His to Love (Titans Quarter, #2)

His to Love (Titans Quarter, #2)

by Sierra Cartwright

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He has to be in control—it's all he knows.

Relentlessly focused on his philanthropic enterprises, Trevor Lawton avoids relationships at all costs. Until he meets her. Now he's upping the stakes, risking it all to possess the beautiful, innocent submissive.

The uncompromising Dominant terrifies Shelby just as much as he fascinates her. She'd be crazy to agree to his outrageous demands. But she's as trapped as he is, ensnared by the searing promise of love in the billionaire's dark eyes.

Trevor's sensual demands threaten to consume her as he struggles not to lose control. He's driven by the undeniable need to have her body and soul, laid bare, only for him.

But for Shelby, will his love be enough?

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BN ID: 2940163557905
Publisher: Sierra Cartwright
Publication date: 12/10/2019
Series: Titans Quarter
Sold by: Draft2Digital
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 22,937
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His to Love (Titans Quarter, #2) 4.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 8 reviews.
MaimeosAngelsEL 3 months ago
As I have come to expect from a book by Ms. Cartwright, it was extremely well written and flowed well. This is the second book in the series but can definitely be read as a stand alone I fell hard and fast for Trevor Lawton and Shelby Salazar, both separately and as a couple; Trevor, there was something about him that ticked all my boxes. Trevor is determined to avoid relationships at all cost but from the moment he sees Shelby, he is determined to possess her. This was a hot and passionate story with the chemistry between Trevor and Shelby intense and off the charts. Having led a difficult life, Shelby prefers to keep away from commitments and she sees in Trevor a man who controls everything around him and she is overwhelmed by him. I loved how the strict dominant showed a gentle side when dealing with submissive Shelby. Much to his surprise, Trevor begins to fall for Shelby. Is seven days enough to change ones’ life forever? When their agreed upon time is up, what will happen? Is there a chance that they can have a future? Or or are they both destined to remain clueless to what is right in front of them? Can Shelby overcome her fears? There were times that I was frustrated by these two, but I knew that they would eventually work things out. His To Love was an entertaining read that drew me in and kept me riveted from the first to the last chapter.
SarahJaneBailey 29 days ago
Book two of the Titan series by Sierra Cartwright Trevor is a Dom and didn’t realise he was looking for a submissive until he meets Shelby at a poker game. Master David is Shelby’s friend and starts a poker game he knew he couldn’t win and when that happen he offers Shelby if he loses or Trevor pay 25k into his struggling law firm that help people with not much financial support. Shelby agrees to the arrangement to spend 1 week as Master Trevor’s sub. Absolutely loved this second instalment in series. Shelby was struggling with balancing work and life especially with dealing with divorcing parents and them having children. Trevor realises very quickly that he’s falling for Shelby and will struggle when their agreement is over. This book is so hot especially with Shelby being so new to the lifestyle and Trevor teaching her the way of a bdsm relationship Looking forward to more in series
Lynn Fitzgerald 3 months ago
perfect progression of laden relationship . painful wall removal and forever love matures .
aimz1972 3 months ago
WOW! What a gamble... in so many ways.... that was a great read right from the start! Trevor knows what he wants and is willing to bet his way to another man's "submissive".... how amazing for Shelby. I've never been so jealous of a hand in Texas Hold 'Em! The bet was for only a week, but the chemistry between these two is amazing. How can a week be all there is... Shelby isn't a very experience submissive, but what an incredible Dom can do with a newbie sub is truly shown here. Trevor is such an amazing Dom, let alone human being. His devotion is just... wow... the things he does to make the people he cares about happy, wow... LOVE HIM!!!!! Gotta love the Titans men, and then there is always Bruno who is an added love here :) .... you'll have to read to find out his connection, and no, it's not what you think ;)
SaskiavR 3 months ago
The second book in the Titan’s Quarter series, but it can be read as a standalone. Trevor take part in a bet and his winnings? A week with the beautiful submissive Shelby. What I enjoyed about the book was that Shelby was new to the scene and hasn’t experienced much and is unsure about what she might like. Trevor is demanding, but gentle with Shelby. Both carry the scars of their past and are not always in touch with their feeling or at least they deny them. It can be scary to take a leap of faith. It is a very sexy, sensual but also emotional story.
Theresa-Martin 3 months ago
I’m so in love with Trevor! I loved how he and Shelby got together after he won a bet from his friend, David. Shelby was his sub to train for a week—and what a week it was. Both having their own baggage, Trevor and Shelby had an immediate physical connection. But as their weeklong training sessions progressed, they got to know each other—and began to like each other—to both their own surprise. Shelby’s girlfriends, Fiona and Hannah were a hoot. I love their strong protection of each other, but they also weren’t afraid to speak their minds. The best girlfriends in the world. Back to Trevor and Shelby. As you can guess, their great week didn’t end with an HEA—that took some time. I was in tears as they both processed their feelings for one another, while reconciling their issues with past relationships. I love the catch-ups with fellow Titans we met in previous books in this series. Every time I read a book in this series, I just want to catch a plane to New Orleans to eat and drink hurricanes. Well done, Sierra!
Theresakerch-28 3 months ago
I loved this read Shelby and Trevor relationship was so good. I loved the respect the each found for each other. Sierra Cartwright once was flawless in her story. What a great story then to win someone on a bet/ or to give yourself as a “Chip” because you believe in the project. Plus you get to catch up with others from this series and that’s is always a bonus for me. I high;y recommend.
DarGee 3 months ago
“I want your submissive” and with that, our story begins, and what a hot and sexy story it is. Of course, there are emotions that make it even hotter and sexier, and our characters handle those….. well badly at first, before they come around! Shelby has dabbled in BDSM but never really immersed herself. Life and experiences have shown her some pretty bleak relationships, so she guards her emotions tightly. Trevor, with his dominant and sexy ways blasts through all her defenses before she realizes what has happened. While Trevor didn’t expect to fall for Shelby, the sweet sub appeals to him, and he is willing to take a chance. The chemistry they have is amazing, and they seem in sync for most matters. After their agreed upon time together comes to end, they mess things up. Meddling friends and acquaintances make sure they at least have a chance to figure things out, instead of avoiding each other These two were hot together, sizzling even, and you fall in love with them, as they fall for each other. You are frustrated with them when they miss what is right there! And of course, you melt with them when it all works out