His Greatest Message To The Children

His Greatest Message To The Children

by Leon Cautillo


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This story provides the reader the opportunity to see what Jesus might tell us today.
You'll be quite surprised as Jesus comes to answer the questions of a very happy young boy. What is revealed about sin and the somber stories in the bible is simplified in ways that open great possibilities for our children. Our young happy child discovers that what he believes to be true about Jesus might have been made based on some mighty large misinterpretations of the great bible stories we have all come to know. This book is likely to begin a wave of insight about the effect negative emotional beliefs have on the future of our children.

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ISBN-13: 9781441405210
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 02/14/2009
Pages: 68
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About the Author

Leon M. Cautillo, born on July 25, 1948 author of Insights for Workability takes up the issue negative emotional beliefs and the lifelong effects they have on children. The author takes years of study and puts it together to show how the early limiting indoctrination of children will likely stifle the joy and fulfillment of that child's future. Cautillo disavows the historical somber view of sin and guilt for happiness and joy and illuminates this in his book Smiling Jesus.

Two of the many influential leaders of the human awareness era who have influenced the thinking of Leon has and continues to be Werner Erhard and Abraham-Hicks.

The author asserts that seeing Jesus as a messenger advocating a life lived for joy has enormous implications and when seen in this understanding alters everything.
The effects of choosing to live a happy life produce amazing results. The author has written very pointed articles on methods for raising one's emotional state of happiness on topics such as weight loss, financial concerns, athletic success, health and vitality, attracting romance, and raising children to be happy.

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