His Hot Little Brother

His Hot Little Brother

by Abbey Kypner

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His Hot Little Brother by Abbey Kypner

Jason has been in love with his straight best friend for years. While Derrick is totally cool with it, now that the two are in college Derrick has gone off to date girls- and poor Jason's still hot and hungry for the touch of another guy

Thankfully, Derrick's got a cute little brother...

~~~~~ EXCERPT:

"Shit. SHIT!" I growl, dodging and weaving between the trees. I'm running low on ammo for my rail gun, and while my first instinct is to switch over to my secondary I know it's useless. Going with dual pistols against a sniper rifle is just asking to get my ass handed to me.

My only chance is to get to the ammo spawn point. Well, no, that's not entirely true. My best chance would be reaching over and jabbing random buttons on Derrick's controller while he curses and tries to keep it away from me. Followed by us calling each other fags. And then with me quitting the game and declaring victory while I have a one-point lead on him.

Problem is I'd already used this brilliant strategy yesterday, and as nice as our little after-game wrestling matches are it's not something I can do too frequently, especially in this heat. Even with the AC on we can only keep it to a level that takes the edge off of the humidity. At best it keeps our fingers and toes from getting too sticky and our shirts dry.

Coming back from college for the summer is a mixed blessing. On the one hand you get home-cooked meals and you don't have to worry about things like laundry or classes. On the other, you kinda miss that newfound sense of freedom you have from living in the dorms. I'd trade it for college life any day though, if it means hanging out with Derrick again.

We've been best friends since middle school. At first we'd become buddies for our love of sports and videogames, and soon we were at each other's houses almost every day. Going to the same college is great since we can hang out together, but not with those all-afternoon affairs we used to enjoy back in high school.

I admitted my feelings to him in Senior year.

He took it well, thank God. And he quickly got over the initial awkwardness whenever we called each other queers the way guys do. We've always been inseparable, and even though I wanted it to be so much more, what we had was too important for me to risk by coming on too strong.

Derrick was also nice enough to keep it toned down whenever he dated, and he never kissed a girl in front of me. We made out, once, when we were really drunk. He even admitted that he liked it. He also made it clear that it was definitely a one-time thing (well, unless the right combo of booze and horniness and the alignment of stars hits us again).

Derrick's quite a catch, really. He's got a mop of chestnut hair and an adorable face, with the sweetest dimpled smile. I used to ogle him when we swam together too, especially that toned swimmer's build of his. He put on a little extra muscle from football practice too. I was more of a track team guy myself, but the memory of feeling up his hard chest when we sucked face is gonna stick with me forever.

I still think about it when I jack off.

Just as I'm about to break out of my corner for what might just be a suicide run, Derrick pauses the game.

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About the Author

Abbey Kypner first started writing erotica in college, where she spent her time studying history. Initially shy about the task, she's grown to be very fond of sharing her tales of love and passion. When writing, she strives for realism, strong narrative, and memorable characters with loads of romance. Abbey has a deep fondness for puppies, jelly beans, and coffee.

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