His Love Endures Forever

His Love Endures Forever

by Beth Wiseman
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His Love Endures Forever by Beth Wiseman

An unplanned pregnancy. An absent father. Does love really endure all things?

Danielle Kent is 18, pregnant, and hopeful that the child's father-Aaron Lapp-will want to marry her and provide the life she's always dreamed of. Even though Aaron is Old Order Amish, Danielle knows that he wants to leave his community for a life outside of the district. But then Aaron tells Danielle that he doesn't love her-that a wife and baby don't fit into his plans.

Levi Detweiler has enjoyed an unlikely friendship with Danielle for nearly a year, though they have little in common. He's Amish, and she won't even discuss God. When Danielle becomes pregnant with Aaron's child, Levi is sure that Aaron will do the right thing and marry Danielle. When that doesn't happen, God calls on Levi to marry her. It doesn't make sense, and it means that Levi will have to leave his home in the Old Order community to make a life for himself, Danielle, and the baby. Levi seeks God's will in a situation that seems impossible-knowing that only by faith are all things are possible.

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ISBN-13: 9781595548887
Publisher: Nelson, Thomas, Inc.
Publication date: 10/02/2012
Series: A Land of Canaan Novel Series , #3
Pages: 326
Sales rank: 522,226
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.30(h) x 1.00(d)

About the Author

Award-winning, best-selling author Beth Wiseman is best known for her Amish novels, but her most recent novels, Need You Now and The House that Love Built, are contemporariesset in small Texas towns.Both have received glowing reviews.Beth's highly-anticipated novel, The Promise, is inspired by a true story.

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His Love Endures Forever 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 17 reviews.
Karla1 More than 1 year ago
Book 3 of Beth's Series, "A Land of Canaan Novel" Synopsis: Characters that we know well from Books One and Two appear again, but the focus this time, is on Danielle, a young girl we met previously, who is definitely NOT Amish. She makes one BIG mistake, or so it seems- she falls in love with an Amish young man. Then comes the shocker!!! Danielle discovers that she is pregnant. Of course, she is devastated, as any young single girl would be! But she is hoping that the father, Matthew Lapp will do the right thing and not leave her as a single mom. Danielle convinces herself that he will marry her. She is aware that Matthew has made plans to leave the Amish faith and his home in Colorado , but in her innocence, believes he will fullfill his duties as the father of her baby. The plot then thickens as Matthew walks away from the whole situation. His plans are the only important ones to him and he is not going to change them for anyone or any situation. Danielle is totally alone., feeling she has no one to turn to for help. She does have a young Amish man who is a good friend, who is extremely faithful to the Amish community. Levi offers her comfort as a friend but they really have nothing in common- She doesn't want to be pregnant, doesn't want to be Amish , and doesn't want to trust God. What can she do? Where can she go? God has plans but will Danielle follow them? He has "loving plans to show a lost young woman that His love never goes away but endures forever" (excerpt from back cover of book). My Opinion and Thoughts of this book: When one opens one of Beth's books, it seems that you are entering another world- one in which you become very much a part ! You "live" her story, NOT just become the observer, when reading it. Each character has their own quirky characteristics that make them so special . Upon meeting each one, it is like biting into a chocolate, not knowing what you will find inside!! The outer image that you first imagine seeing, is not always what you find in the inner person. Beth's special talent of making these characters so real and part of you is what keeps you reading long hours into the night. Each one has hurts, joys, disappointments , successes and yes, sometimes you emit a loud giggle or two when particular characters appear on the scene. A bit of humor here and there is what catches you offguard. Her characters connect , transform and redeem, right before your eyes. The plot has twists and turns, with surprises around every corner. Do not plan on starting to read this book , then put it down to get dinner or go to bed! IT WON'T HAPPEN!! The many characters involved in Danielle's life have problems of their own and all have answers for her, they believe. The many feelings that each one goes through are felt by the reader intensely. You just NEVER know what each person is going to go through next or the situation that will arise. Your emotions are up and down and running wild!! Beth tackles difficult subjects with such understanding and grace. The healing aspect is apparent in all of her novels, but this one, in particular shows how you only receive that healing grace through being vulnerable and honest before God. She shows that redemption is possible when life becomes hopeless. A message clearly shows through - God can DO the IMPOSSIBLE!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
DianaFlow More than 1 year ago
In His Love Endures Forever, Beth Wiseman has done what she does best -- crafted another heartwarming tale of love and redemption, set amongst the backdrop of the beautiful Sangre de Cristo Mountains in Canaan, Colorado. Lovely 18 year old, Danielle Kent, the product of a physically abusive upbringing and starving for love, finds herself falling for handsome, Matthew Lapp, a young Amish man she has been seeing. Thinking Matthew returns her love, she gives herself to him one fateful day that forever changes the course of her life. A day that results in a pregnancy...a day that opens her eyes to the truth.. as Matthew not only walks away from her, but the Amish community as well. Heartbroken and alone, Danielle turns to her best friend, Levi Detweiler, for consolation. Levi's mother, Vera, is very uncomfortable, to say the least, with her son's friendship with a non-Amish girl, fearing that Danielle will steal her boy away from his Amish roots. But Levi feels that God has called him to help Danielle in any way he can, though Vera and a lovely, Amish girl plot to keep them apart. Danielle wants nothing to do with Levi's God, doesn't want to be an unwed mother, and definitely wants nothing to do with Levi's mother or her own. As her journey in life takes some unexpected twists, will Danielle find forgiveness in her heart for those who have hurt her?...and learn to trust the plans of the One who has always loved her? -- the One whose love endures forever. I have read every Beth Wiseman Amish book she has ever written, and I simply adore her stories. Her characters are realistic, with human faults and frailties, her storylines not cushy and sugarcoated, with a strong spiritual thread of love, forgiveness, and redemption throughout! When I sit and cry at the end of a book I know I have just conluded a satisfying read.
Jezzika More than 1 year ago
This is the first book of its kind that I have read; Fictional Christian Romance. "His Love Endures Forever" is a story about how two different lifestyles can become one and what is at stake if they do. The young woman in the story is not Amish, yet she is best friends with someone who is, and best of all gets impregnated by an Amish fellow. When the father-to-be skips out of town, someone decides to step in and raise her baby as his own. The story is actually a bittersweet romance that is juvenile, yet entertaining to read. The main character, Danielle, is only 18 and being non-Amish, she is allowed to have all the amenities and lifestyle as everyone of the free world. This story is very comprable to a modern-day, Amish version of Romeo and Juliet. There is evident love, differences in families, and the longing to belong in someone's heart and their life.  The characters are slightly underdeveloped and all of them seem to be very similar to one another. Being that most of the characters are Amish, there is not much of a way to differentiate them from one another. There is quite a bit of conflict between women and families in this story, which really brings out the emotions that are meant to be conveyed to the reader. The internal conflict that Danielle has with believing in God, is plausible and is something that I think many people can relate to. The story is heavy on its dialogue about religion and is very focused on the belief system or Christianity. This is definitely a story that I would want to continue reading the series on, however it is not one that I will wait on the edge of my seat to purchase. I am glad that I was able to read and review a book of this kind because now I can look into reading more books of this style.  I would recommend this book to someone who is already familiar with Amish/Christian stories, or is looking to read something different.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
happymomof7 More than 1 year ago
If you like the Amish stories and Beth Wiseman, this book will not disappoint you. I find such encouraging messages in her writings. His Love Endures Forever was no exception. The story line held my interest and the Godly message is intricately woven into the pages. This is a book that is entertaining, inspirational and left me happy. It is always a good book, when you feel like it has added something of value to your life once you have finished it. Thank you to Beth for sharing her gift
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
HSMomof4 More than 1 year ago
His Love Endures Forever is the third book in the Land of Canaan series. Beth Wiseman has written a wonderful story of redemption. This is not a typical 'boy meets girl and everything works out for the best' story. This is a real life situation in which many of our young people are living through. The difference? GOD God uses even an unplanned pregnancy and an unlikely friendship to bring good from all things. I had not trouble relating to Levi' mom throughout the story. She is the epitome of the mama bear protecting her young. Love her for it! Beth's writing pulled me into the lives of each of the characters. I love how a simple fiction book can remind me to wait on GOD, not run ahead of Him. Rating: A I look forward to reading the first two books in this series: Seek Me with All Your Heart and The Wonder of Your Love. Even without reading the first two books, I had no trouble following the storyline or characters. Beth seemlessly blended it all together! Great job! I received a complimentary e-book from Thomas Nelson and their BookSneeze program for my honest review. I received no monetary compensation.
happyhomeschoolmom More than 1 year ago
An unplanned pregnancy. An absent father. Can love really endure all things? Danielle Kent is anything but Amish. But as destiny would have it, she has fallen in love with an Amish man. Now she’s 18, pregnant, and hopeful that the child’s Amish father—Matthew Lapp—will do the right thing and marry her. She knows Matthew plans to leave his Colorado settlement for a life in the Englisch world. But that plan never included a baby. When Matthew walks away from her and their unborn child, she has nowhere to turn. Her unlikely friendship with Levi offers some comfort—yet they have so little in common. This wasn’t the plan she had for her life, and she has never felt so alone. She doesn’t want to be pregnant. Doesn’t want to be Amish. Doesn’t want to trust God. And yet. God has plans beyond what her mind can imagine . . . loving plans to show a lost young woman that His love never fails but endures forever. His Love Endures Forever is definitely not your "typical" Amish romance. It was a very good story of faith and always, always trusting in God's path for your life even when it seems exactly opposite of what you think He wanted for your life. Levi trusts in God and does what he knows God wanted him to do. Danielle comes from a difficult life and has a very hard time trusting anyone, especially God. But God used an unplanned baby, Levi, and his family to turn her hear towards Him showing us that God does use all things for good. I think my favorite character was Levi's mother who honestly I didn't like very much at the beginning of the book. But she has very real character qualities and flaws and ultimately does the right thing for her family, Danielle, and the baby and really makes a huge difference right when she is needed most. I think that each part of the story had a good resolution. As I read, I wondered how the author was going to resolve several of the issues the characters faced successfully without making it seem to simple for some pretty big troubles. I think problems had very good resolutions that people facing the same problems in "real life" can relate to. I received a complimentary e book copy of His Love Endures Forever for the purpose of writing a fair and honest review. I received no other compensation.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Jmurskibeth More than 1 year ago
Danielle is only 18 and pregnant. Matthew, her boyfriend, has disappeared. Danielle’s best friend, Levi, an Amish man, is willing to raise the child as his own. Levi believes God is telling him to marry Danielle. She has no desire to become Amish nor does she want to ruin Levi's life. Danielle has no belief in the God Levi loves and worships. Where was God in all those times where nothing would go right in her life? Can God use these circumstances to help Danielle to know God and believe that His love is forever? I loved how the characters learned about forgiveness, love, and peace through some very difficult, real-life situations. The characters are real; some funny and some you love to hate. The story has many twists and turns that will keep you guessing to the end. This is the third book in the Land of Canaan series, by Beth Wiseman.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago