His Imprint My Confidence: (A Contemporary Romance Novel)

His Imprint My Confidence: (A Contemporary Romance Novel)

by Tanisha Hurd


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Jazzmyn Henderson is an Arizona real estate agent who has just as much sex appeal as determination. Never deterred from getting what she wants in life, Jazzmyn is focused on finding Mr. Right. Unfortunately, her search so far has only led her into the arms of Mr. Wrong.

After Jazz and her best friend, Shantay, decide to take a girl’s trip to Las Vegas, fate leads her straight to the wealthy, genuine, and drop-dead gorgeous, Syllus. While he demonstrates he is more than capable of financing an amazing lifestyle, Syllus keeps it a secret that he has a wife. When his real life is exposed and their relationship turns sour, a heartbroken Jazz returns home to eventually meet sexy Jamaican, Trey, and fall madly in love. But after she is once again betrayed, Jazz must decide whether to practice forgiveness or forge ahead in a world where nothing is certain, especially when it comes to love—and shady business deals.

In this contemporary romance, a young woman embarks on a lustful search for Mr. Right that leads her down a path she never could have imagined.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781458220943
Publisher: Abbott Press
Publication date: 04/24/2017
Pages: 312
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.70(d)

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The Makings of a Bad Girl!!

He's coming home, my baby JT was returning. I should have been excited but I was nervous as hell. All that shit talking I did during the many of nights we stayed up till dawn on the phone flew right out the window when he said, "Baby, Ima be home in a week"

"TO STAY.?!? WHAT"! Semi-choking on my Tequila Sunrise. "Home ... as in NEXT Week home?!?! To STAY???"

"Yes, Babe" Chuckling on the other end of the receiver.

I opened my mouth to say something and nothing came out. This can't be, I thought. He's over 3000 miles away, a safe distance but now he's coming home ... the next city over ... AND TO STAY? ?!!!

He called out. "Jazzmyn?"

"Hmm," I managed.

"Are you still there?"

"Um-hmm, I'm here," still in shock!

"What's wrong? Uscared to c a nigga?"

Instantly my cockiness kicked in.

"Nah I'm scared to see how u gone react to all this fineness I been saving jus for u!" regretting the words as soon as they left my lips,

"Alrighty then! What else you been saving for a nigga?"

I could hear him licking his lips. Those soft sexy lips only made the next words slip out even easier; as if I didn't already dig a big enough hole

"Nothing much just some of this soft ... steaming hot ... juicy ... dripping wet pussy." Spoken like a true freak.

"Oh really now?"

"Umm hmm"

"I can't wait to get home to that SNAP BACK!! Damn, there goes gravity,"

That was the last thing I remember hearing that day.

Only days past before I found myself having to be about my words or coward out like a little school girl. Hell, I was grown and on my own, inside I knew it was nothing to act the part, miles away, but learning as most do, when you believe your heart is a part of the equation the math doesn't always add up. Arriving early at the terminal. I drifted.

Moments later inside the airport I was freaking out as his mom and twin were in front of me looking through the crowd for him. Searching nervously yet anxious biting my nails.


His mom drifted hypnotized by thoughts of warmth from a voice she once knew. Embracing at the sight.

"What up, nigga?" speaking to his brother, as they pounded and exchanged a 'brotherly' hug.

"I thought ..." then he pointed to me.

I forced a smile, not because I wasn't happy but because I knew what he would want now that he was home. I give him a hug as he grabs me by the waist and pulls me in for a kiss. Unable to give any resistance because it happened in a split second. I diminished when those familiar lips touched mine. He was two inches or so taller than me, wrapped my arms around his neck and shoulders as I melted into his embrace. It had been years since I saw him and he had more muscles than imagined.

Mama Melody clears her throat, "Uh-CuHmm."

We broke kiss, he looked into my eyes, and said

"Hey u"

We all started laughing. I bent down to pick up his bag.

"Nah babe." He kicked it towards his Twin. "Let that nigga get it" He smirked.

"Awe u got jokes," Cory says while picking up his bags.

"Yeah dude. I got to holla at my girl"

With his arms wrapped around me from behind, we walked slowly to my truck with him asking 21 questions.

"So what are you about to do?" he starts.

"Drop yawl off and go home." I reply.

"You were leaving?" another question comes.

"Yes, sir I am."

"Why?" he replies.

"Because, you just got home, I'm sure you want to shit, shower, shave. Spend some time with the family, and eat something ..."

"Oh yeah I want to eat something," he interrupted.

"Muff to the head. ... Freshly made." I finished.

He laughs while nuzzling his noise in my neck.

"You smell good as hell. Oh I'm going to need a taste of that" "Babe you are so silly." while blushing.

I felt all of him on my back side, he was perfect. Forgot just how perfect he was. Missed his touch and smell.

"So are you coming back to see your man?" he says with a grin.

"I'll have to think about that one," I joked.

"Oh really" he said as he let me go and smacked my ass.

"Of course I'm coming back to fuck with you." I made it clear.

"I sure hope so, because I have been waiting to see that pudding," he said.

I laughed and winked. "Just hit me up when you ready to kick the bobo's, you know I got you boo." He laughed, and got in the car.

We continued to converse on the way to their house. We get to the destination and he walks to the driver's side of the car, opens my door, pulled me out of the car, placed his hand on the small of my back and gives the deepest most erotic kiss that my lips have ever endured. My pussy alert went off; I immediately disengaged our lips and hopped in the car.

"Getting a little turned up" he acknowledged.

I said, "What you think my face is turning red for. You just make sure you call me because we're not finished."

"oh yeah?"

I replied, "Not by a long shot candy muscle"

"Bet that" he exclaimed.

He grabbed up his bags and headed towards the door, blew me a kiss and walked in the house. I knew the first time would be unique but this was something I could get used to, my baby was home.


The 1st Time!!

On the way back to my house, thinking long and hard about what was going to take place. Nervous as hell, this dude was going to murder the kitty-cat. The clock read 11:00p.m, I wish this Negro call me. I'm tripping; it hasn't been that long since I dropped him off.

All that talk got my pussy speaking in tongues and it was getting out of control, she was soaking wet! I ran my fingers down to my ocean of destiny and tickled that shiny pearl. Released any and every frustration built up. Laughed to myself, whoa!

Exactly what I needed.

Finally, baby hit my line. His voice, sexy, penetrated my throbbing love canal.

"Wassup WPD!" he spoke. You could hear the smile through the phone.

"Huh, did you say WPD? What that mean?"

"WetPussy Drippaa he explained.

"Is that right, you don't know that nicca!"

"It ain't hard to tell."

Wait a minute! Did he watch me get down! Was my moan so deep in sound, he heard my cry for some physical attention? Nah! I was bugging out.

"Anyway, what up though boo?"

"Nothing waiting on your chocolate body to come see what's up!"

"So you finished mingling?"

"Yeah I'm ready, so when you coming so I can see about you?" he asked.

"In a minute I believe!"

"You believe? You better bring that warm Frappuccino to daddy"

"Give me an hour and I'm on the way."

"See you in a minute. " He said as we got off the line.

Fuck, its 1230a and I said I will be ready in an hour. Just got out of a hot shower, and was perspiring. Scared about getting my innocence taken. JT has waited a long time to get my delicate passion fruit. I've been fighting temptations, just longing for the right person to come along and slide his majestic toy inside my private entrance. Shit, it's about time he got this wet-wet. Feeling a situation about to transpire I quickly snapped out of it. That heated meltdown is for 'Candy Muscle's' third leg! My shit was right and of course, looking like a bag of money.

Got my keys, grabbed the blunt and headed towards the door.

Northbound, only 15 minutes till my destination. I checked myself in the mirror once again, smiled at me then hit the alarm. Chest beating a thousand times a minute as I walked to the door, hands clammy, and butterflies spread throughout my domain. Swallowed all fears, knocked on the door carefully not to disturb whoever was sleeping. He answered holding the most tasteful smile,

"Hey sexy baby," arms wide.

"Hey you!"

"You look good as fuck!" biting his bottom lip.

"Don't I!" grinning out of control. "I brought my girl Mary to blow with you."

"Hell yea, it's been a long time since I've smoked! Glad you did."

"Right on time then."

Outside by the pool we enjoyed the smoke; he looked so good pulling on the end of the blunt, talk about peer-pressure. Can you say DARE program? He had to be feeling good by the way he caressed my leg causing chills to grow up my spine, staring at me with those inviting nude colored eyes as he went to speak, "I just want to kiss you. Can. ..."

Before he could finish the question, we were tongue twisting by the pool. His lips locked against mine making my woman-hood come alive. The threshold of my entrance began to saturate with the sweet nectar he begged for, kissing my neck and fondling my area. JT whispered in my ear softly, "Let me have some of that pussy?"

Let out an easeful moan while impetrating the question asked before, easing down to my chocolate areola, swirling his tongue up and down my teat, slowly pulling with his teeth. By that time, I was ready to be devoured.

"Yes, yes, yes!" I moaned louder. "Take this pussy now."

I un-buttoned my pants and made off with my panties. As his head reached my inner thigh, his tongue met my split. Feasting until cream filled his mouth. I couldn't get his clothes off fast enough. The firmness of his warhead told me he wanted the warmth of my throat. He was turned up when he entered. Intense with a roar escaping his mouth, grabbed my hair and called name

"Jazz, I want to feel that monkey" moaning softly.

We stood up; I assumed the position, juices running down my legs as he mounted me.

"Is she ready for me?"

A moaned reply, "yes".

We kissed as he entered my cave. All 10 inches of his pulsating piece of art driven deeply. Lust was in the air and I faked it until I made it, knowing I wasn't a sex expert. We climaxed and activated a river exhaling passionately in each other's arms.


"That is what I'm talking about, so worth the wait!" showing those pretty teeth.

"It was awesome huh!" laughing in disbelief.

Frontal lobe kiss and my head lay on his mountain of a chest. Smiling like a lottery winner. I was content, happy, and nobody was going to ruin that.

Or so I thought.


Fuck it, Here I Cum!!

Been 3 days since we've spoken, honestly the feeling wasn't good. Second-guessing myself wondering if I was moving too fast, and calling first wasn't an option. In the house waiting for him to call me, stressed, because my brain was clueless to this shit. With desire to get out the house, my first thought ... Shantay know what's up; I called my best friend,


"Hey boo!" She answered.

"Aye chick what's going on?"

"Girl nothing just getting ready to go out of town. You know how I do; living like it's my last!"

"I'm trying to get down too, where you going?" Curiously asking.

"Vegas girl, you lucky you caught me!!"

You could tell she was packing from the rattling in the background.

"What time you leaving?"

"In an hour, get dressed we rolling out?" she specified.

"Girl, staying ready is all I know!"

"Good, because we hitting the scene tonight! I'll call you when I'm outside, bye" call ended.

I quickly packed my LV so we could dip. Sat down to roll a blunt, I proceeded to inhale, then her horn beeps. She pulls up in a midnight blue Dodge Challenger SXT, on 22" rims, straight bossin!

Note to self, we pulling this weekend!

Made sure my house was locked and we're off. MJs aroma didn't need any introduction; Shantay sparked it and put it in cruise control. Tay popped the cooler with the Ciroc and pineapple juice in it, which was the start of our motivation! We arrive in lightning speed checked into the Bellagio, put away our things, freshened up, and pre-gamed before we hit the scene.

"Tay, why you come alone" Eyebrows raised. "I hope you ain't on no bullshit!"

"Hell nah, I had to come see my boo thang!" She frowned.

"Who yo boo thang?"

"I can't give you the dirty now, wait ... you'll meet him!"

"Okay, it's like that?"

"Yeah it's like that! We need to get ready to hit them streets!" she testified.

Club Surrender opened at 10pm and it was only 8:30, we decided to get drinks. Heading down to the casino to win a little and drink a lot. Slid over to the crap table, put my chips on 7 and sure as shit don't stink, I hit and kept hitting, crapping out at $700. Blackjack tables were full and I was at the money. A trace of John Paul Gautier cologne brushes against my nose. To some degree that cologne makes my whispering eye wink! Turning around, I see a 6'6, 285 pound, Chocolate situation smiling in my direction. He bumped me as he passed by.

"Excuse you! You don't know me!" eyes rolling.

"Nope but if the time was right ... I would." He smirked.

"Is that right!"

"Ohyeah that's right"! I'm Syllus."

Elongated palm down, signaling him to kiss it, surprisingly he did!

"A gentleman I see."

"Something as beautiful as you should be treated as royalty." He exclaimed

Bam! Right then Syllus had me! I was leaving with this nigga when I got the chance!

He asked, "What you doing later?"

"Don't really know yet, what about you?

"Let's meet up when you ditch your friend." Looking assured. "What is your number?"

"Call in like an hour. Will be ready"

I immediately went to find Tay.

"What time are you meeting your boo thang?"

"At 1130pm, why?" she marveled.

"Syllus gone call me in an hour and I didn't want to leave you hanging. Are you cool?"

"Girlyeah, let's hit this table to get that money!" she exulted.

We're killing the bank. My phone vibrated, timidly fishing around my bag.

"Hello?" as I walked away.

"Hey gorgeous, are you ready?" He chirped.

"Of course, where are we meeting?"

"I'm in the casino, I can just find you and we can vamoose."

"Sounds like a plan, I'm over at the bar finishing my drink."

"Sit tight I'm on my way," he said.

My sensitive spot acknowledged his presence, he smiled took both hands and said,

"Let's go, I have the car waiting on us."

"Where we going?"

"I see you worry too much. Just sit back and enjoy the ride."

"Most definitely will," mumbled back.

A Rolls Royce Limited Edition curbside, I was impressed but didn't show it.

"Nice car!" uncaringly toned.

He laughed.

"It's just one of my many toys."

I'm in the most amazing car with a fine ass man, fantasizing.

He asked "What's on your mind?".

"Just wondering where you're taking me."

"We're going to the moon Jazzmyn." he grinned.

"Hope you're bringing the proper equipment!"

"I'm well equipped" words shot back "Trust me."

"Don't have a comeback for that one." Burst out laughing.

I like it but my private part likes it morel

The car slowed as we approached this building called The Mandarin Oriental, inside on the 23rd floor sat a restaurant called Twist. There's sculptural globe lighting hanging from the ceiling mimicking the glow of twilight. The windows were huge displaying the most beautiful view.

"You okay, Hun?" Syllus asked.

"Yes, I'm fine boo, just taking it all in."

He chuckled, "so you like?"

"Of course I do! What you think?"

Looking around with enjoyment on my face, couldn't stop staring at the glass staircase.

He smiled, "why you grinning so hard?" turning to see. "We can go up there after dinner for drinks."

"Perfect; I want to see what it's like on top."

"... let me take you to the top." Escaping naturally out his melanin rooted lips.

It was time to go have some drinks. The view was gorgeous on the staircase, like looking at a light show, I was in Heaven.

He wraps his hands around my body, pulled me close and enthralled his kissers on mine. Drifting into his arms, it had to be the alcohol because the Bermuda triangle was activating. We wouldn't have stopped if the bartender didn't break the kiss.

"Can I get you all another drink?/" bartenders uneasy.

"No, my baby and I are leaving," Syllus replied.

"So, where we going now?" looking nervous.

To my house.

I thought, finally, what I've wanted to hear/

"You live in Vegas?"

"Well, I have houses all over." Cocky toned.

Low-key activation is in full effect, bout to fuck the shit out of him.

"I wish I could have houses like that."

"You can, if you get with me!"

Enough said, clearly he's feeling me.

"Let me get to know you and we'll see." Snickering.

It was breathtaking! His color scheme was one of my favorites, Chocolate Brown furniture, gold statues, $5,000 couches, brown and burnt orange tiling, very conceit. The counter tops were brown Italian marble, gold faucets, probably real gold I never did ask.

"I know you didn't decorate yourself?" being nosy.

"What you mean? You don't think I got style?"

"Didn't say that! I was just hinting around, you got a lady friend?"

"I'm trying to make you that lady friend." Clearing his throat. "You want something to drink?"

"Yes please."

"Is there is anything you want in particular?"


Excerpted from "His Imprint My Confidence"
by .
Copyright © 2017 Tanisha Hurd.
Excerpted by permission of Abbott Press.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

Table of Contents

Introduction, vii,
Chapter 1 The Makings of a Bad Girl!!, 1,
Chapter 2 The 1st Time!!, 5,
Chapter 3 Fuck it, Here I Cum!!, 8,
Chapter 4 Wonderful feeling!!, 15,
Chapter 5 He wants it BAD!!, 20,
Chapter 6 Return to the Zone!!!!, 24,
Chapter 7 Bout that LIFE #work-flow!, 28,
Chapter 8 I'm on!!, 31,
Chapter 9 Shantay Rendezvous!!, 36,
Chapter 10 Getting That Gear!!, 40,
Chapter 11 The hidden Treazure!!, 45,
Chapter 12 The Dreamer!!, 49,
Chapter 13 His mother!!, 59,
Chapter 14 Day with Treazure!!, 66,
Chapter 15 This Dude is Crazier than I Thought!!!, 70,
Chapter 16 Gave Chase!!, 76,
Chapter 17 Pure Insanity!!, 82,
Chapter 18 Strip Tease!!, 85,
Chapter 19 Did that just Happen!!, 89,
Chapter 20 The day After!!, 94,
Chapter 21 Something New!!, 100,
Chapter 22 Finally closer to my Dream!!, 109,
Chapter 23 Poor JT, SIKE!!, 117,
Chapter 24 The Trip to Sextasy!!!, 125,
Chapter 25 Dionte's Move!!, 133,
Chapter 26 It's Time!!, 141,
Chapter 27 The Big Setup!!!, 150,
Chapter 28 The meeting with the crew!!!, 162,
Chapter 29 Disappointing News!!!, 187,
Chapter 30 The Big day!!, 200,
Chapter 31 Breaking the news to everyone!!, 212,
Chapter 32 Treazure and the FBI sting!!!, 223,
Chapter 33 Preparation for the games, 229,
Chapter 34 Nympho Games!!, 233,
Chapter 35 My Dear Friend Treazure!!, 240,
Chapter 36 The Trip to my Mother!!!, 247,
Chapter 37 What a Fucked up day!!!, 256,
Chapter 38 Treazure home-going!!!, 263,
Chapter 39 Grand Opening!!! Yay it's finally here!!!, 268,
Chapter 40 It was self-defense!!!, 278,
Chapter 41 The baby shower!!!, 288,
Chapter 42 The baby is coming!!!, 292,
Chapter 43 Got my Baby and my Man!!!!, 295,
Chapter 44 You never know!, 299,

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