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His Still Small Voice

His Still Small Voice

by Lori Kallander Camerer


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Listen to His still, small voice!

Resplendent with words of encouragement, counsel, comfort, and love, His Still, Small Voice offers hope to a weary people seeking respite from a trying and troubled world.

No stranger to life's many trials, Lori Kallander Camerer prayed for a deeper, personal relationship with God. Almost in immediate response to her request, she was given A. J.

Russell's devotional book, God Calling, penned by two anonymous Christian women in the early 20th century. Moved by what she read, Lori felt inspired to attempt to listen for God's still, small voice and record what she heard in her heart. What followed were three years of beautiful messages in which the Lord guided Lori through many trying times. Called to make the writings public, Lori has opened her notebooks to encourage the personal devotional life of others and bring them into a closer walk with God.

Turn to any page of His Still, Small Voice and find messages as uplifting as this:

February 17, 1992:

Come to me all, who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Matthew 11:28

Come back to Me. It is what I say to all My children who go out into the world and then get so busy that they forget Me.

Come to Me. I will give you the calm you need.

Dwell in Me. Find comfort and peace in Me.

Sit and wait with Me. Here you will find health and relaxation. You will be as secure as a newborn babe in its mother's arms.

You will find shelter under My wing if you only come. I always have open arms. So, come...come.

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