His to Protect: A Fireside Novel

His to Protect: A Fireside Novel

by Stacey Lynn

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A warm home for broken hearts, the Fireside Grill serves up hope and healing in equal measure. Stacey Lynn’s sensual, deeply emotional series heats up as a jaded restaurateur falls hard for a woman who’s hiding from a damaged past.

Declan James lost his last ounce of trust the day his wife walked out the door, leaving him to save the restaurant they built together. Throwing himself into his work, Declan swears off women—or at least, women who expect him to stick around in the morning. But when he discovers a skittish beauty scrounging through the Fireside’s trash to feed her dog, Declan offers her a job and a place to rest her head. There’s just something about her that awakens his protective side. And soon, not even that mangy mutt can stop Declan from caring for her.

After one too many trips to the ER, Trina Wilson finally gathered the courage to leave her husband, taking only her car and hyperactive boxer. Unfortunately, life on the run proves harder than she anticipated—until Declan takes a leap of faith on her. But even as Trina starts to see beyond his gruff exterior, she can’t relax, even for a moment. Not with her husband still tracking her down. What Trina doesn’t know is that in Declan, she has a powerful ally—and, if she would only follow her heart, a devoted lover.

Praise for His to Protect

“Stunning characters and a bright, refreshing voice drew me in on the first page. I didn’t want to put it down!”New York Times bestselling author Claudia Connor

“There’s just something about a damsel in distress that gets me every time. Add in a strong woman and a dog? I’m done! I loved this book!”New York Times bestselling author Susan Stoker

His to Protect will have you on the edge of your seat the entire read. I swooned one moment and held my breath the next. Stacey Lynn will leave you wanting more—so much more!”New York Times bestselling author Kelly Elliott

“If you’re looking for a hero who might be a little rough around the edges but has a heart of gold, then Declan is definitely your guy. His to Protect is a great read!”USA Today bestselling author Alexis Morgan

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781101967966
Publisher: Random House Publishing Group
Publication date: 07/12/2016
Series: Stacey Lynn's Fireside Series , #2
Sold by: Random House
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 225
Sales rank: 35,388
File size: 909 KB

About the Author

Stacey Lynn was raised in the Midwest. Over the long, frigid winters, she would read every book she could get her hands on, from John Grisham and Danielle Steel to Ann M. Martin and C. S. Lewis. She began writing poems and short stories long before she reached high school, and now, as a wife and mother to four children, she finds solace from the craziness of her life by creating steamy, sexy stories. After publishing her first book, what began as a hobby has now turned into an unending passion.

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His to Protect

A Fireside Novel

By Stacey Lynn

Penguin Random House

Copyright © 2016 Stacey Lynn
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-101-96796-6



The air was crisp, the lingering stickiness of summer's humidity changing into the first hints that fall was just around the corner. With one hand on Boomer's leash, I tugged him along the sidewalk, pretending we were out for a late-night stroll through the cobblestone streets of Latham Hills.

I hadn't intended to stop so close to Kentucky. Detroit was only a day's drive from the home I'd fled just last week. But as soon as I arrived there, intent on heading to Canada and leaving my past behind, something about the little area on the north side of Detroit spoke to me.

It was old and beautiful, rich with a history I wanted to understand and explore, and that's what so much of this journey was about for me.

Figuring out who I was and what I loved.

So even though I was close to crossing the border into a new country, I felt drawn to stay awhile.


Wait for the bruises on my cheek to fade, and my ribs to cease aching when I moved too suddenly.

Then I'd move on to Canada, where, hopefully, Kevin wouldn't be able to reach me.

"Come on, Boom." I tugged on his leash again and led my boxer into the alley, where I'd been giving him food from the leftovers of restaurants for the last week. Leaving my old life with a small supply of cash forced me to stretch my budget in ways I never had before. Dog food wasn't expensive in the grand scheme of things, but I only had a few hundred dollars left and I was trying to save every penny I could.

I'd make it up to Boomer with a bag of his favorite gourmet food as soon as we got settled somewhere. Besides, he didn't seem to mind eating leftover burgers from the sports bar that we walked by on our first day.

I won't lie. The delicious aromas that drifted into the air had called to me more than once, too. It'd been ages since I was "allowed" to sink my teeth into a juicy burger, but a good meal was just one more thing I couldn't afford right now.

It had been gas station hot dogs and pizza slices for me, something else I hadn't been allowed to eat. Although now they were something I didn't want to eat again.

With a cautious glance down the sidewalk, I ensured no one was watching before Boomer and I headed into the alley. There were lots of restaurants along this main stretch of road in Latham Hills, but few alleys where I could hide while I let Boomer nosh on grilled beef.

"Come on, pup," I whispered, and gave another quick tug on the leash. He followed me eagerly, already licking his chops while his wild tail flopped back and forth.

My dog could understand basic commands; because of his size, I worked hard to train him properly. But at six years old, he still acted more like a puppy most days.

He began to whine with anticipation as I led him over to the dumpster, where I dropped his leash and told him to sit. He listened immediately, his tail thumping against the pavement, while I pulled myself up to the top of the dumpster.

Dumpster diving. If only my mother or Kevin could see me now. I almost snickered at the idea even as I was grunting.

My required Pilates and cardio routines had done little to build the muscle needed to lift the heavy metal lid.

With a final push, I used all my strength to shove the top open, cringing when the metal banged against the brick wall.

I dropped to my feet, waiting for any sign of life as the sound echoed in the dark, narrow alley.

Next to me, Boomer began to whine, his large, pink tongue drooping from his mouth.

"Hush," I whispered, and gave him a quick, calming rub. "Just another minute, boy. Now, stay."

His face rubbed against my thigh and I quickly pushed him away before I climbed back up on the dumpster and reached in for a bag of garbage.

Shame slithered through me as I grabbed the first black bag I could get my fingers on.

A week ago, I was coming home from a manicure appointment and running twenty minutes late for dinner, and I knew exactly what was in store for me.

Now, my chipped nails were clinging to plastic bags of garbage. I had no idea what the future held.

Even with the shame, this life felt better.

The bag slipped from my grip just as I lifted it over the edge and fell to the ground.

"Crap," I muttered, looking at the mess of spilled garbage at my feet, and felt my cheeks heat with fear at the small infraction.

I was so tired of jumping at every mistake I made, quickly looking over my shoulder to see if anyone noticed. If he noticed.

I also didn't swear. It'd been ingrained in me that a lady cursing was completely unacceptable, even if I used to curse all the time when Kevin and I first began dating.

He quickly cured me of the horrid habit once we married with a backhand to my cheek when I yelled "Shit" one night after dropping a vase.

I only dropped it because he'd yelled at me for not having the dinner table properly set by the time he came home.

It was the first night he hit me.

It most definitely wasn't the last.

Boomer growled and I quickly squatted down to tear open the bag.

Another shiver of shame rippled through me as I realized what I was doing, what I'd become.

Dirt was visible under my chipped fingernails. I tried not to think about it as I dug through the bag until I found a plastic container filled with what I assumed was a patron's forgotten leftovers.

I opened it to find exactly what I was looking for.

I reached out to hand it to Boomer when a bright flash of light caught my attention right before a loud clanging sound reverberated through the alley.

"What in the hell is going on out here?"

I jumped backward, falling to my backside, and quickly scrambled behind Boomer.

In front of me, a monstrous shadow filled the doorway just down from the dumpster.

I couldn't see anything except the black outline of a large figure, but it was clear he had his hands on his hips.

In front of me, Boomer looked up at the stranger and let out a loose growl before he dropped his head and went back to eating.

Some guard dog.

I'd have scolded him for it if I hadn't been so terrified about the stranger, who reached down and picked up something that looked like a brick.

"I'm sorry," I stammered, and began searching for Boomer's leash, but he must have been sitting on it.

Typical dog. He wouldn't leave until he was good and ready.

"I'm so sorry," I said again and scrambled to my feet. At five six, I wasn't exactly short, but I had nothing on the man in front of me. "We'll go ... it's just ... he needs to eat, but that's no excuse, I understand ..."

My voice trailed off as the man dropped the brick in the doorway, propping open the door to the restaurant, and stepped into the alley.

"You're the one who's been digging through the crap in my dumpster?"

He took another step out of the doorway. With the light off to his side, I could just make out his features. Shaved head, tanned skin, sharp jawline. Big as a truck.

Nothing about this said it was safe for me to be here. I wrapped my fingers around Boomer's collar, fruitlessly trying to pull him away from his food.

He whined and jerked forward. I stumbled from his sudden movement and hissed in pain.

My other hand wrapped around my ribs as I flinched.

"You hurt?" the man asked and stepped closer.

"Stop." I thrust out my hand and looked away from him and down at my darn dog who wouldn't stop slurping up french fries. "We'll go, I swear, and we won't come back. I just ..."

Darn it. This was horrifically embarrassing. I never actually planned what I would do or say if I got caught digging through trash.

Tears welled in my eyes and I shook my head.

If I turned now and walked away, I doubted this mountain of a man would follow me. Or he would, but if I let Boomer go, he'd slow the man down.

Not with his teeth and a vicious bite. He'd probably lick the man to death. Or tackle him, wanting to play.

My stomach rumbled, practically vibrating off the brick walls, and I pressed my hand over my stomach to silence it.

"Sounds like you need a meal."

"No, thank you," I said brusquely, and took a step toward the street. "We should be going."

The man took several steps forward before I could blink. He might have been big, but he was darn quick, and he was now directly in front of me with one hand outstretched.

I flinched back immediately, throwing my hand in front of my face before he cursed.


I cringed again and peeked at him, looking with one eye through my separated fingers.

He was standing back with his hands up, palms facing me. Despite his fierce scowl, he hadn't meant his gesture to be threatening.

Unfortunately, for far too long, I'd been around men who thought it was okay to intimidate a woman with their size and their fists. It had become instinct to protect myself, even if it usually ended up getting me in more trouble.

"Sorry," I gasped when I realized what I'd done.

"I won't hurt you," the man said and gestured toward the door. "Let me feed you and your dog. He can't come in, but we can tie him up out here."

I realized my hand was still raised and lowered it to my side, still balled into a fist, as if I could do damage to this guy.


He rubbed his jaw and shrugged. "Because I can't keep cleaning up my alley and you apparently need to eat." Then he nodded and pointed at my dog. "So does he."

"Boomer," I corrected him. It always bugged me that Kevin referred to my dog as a he or an it. I should have known that a man who couldn't love an animal could never love a woman properly.

"Right." I saw a flash of white teeth as he smiled, and then it disappeared. Something about that, the way it seemed he was trying not to laugh at me, had a disarming effect.

My pulse, which had been elevated since he terrified me by appearing in the alley, began to slow and my shoulders dropped.

"You're really just offering a meal?" I asked, sucking my bottom lip in between my teeth. Heat suffused my cheeks when I added "For free?"

My stomach knotted at the thought. I had the money to pay. I just really needed to save it. Taking off with only a few hundred dollars wasn't the smartest decision, but I figured the less that was missing, the less suspicion it would raise, giving me more time to get on the road before Kevin realized I was truly gone.

"What else would I be offering?" he asked, his brow furrowed. He dismissed the question with a swish of his hand. "Forget it. You coming?"

My lips pulled to one side and I looked down at Boomer. The harmless dog. His tongue was hanging out of his mouth and he was panting as if he'd just eaten a feast. A quick glance at the emptied container told me he had. Now he was eyeing this strange brute of a man with excitement. A new friend to jump on.

His eyes were wide and black and his tail thumped against the asphalt. "Can we keep the door propped open so I can keep my eye on him?"

"Yes." He nodded and answered immediately.

It had become instinct in me to cower from men, thanks to hits I'd taken from Kevin. But I had stayed and tolerated it for a purpose, all the while planning to escape when the time was right. I could have been more frightened than I was of this man and his offer, but his apparent desire to make me comfortable made me relax.

"Okay, then," I said and began following him to the door.

One we got there, I let go of Boomer's collar and pointed. "Down." With my palm out, I said, "Stay," and watched as Boomer listened. "He won't go anywhere, no need for a rope," I told the man as he watched from the doorway.

He was so close to the light, I could see him clearly now, and my pulse began increasing all over again. His skin was tan, his shoulders broad, which I already knew, but what I couldn't make out in the shadows outside were the dark-brown eyes and the chiseled jaw and the slight hint of deep-black scruff along his cheeks and chin. With his shaved head and large muscles he appeared to be more akin to a bar bouncer than a restaurant owner. My feet halted.

"You work here?" I asked, looking over his shoulder to see if there was someone else inside. It suddenly hit me that this could be quite possibly the dumbest thing I'd done since saying "I do" to Kevin Morgenson five years ago.

I took a small step back.

The man walked farther into the restaurant, as if to give me space to make my decision. "Name's Declan Moore. The Fireside Grill, which you've been pilfering garbage from for the last week, is mine. I own it myself and there's no one else here but me. Closed it down a few hours ago and have been cleaning and waiting to catch the rug rats who have been messing up my alley."

His lips spread into a smile then. A full one, so wide it stretched his cheeks and a dimple popped in his right one.

My pulse fluttered for an entirely different reason and I swallowed.

I shouldn't have been noticing this man. He was everything I was trying to get away from. Men in general, mostly. But secondly, muscles and anger and scowls and fists that broke bones.

But he seemed to be doing all he could to set me at ease and for that, I decided a meal — one hot meal before I left town — was worth the risk. I'd just get on the road sooner than I'd originally thought, now that someone could recognize me.

"Trina." I shortened my formal name of Katrina on a whim. I'd always been Kat or Katrina, but never just Trina. I never wanted to hear the name Katrina again.

Declan stepped further into the kitchen, giving me plenty of room, so I exhaled a slow breath and stepped forward into the back of what was obviously the kitchen and prep area. Stainless-steel counters shined along the length of one wall and two metal doors were at the far end.

"I'm Trina," I said again when he didn't acknowledge me.

Instead of saying something, his eyes dropped and scanned my body. I waited for him to finish assessing me, which was what he seemed to be doing instead of leering.

I knew what he saw.

Not a woman who looked like she should be digging in dumpsters. More like a woman who belonged at a country club. I was wearing jeans and a short-sleeve shirt and my favorite pair of Pumas, but it didn't take a genius to figure out that I was not wearing thrift-store clothing. Even if I did only pack one bag full of yoga pants and jeans and tee's, leaving behind the dresses and ball gowns, it was still obvious that my clothes were expensive.

His eyes were blank when they met mine again, though. "Nice to meet you. Now what are you hungry for?"

He turned and walked away from me, clearly expecting me to follow.

I shot one last look at Boomer.

He lifted his head and stuck out his tongue, panting sloppily before he yawned and lay back down, closing his eyes.

I shook my head and walked toward the kitchen.



I walked away from the woman — Trina — before I did something asinine like demand she tell me who gave her the fading bruise on her cheek. I noticed it and felt the overwhelming urge to pummel someone as soon as she stepped into the light in the doorway of the restaurant.

Figuring she wouldn't like seeing my hands balled into fists, I tamped that anger down with every ounce of self-control I possessed, and scanned the rest of her body.

When I did, I noticed several things all at once.

She wasn't homeless.

My ex-wife, Mara, spent enough hours at the salon getting her hair and nails done, and then bitching about roots showing and chipped polish, for me to instantly see that this woman lived a lifestyle that Mara had craved.

Trina's clothes were high-end. No cheap pair of jeans could hug a woman's hips and thighs, and most likely her ass, as well as the ones this woman wore.

A flash of her throwing her hand up in front of her face when I went to stop her from running pierced my mind, and I fought the urge to growl.

No, she wasn't homeless, as I originally assumed when I saw her crouched over a ripped-up bag of garbage handing scraps to her dog.

She was hiding.


And for some damn reason, I had an overwhelming instinct to take care of her.

For a meal, I reminded myself.

I had enough shit going on in my life that I didn't need to take on this additional cause. Saving my restaurant, which hadn't turned a profitable month all year, was my priority. And while the fall and football season generally meant more business, I still had more problems than solutions. I didn't need any more.

"You decide what you want?" I asked, turning on the grill.

Focus. I needed to focus. Feed her, get her out of there, go home and have a stiff drink, so I could wash away the memory of what I thought when I first saw her.

Protect her.

When she didn't answer, I twisted my neck to see her hovering by the doorway. She was keeping an eye on the door to the alley and her dog, as well as me at the same time.

I didn't blame her for being scared of me. Women either wanted to fuck me or skip to the other side of the street when they saw me coming. I couldn't help it. I'd been addicted to sports since I could walk and throw a ball. Four years of college football only increased my love for being in shape. The few minor bodybuilding competitions I did after I graduated cemented it. Lifting weights and working out relieved my stress. I carried enough on my shoulders on a daily basis that lifting was no longer a hobby, but an obsession.

"I can get you a menu," I told Trina when she didn't answer me, just sucked her lip between her teeth.


Excerpted from His to Protect by Stacey Lynn. Copyright © 2016 Stacey Lynn. Excerpted by permission of Penguin Random House.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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His to Protect: A Fireside Novel 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 30 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
## Good read. Well written for sure. I enjoyed reading this very much and would definitely recommend. The only reason I deducted a star is because I didn't care for the heroine all that much. She said she didn't want to work for a living (?), complained about working so hard waiting tables when she should've been grateful since she was crashing there for free, had to have a day off because she worked 3 whole days..... 3 days? 8 hours? Talk about weak. Anyway, just a minor annoyance that is mine alone.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
but very abrupt ending...kind of a cliffhanger.
Anlenhart1 More than 1 year ago
Trina is a desperate woman. She fled her abusive husband taking only her car and her dog Boomer. She ends up in Detroit and and Trina ends up dumpster diving to find food for Boomer. She meets Declan, when he confronts the person disturbing his business. He is intrigued by the beautiful, bruised woman and her adorable dog. Declan invites Trina to stay with him and work in his bar. Their relationship evolves from there and after an exciting and suspenseful journey both Declan and Trina find a happy ending. This is a well written romantic suspense novel. I liked how strong both of the leading characters were and really loved Boomer the dog. i was given a free copy for an honest review.
Marichus-Real More than 1 year ago
I was given a gifted copy by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. This is the second book in the Fireside series. Declan is the owner of a restaurant whose wife abandoned him so his trust in women is zero. However, this changes when he sees a woman getting food for her dog in the trash from his restaurant. When he sees her bruised face, his need for protecting her is huge. Trina is running away from her abusive husband. She is short of money so she looks for food on the trash of the restaurants to feed his dog, his only friend. I absolutely love this book from the very first page. I love when the stories are writing from alternating points of view. It is well-written and the characters are developed. It is good to meet again Tyson and Blue and the crazy girls from the first book in the series. Although the story is hard because of the abuses Trina suffered, at the same time is hopeful and sweet, and I even laugh a couple of times. Best sentence in the book “Men were protectors.” That’s what Declan’s father taught him when he was younger. And that is what all parents should tell their sons and a motto to follow.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Must read. Loved it.
DayreaderReviews More than 1 year ago
Terina left her life behind running from the monster she calls “husband” and unexpectedly finds herself in a small town where she meets Declan a sexy brut of a man who is hell bent on helping Terina after finding her pilfering throw his trash. Immediately Delcan is drawn to the women who is glaringly obvious not a homeless person. Their relationship grows around Terina’s insecurities and Declan’s overwhelming need to protect her. But the past has to caught up to her at some point, right? This is the second book I have read by Stacey Lynn and I have yet to be disappointed in her work. This book deals with the controversial topic of domestic violence whoever there are no graphic scenes of abuse. Making it a pretty safe read for anyone who's experienced abuse. I enjoy Stacey Lynn’s writing and character development. Declan is a dreamboat sexy, masculine, fine, hardworking, and LOVING! Congratulations on another success Stacey Lynn.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Grwat characters and emotion. I can't wait until the 3rd is out.
ytcruz More than 1 year ago
Another wonderful book by Ms Lynn . I wasn’t sure if this second book of the series was going to be as good as the first one. Know it’s just as good. It’s a stand alone, but don’t hesitate to get HIs to Love as well. In this story, our protagonists are Declan, owner of the Fireside Grill, and Trina (Katrina) an abused woman running away from her husband. Declan finds her in the dumpster, while she is looking for food for her dog. He helps her in more ways than one. But this story is also about making us aware that abused women come in all shapes, from all levels of society and the abuse not only destroys these women mentally, but frequently the physical abuse can lead to death. We, as a society, need to help them feel safe, and assist them legally and psychologically.. Thanks , Ms Lynn, for such a heartfelt story. Received this book from Netgalley for an honest review
Lori-Gonzo More than 1 year ago
This is one story that I had to finish. Despite being extremely tired, I read and read until my eyes wouldn't stay open. Then when I woke, I finished it. This story captured my interest from the very beginning. I absolutely loved everything about both Declan and Trina. Declan was a good man, hard worker, and great friend. He offered help to Trina, no questions asked, no strings attached right after he met her. He continued to take care of her and helper her rebuild her life. The man was just swoon worthy. And this in addition to being a very well built and cut football player size of a man. Trina was a victim who finally had enough. I always love a woman who realizes her worth and will fight for herself. She dove right in to help Declan after his kindness. A little reserved but helped him nonetheless. They both made the other come to life, to want to be better for the other and help the other be better. In addition to a great love story, there were some absolutely spine tingling scenes. Gives me the heebie jeebies just thinking about them. I love a book that can make me feel so much. And this one did in spades...sadness, anger, frustration, pride, awe, happiness to name a few. Now I have to go back to read the first one before the third one comes out. I received this book in exchange for an honest review from the publisher through Netgalley.
AFOX0 More than 1 year ago
Sweet and Cozy Read Declan James, owner of the Fireside Grill, is wondering who’s been dumpster diving and leaving a mess in the alley outside his restaurant. When he catches Trina feeding her dog scraps from the garbage, with one look he knows she’s someone in trouble or on the run. Declan’s protective instincts kick in with the realization that Trina’s been battered. And everything about Trina reminds him of his first marriage that ended in disaster, he’s not willing to risk his heart. But something about her vulnerable, yet feisty demeanor gets his attention. Trina Wilson is married to a powerful and abusive husband. She’s decided to leave her him after so many years of abuse, seeking freedom as far away as possible. Trina knows her short stay at Latham Hills is numbered knowing that her husband will use everything in his power to find her. Nervous and untrusting, she is wary of any kind of help Declan offers. But Trina soon learns Declan is the most gentle, protective and caring man, one she has only dreamt about. We feel every emotional struggle Trina goes through as she heals, resolved to be self-reliant and determined. I love how Declan encourages and supports Trina in gaining back her independence. His To Protect is the second book in the Fireside series. I just love series that have connected stories with related characters, sort of, running in and out of them. We do get a visit from Tyson and Blue from the first book, His To Love, as well as, the loveable group of gals who gather for Thursday night margaritas at the Fireside Grill. Ms Lynn pens a lovely romance with a strong, protective alpha man and his heroine. That being said, my only complaint is that it was hinted that Declan had a certain sway in the bedroom, but there was very little of that, and the scenes are very mild. But still, the story is a nice addition to the series. The epilogue is a nice touch, but quickly segues into the next book with Aiden’s story. Copy provided by Random House Publishing/Loveswept at NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
AmyBosica More than 1 year ago
His to Protect is a wonderful addition to The Fireside series. This was a quick and easy read for me. His to Protect follows the story of Declan and Trina and is told from dual points of view. When we first meet up with Trina, she is on the road with her dog. She wants nothing more than to escape her past. The last thing she expected was Declan. Declan has been working hard to save his restaurant and has sworn off women. But, when he comes across Trina, there is just something about her. She’s afraid and on her own. She brings out a protective side in Declan that he didn’t know existed. Despite Declan’s past, he can’t help but offer Trina help. And when Trina’s past catches up with her, having Declan by her side proves to be the smartest thing that she’s ever done. His to Protect was a quick, but intriguing read. I really enjoyed the story-line and fell in love with the characters instantly. I was drawn to Trina and her past. Her past was difficult and all I wanted was for her to find some happiness. I adored Declan. I loved how protective he was with Trina. I liked how he took care of her and never pressured her for more; even when he laid out all of his feelings for her. The connection between the two of them was pretty instant, but worked well with the story. I loved their chemistry and couldn’t wait to see how things would play out with them. His to Protect had a great mix of suspense, intrigue, romance and a few good twists along the way. And even though this book does wrap up Declan and Trina’s story, it does also set up the next book in the series. I can’t wait to find out what happens next.
CharlotteLynnsReviews More than 1 year ago
is to Protect is the second book in this series. I could not wait to read Declan and Trina’s story. I liked that the characters from the first book reappear in the second yet if you didn’t read the first you can still enjoy every word of the second. The second book is a more common story, I felt like I had read in before in a book by a different author. Stacey Lynn took this storyline and added her twists, turns, and love into the story and made in 100 times better than any others I had read. The two points of view really added to the story. I liked that I could read Declan’s side and then read Trina’s take on the same happenings. This dual POV added so much to the story. I enjoyed how respective Declan is of Trina. He could push it with her and she would have probably let him but he lets her take the lead. I felt like this made Trina show her strength and help her learn to say what she wants and stand on her own. I also enjoyed how Trina let Declan take the lead when he needed to so that she could stay safe or just enjoy what was going on. This made Declan a manly man and not just a pushover for a beautiful woman. Stacy Lynn is a great author and this is a great series. Check it out.
micharch More than 1 year ago
Declan and Trina meet when he finds her and her dog dumpster diving behind his restaurant. Trina has finally left her abusive husband, runs away and finds herself trying to feed her dog the scraps out of the dumpster of Fireside Grill. Declan is intrigued and offers Trina help. Trina is a proud woman but circumstances soon force her to accept Declan's kind offer. Their relationship had a slow build and it was nice to see both of them grow to acknowledge their feelings for one another. Declan knows he feels a lot for Trina and acts accordingly. Trina is trying to stay safe and keep Declan safe from her husband. It was nice to see Declan show Trina that she could trust him and that not all men are monsters. Trina had a ton of issues that she needed to work on, the most important of which was her self-worth. Her mother put her in a terrible position and I was glad that Trina knew she had to move past that. I really liked the way Trina and Declan move toward each other and didn't allow outside forces to ruin their relationship. Well done but it did leave quite an ending that leads into the next book in this series.
JWright57 More than 1 year ago
This series gets better with each book. Book 2 in The Fireside Series is Declan and Trina's story and it's a story about learning to trust again and finding out if love at first sight a reality. Trina has finally got up the courage to leave her abusive husband but she is terrified he will find her. When Declan the owner of Fireside Grill finds her going through his dumpster for scraps of food he does what any caring human would do Akers her in and feeds her and her dog Boomer. Declan and his close knit group of friends are determined to help Trina but will she let them.. This book had me hooked from page one, I immediately connected with Trina who was trying to stand on her own two feet whilst running from a husband who controlled her, Declan is the perfect man who overcomes his own trust issues to help Trina. Looking forward to book 3 in this series
Lorizen More than 1 year ago
Stacey Lynn is an amazing author. Her writing comes shining through in this one. ARC From NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. I loved this book. Trina makes a break from her abusive husband and meets Declan by way of sifting through his sports bars trash looking for treats for her beloved dog. I loved the dog. Declan with a painful past of his own, was a stand up guy and while Trina was less than revealing about herself, his sense that things were amiss with her was spot on. Watching these two develop a relationship that was believable and real was a treat you don't always get in a book. Also I think Stacey handled the issue of domestic violence really well. It's a tough and sensitive topic. Thank you to NetGalley for the ARC and Stacey Lynn for writing a great book. Book 2 in the Fireside Series and I can't wait for book 3!!
Sissymae1 More than 1 year ago
I received an eARC, from NetGalley and the publisher, in exchange for an honest review. 'His to Protect' by Stacey Lynn is book two in the "Fireside" series. This is the story of Declan James and Trina Wilson. Declan had felt he had learned the hard way not to trust women after his wife up and left him. They had started a restaurant together and now he left running it. So trusting women any time soon wasn't going to be something Declan was going to be doing. Trina too had a bad marriage but Trina's was really bad. Trina was dealing with an abusive husband that has sent her to the hospital to man times and she felt it was either leave or die. But trying to hide from an abusive husband is not easy but she meets Declan and things change. Trina isn't alone any more for now and Declan tries to overcome his trust issue to find a way to help her
disneytothemax More than 1 year ago
This is book 2 in the Fireside series and can certainly be read as a stand alone! BUT, why would you not read book 1, it was SO GOOD!! Declan trust no one since his wife walked out on him. He was left with a restaurant to keep a float. So, he throws himself into his work and totally ignores women. Well, he ignores the ones that want him to stick around. That's his plan until one day he discovers a gorgeous woman going through the trash to feed her dog. He feels so bad he offers her a job and a place to lay her head at night. Soon his opinion of women is changing. He wants to care for her, but will he let down his guard? Trina is on the run from her abusive husband. On the run has got to be better than to be under her husband's abusiveness. Or is it? She meets Declan and fireworks! I loved the chemistry between Trina and Declan! Read this book and follow Trina and Declan's journey together, you'll be so glad you did! This story had me captivated from the beginning and is just as good as book 1! I would highly recommend this book!
BuckeyeAngel More than 1 year ago
Trina had run from her physically/ mentally abusive husband Kevin. Kevin was a senator’s son so she felt she must hide from him and planned to go to Canada to get away from him. She had stopped in Detroit and went into a dumpster outside a restaurant to feed her dog Boomer. She refused to leave her dog behind. Trina had been eating gas station hotdogs and pizza. One evening when going through the dumpster to find Boomer food the owner of Fireside Grill came out to see her there. Trina immediately apologized and promised she would not go back there anymore. The owner’s name was Declan and he offered to cook her something to eat. Boomer had to stay outside but it would be right by the door with the door propped open. Declan also told Trina he had a spare room in his home and she could use it. Then he makes her a little something to eat the next day she turns down the room but thanks him for the meal and the offer. He gives her his business card. Trina then leaves to go to the motel she had a room in to see someone had robbed what money she had and her passport had also been taken. There went her chance of going to Canada. That night Trina slept in her car as she wasn’t sure Kevin hadn’t sent someone to find her. The next day she goes to the Fireside Grill and tells DeClan what happened and she would take the room. As long as there was no strings attached. Declan reassured her he wouldn't take a woman to his home to sleep with her. As time goes on Trina is very attracted to Declan as he was to her but both fight it. Then Trina gets a call on her throw away phone and it was Kevin. Trina panics and was going to immediately leave but decided to Declan first and he asks her to wait til he gets there. He also brought a friend of his who was with the FBI who would find out what he could about where Kevin was and what he was up to. Trina desires to stay. This was a very good story. I wonder are there any good men out there left who is like DeClan was. A man who would help a stranger like that. As you can tell i felt like i was right there with Trina and Declan a nod to the great writing of the author. The plot was also very good. I liked the twists and turns of the story as well as those involving Trina and Declan. I recommend. I received an ARC of this story for an honest review.
MichellC More than 1 year ago
Another great read by Stacey Lynn!! This book is about hope, finding ones self, strength and love. I really enjoyed this book!! I loved the plot and the characters created. This book was filled with many emotions and some very real struggles that unfortunately many struggle with. It was very well written. I loved the chemistry between Declan and Trina. Declan may have come across as hard in the first book but he melted my heart in this book. He will have you swooning! I loved the growth both the characters went through throughout the book. Even though this can be read as a standalone I highly recommend you read His To Love first because the characters from book one make an appearance. This is another must read by Stacey. I received a advance copy from the Publisher in exchange for an honest review.
booklover0813 More than 1 year ago
Trina is on the run from her abusive husband and finds herself in the hands of a total stranger that she soon learns can be trusted. Declan James is suffering from his own trust issues after his wife walked away from their marriage and business. as a result swearing himself off of women and diving into his work but that all had changed the day he caught the badly bruised and beaten Trina going through his trash in order to feed her dog. he offered her food and shelter then later a job. when her abusive husband finds her and threatens her life he realizes that he is in love with her and will go above and beyond to make sure she stays safe with him at any cost and with that they start to build their very own happy ever after because no two people deserves it more!
beckyb0416 More than 1 year ago
This is the first book by this author I've read and I must say I am truly impressed with her attention to detail in her character creations. Each movement is described in such detail to the point that I can actually visualize the characters entire demeanor and movements...it truly is as though I'm watching a movie in my mind. Declan can only be explain by one word...WOW! He is the embodiment of a protector of those weaker than himself, and with a kind and gentle heart thrown in. He was exactly what Trina needed to begin her healing from the years of abuse at the hands of her husband. The story grabs ahold of you from the prologue and takes you on a ride filled with suspense, and plenty of angst, but is balanced beautifully with passion and the growth of learning to live a new life filled with freedom. This is the first book (second in the Fireside series) by Ms Lynn I've read and now find that I'd not only like to read the first book in the series, but I'm anxious for the third book. At no time while reading this story, did I feel lost by not having read the first book...the author did a fine job of providing the backstory, as well as the appearance of the Tyson and Blue tied in nicely with Declan and Trina's story. This book was provided by Netgalley for my honest review.
ClosetBookJunkie More than 1 year ago
Another beautiful love story by Stacey Lynn! I loved Blue and Tyson's story in His To Love and Declan and Trina's story was just as beautiful. Having escaped from her abusive husband, Trina is headed north to Canada in hopes of starting over safe where her husband can't find her... Desperate to make the little bit of money she has last, she's caught dumpster diving outside the Fireside Grill where Declan, the restaurant owner finds her. Somehow knowing this woman needs help and clearly has something she is hiding from, he does his best to make her feel comfortable and offer her whatever she may need. Little did they know where this would lead... a second chance at real love for both of them. Finding that person that makes them both better, feeling safe and secure, someone to look forward to building a life and a future with.. along with loving friends and family. Fabulous writing, beautiful storyline, HIGHLY recommended book, series & author!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I would like to thank NetGalley and Random House Publishers for giving me the opportunity to read this in exchange for an honest and open review. This was the complete opposite to the books I usually read, which are a diet of murder and mayhem and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Despite the harrowing topic of domestic abuse, Ms Lynn tackled it with sensitivity and sympathy. Declan And Trina come across as an ideal couple, each bringing their positive traits into the relationship. I liked the way the story alternated between Declan's and Trina's points of view. The only slight quibble I had with the book was that I'll have to wait until November for a continuation of the story.
LoraJ More than 1 year ago
5 out of 5 stars Declan and Trina’s story was such an amazing read. I enjoyed the first book in the Fireside story of Travis and Blue, but this one really stole a piece of my heart. Declan is the typical alpha male giant we love in our book boyfriends, but when he meets Trina and sees the fear and struggle in her eyes, he adapts to be the perfect guy for her...and I swooned hard!! Trina is fleeing from an abusive husband and dumpster diving for food for her dog when she meets Declan. She knows she should fear this massive man, but something about him makes her feel safe immediately and she finds herself drawn to him. I so enjoyed the way this story progressed. The story was really all about their relationship and watching them grow as a couple and included just enough drama to keep me on the edge of my seat. I could really feel the emotions and couldn’t put the book down (if it wasn’t for a silly trip with the kids, I could have read this book in one sitting easily!). I think Ms Lynn did a great job of telling this story and I can’t wait to read Aidan’s book….hope the wait isn’t too long!!! *** I received an ARC via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review ***