I am a little concerned that there is not more mention of Pell and Dathan. They seem to be forgotten most of the time. Is this deliberate or an oversight? I’d like to see a bit more of them in future books. While I really enjoyed Zer and Nessa’s story I have to admit to some serious intrigue about a rogue that was briefly introduced in the scene where Cuthah was recruiting in the Preserve. Who is he? And, most importantly, will we see him again? I certainly hope so! *The publisher provided a copy of this book to me for review. Please see disclaimer page on my blog.
DevonKF More than 1 year ago
Good book! Marsh continues the storylines of Zer and crew in an erotic battle between human, rouges and Cuthah. Nessa is a fun character that's well matched for Zer. I hope to hear there's a third book to come that addresses Nael's and Vkhin's fates.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Loved the first onr but live this one even more! Can't WAIT for #3!!!
TSteiner More than 1 year ago
I knew dark angels were bad, but I had no idea! Zer is the leader of the Fallen and he will redeem his fellow angels, no matter what he needs to do. Finally, things are looking up for the Fallen and he is determined to ensure that he and his brethren will be back where they belong, in heaven. One human woman is not going to get in his way. He is bigger and stronger and she will do what he says. Nessa St. James is a brilliant woman who has no idea what she is in store for. All she wants to do is continue her research on the mysterious thirtieth tribe, but that has now been taken away from her. Suddenly her world is filled with danger, death and angels. She is being forced into a world she has no desire to be part of and Zer will regret the day he kidnapped her. Time is running out for the Fallen. They are weakening and they need their soul mates to earn their wings back. For centuries they have searched for these women, but as time progressed and no soul mates were found, the Fallen started to believe that this option for redemption was a lie concocted by the archangel Michael. Now that a soul mate has been discovered, it is a race to find other women that can save the Fallen. Nessa very well may hold the key to their salvation. Too bad she has no desire to become involved. Anne Marsh’s take on fallen angels is just wonderful. She has taken an old tale and put a whole new spin on things. The Fallen were wrongly accused and cased out. Now they are living life to the fullest, waiting for the right time to seek their revenge; if time and madness don’t take them down first. Let me just say, even though His Dark Bond is about angels, there are no religious connotations. I’m not sure how Ms. Marsh does it, but she does. The Fallen are bad boys to the core, but she has an ability to make them loveable, ok that might just be pushing it a bit, likeable. At first glance, these men are pure evil. They have turned their corner of Russia into their own and they rule with an iron fist. Guns, murder, and lust are all theirs and they own it. It’s not until you are allowed into their secret world that you can comprehend their reasons and see that things are not always as they appear. But make no mistake, they don’t care what you think of them and they will do anything to get their wings back. Zer feels he is not worthy of redemption and will sacrifice Nessa to one of his brothers. No matter how he feels about her. Nessa will not go down without a fight and Zer has misinterpreted the wrong woman. Their power play was fun to read. I was completely drawn into this fascinating corner of Russia. Ms. Marsh has filled this novel with amazing action sequences and steamy sexual tension. Even though I found some faults with the probability at the end, I enjoyed the book as a whole. She has written a wonder new universe and I can’t wait to see what is next for these delightfully evil angels.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Love this series. This srcond book is a very fast read and just as good as the first. If you are looking for something aling the same lines considder the black dagger brotherhood - much more indepth but just as steamy. I look foreard to more from anne marsh.
jrobe10689 More than 1 year ago
This is a series that should be read in order. Loved it and looking for more.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Loved the Fallen Angel twist. Zer and Nessa were perfect. Hope the series continue. Would love to see Nael and Vkhin find their soulmates.
DarkFaerieTales on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Review Courtesy of Dark Faerie TalesQuick & Dirty: This incredibly hot romance has fabulous world building, bad boy angels, and is packed with paranormal action scenes.Opening Sentence: Three thousand years ago, rebellion ripped apart the Heavens.The Review:Once again we¿re back in 2090, following the Fallen into dystopian Moscow¿now called M City. The Fallen used to be angels, the Dominions of Heaven charged with defending the Celestial Throne, until they were betrayed and rebelled against the Archangel Michael. Michael cast them out of the Heavens, stripped of their wings and softer emotions. But Michael left the Fallen a loophole. If they can find their soul mates, the equivalent of finding a needle in a haystack, they can regain their wings. So for three thousand years they¿ve been searching, bonding with every woman they can in the hopes of finding their soul mate. But Cuthah, Michael¿s lieutenant, knows about the soul mates too. And his place in the Heavens is reliant on the Fallen staying Fallen. The potential soul mates that Cuthah¿s rogues find first end up dead. Until finally Zer finds Nessa St. James, a professor at M City¿s leading university, before Cuthah¿s rogues can kill her.I really enjoyed reading Zer¿s story. He¿s the alpha male, the sire, the leader of the Fallen. Zer is also the one responsible for getting the Dominions thrown out of Heaven. He¿s wracked with guilt. Not only for his brothers, but for the women that are dying at Cuthah¿s hands. All Zer wants is for Nessa to bond with one of his brothers, to save one of them and give them back their wings. But of course Nessa has plans of her own. She¿s a geneticist, and her work has upended her entire life. Not only because it¿s exposed her as a paranormal, but because she¿s a descendant of the thirteenth tribe of Isreal. A tribe history has long forgotten about. According to her research, this thirteenth tribe is the key to finding the Fallen¿s soul mates. She¿s a strong heroine, and more than a match for Zer¿s alphaness.This book is filled with action scenes. I¿m always confused with the guns and gernades, but Marsh did a great job of laying out the action for the reader without being confusing. I love the Fallen and their unbending loyalty, which is what made them such great soldiers in Heaven. The plot from Bond With Me finally reaches its conclusion in this installment, but not perhaps in the way the reader might expect. Marsh¿s attention to detail also crosses over into her love scenes, making them hot, steamy, and close to explicit. Zer has three thousand years of sinful experience to share with Nessa, an uptight professor if you ever met one, and Nessa¿s repressed fantasies begin to come to fruition. Zer and his brothers are highly sensual characters, use to sin as well as getting everything they want. In G2, Brend¿s elite club, they can find sex whenever they need it. This lends a voyeuristic layer to the book. Zer feeding on human emotions has an almost threesome feel to it because he can¿t feed without being under the watchful eye of one of his brothers. If he feeds too much he could drain the soul completely and that would result in going rogue.I read this book in a night. I fell completely in love with the world Marsh created, particularly Zer and Nael, the two Fallen this installment really focuses on. There were a few instances where the word choice bothered me, or I thought a conversation seemed a bit repetitive, but nothing that pulled me out of the story. Her characters had depth, especially as the story evolved, and the plot while not exactly new¿what war story is?¿ was different enough that I didn¿t know what to expect next. I can¿t wait to read the next installment! I hope we get to see more of Nael in the next one.Notable Scene:He needed her to listen to him. Needed her to obey.Fortunately for them both, he was very, very good at making humans do what he needed them t do.Deliberately, he crowded her with his large body, trapping he
ABookwormsHaven on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
In the first novel, Bond with Me, we had Mischka and Brends as our main story, but there was another couple Pell and Dathan that held a secondary plot line. In His Dark Bond the whole book focuses on just Zer and Nessa. I liked having two couples in the first book, but I appreciated Anne keeping Zer and Nessa at the forefront of this one. They had quite a few more issues to work through and I think another couple would have deluded the intensity of their story. While we don¿t get to see a second couple, we still get to see inside the head of the enemy, Cuthah quite a few times. He is as determined as ever to take down the Fallen and he is using all his power to manipulate everyone around him to get what he wants. His arrogance does eventually catch up with him though, and his fate in this book was an unexpected turn that I did not see coming until the very end.As for the couple themselves, Zer wants Nessa from the second he sees her, but is determined to have her bond with one of his brothers instead. Zer is as alpha male as they come and has completely ruled out any chance at having a soul mate. He thinks he is beyond help, so when Nessa comes and rocks his world he is completely caught off guard. She is a scientist and does not put much stock in the whole ¿happily ever after¿ notion so they are both trying to fight what they feel for one another. Zer is trying to keep his hands to himself, thinking that Nessa will eventually bond with another, but there is no denying the spark they feel for one another. Anne sure knows how to steam up the pages even when the characters are just doing ordinary things like riding in an elevator. Being the leader of the Fallen I did not think we would get to see Zer¿s book this soon, but I am happy that Anne let us see what happens when someone who thinks he is beyond redemption, get a chance at happiness.The plot of this book was still just as thrilling as the first novel, but it was more an emotional struggle than physical one. Cuthah is still following them and gathering more to his side every day, but the real crux of this book is Zer letting Nessa in. They have a few run-ins with rouges of course, but that threat remained in the background of this book as Nessa and Zer tried to decipher their relationship. Nessa is also important because she has research that may help the Fallen find their soul mates. This makes her a huge asset to both Zer and Cuthah. Nessa struggles to decide where her loyalties truly lie and how her research should be used. Nessa¿s research allowed Anne to further explore the origins of the soul mates and I relished learning more about where they came from and why they have not been found before now. We also learned more about the original rebellion through Zer¿s eyes and his perspective put a few more pieces of the overall puzzle into place.The climax of the story was my favorite part of the entire novel. Anne manages to give you great action sequences, hot steamy romance and heartbreak all in the last fifty pages, making it impossible to put down. There were a couple of characters that showed up that I did not expected at all and loved how Anne kept some of the best twists for the end.There was only one real negative I had while reading. It does not have to do with the plot, but the language used. Some of the words used to describe feelings were used repeatedly and it took me out of the moment at times. For example ¿lost for her¿ was used a couple of times close together and I wanted Zer to express his feelings using another saying. It is sweet the first time, but after a couple of times it gets redundant. I am also reading this book in ARC form though, so maybe by the final copy of the book these changes will be made. This is not a big negative, just a small aspect of the book that I bothered me a little while reading.Overall this is another amazing addition to this series. I love Anne¿s version of the Fallen and hope that she will continue to give us more of them. T
vampiregirl76 on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Zer is one of the Fallen. Thrown out of heaven by Michael. Cursed to live the life of a goblin. Unless he can find a women who can love and redeem his soul. His Soul Mate.Dr. Nessa St. James is on list of potential females that are compatible for the Fallen. She wants nothing more to continue her research and make tenure. But in walks a raging storm by the name of Zer, with his man handling ways and her world is forever changed.I loved this story. Zer is a force. Intense, dominate and simply yummy. Nessa is his opposite in many ways - but they seem to fit very well together. His Dark Bond is a delectable, engaging read. Fast paced action and enough sexy to keep your wanting more. Ms. Marsh's world-building is excellent. The Fallen has become a fast favorite. If you love fallen angel stories you won't want to miss this one.
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I just have one question... why are dathan and pellinor from the first one not considered soul mates? They bonded in the first one but I haven't seen any mention of thdm in this one?
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